What Your Internet Marketing Strategy is Missing

While doing Adwords and Facebook PPC are fine, and working on your search engine optimization effort is especially smart, avoiding social media engagement might be unwisesocial-media-bandwagon.

Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter are saturated media now, and that has turned off a lot of people. A lot of small business people still see it as a broadcast tool and of course the discover that doesn’t work. If you don’t do social media correctly, it is a waste of time. To make it fruitful, you need good content, a flair for gab and engagement, and a great value proposition which makes them eager to connect with you.

The key to success in social media, is to have a significant, personalized unique value proposition. That means having something useful to offer, which others will be encouraged to share. It’s a sharing medium. That’s why you will need good quality content, a desire to engage, and say things to your audience that peaks their interest.

Social success begins with content strategy. If you waste your audience’s time with junk or don’t create a branding connection between you and their need, you’ll fail. Good strategic content is the key.  Then making that content really attractive, digestible, authoritative, and compelling is next.  All of this comes from your value proposition. This is what most small businesses don’t work on, yet your value proposition drives your business. Contact a UVP expert and delve into what it is about your services and products and reputation that captivates customers.

You don’t have time to interact and engage with so many people. The key is to discover through research the segment of your audience that really needs you. Then build a social connection with them.

Don’t use autoresponders and fake messages on social media. It angers your audience. B2B communicatons must be sincere.  If you have difficult communicating, take another look at your value proposition. Do these people really need what you’re pointing them too?

5 Keys to Your Social Strategy

  1. know your customer’s interests, intent, and habits and which social sites they use
  2. encourage them to join/follow you on your social pages
  3. provide useful and engaging content to help them solve problems and feel wonderful
  4. develop a sound, overall strategy/plan for social media activity
  5. understand the social brand and customer experience your customers will have

Your social activity should be fun too. You’re getting the chance to connect with people and introduce them to topics, concepts, people, and events related to your business.  If you like your business, and you have a signifcant, personalized value proposition that people want to buy, you’ll really like social media.

If you’d like some help with your social media plan, give me call.


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