Reach and Engagement via Social Media 

While marketers are withdrawing from organic social media this year, it’s because they’ve failed to use it honestly and proficiently.

Billions of people use social media every day, whereas visibility on Google may be fleeting. Use it well and frequently, and you can reach audience more and with better emotional impact.

Marketing agency disappointment in social media stems from not taking it seriously and adopting poor practices.  For instance, autoscheduling posts to unqualified audiences is not going to work. An unwillingness or inability to engage is going create weaker results.

Real Life Activity for Deeper Engagement

I help my clients use it well to build awareness of their promotional events and staff. This social activity creates some of the most engaged experiences for their customers reassuring them that they are real people with a genuine drive to serve customers well.

Travel bloggers and social influencers all use video to capture real, engaging experiences that others wish they could have. What would social media be like without Instagram and YouTube vidoes, or TikTok animations?  The point is that words aren’t usually enough on social media.

It’s a very different experience than search engines and email which are intellectual.  Social brings emotions, storytelling, visuals, video, and live experiences into play. These can be powerful lead generators.

Social Media Marketing
Don’t just hop on — engage!

The key to success is building relevant and significant connections via Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter and actually engaging with them with comments, views on issues, helpful pointers they can actually use, celebrating their accomplishments, giving sympathy, and showing appreciation.

Effective social media engagement is being human, colorful, attractive, responsive, generous, pleasant, professional, helpful, supportive and positive.  Because our goal is positive relationships working toward shared goals and mutual satisfaction.

The emotional narrative of content is the same in social media.  It’s the topics, engagement, experience, and belief in happy endings that keeps your connections engaged.  If they engage with you, you know they feel you’re relevant to their future.

Social media is current and is out there in the socialverse where it is more visible and interactive. It’s a medium with its own culture and biases, and it must be respected. Your reputation can be lost quickly.

For you or your firm, it’s a channel for connecting and creating visibility with relevant customers and influencers. B2B professionals, Realtors, manufacturers, software developers, Fintech companies and service companies can reach people connected to key prospects.

Social media marketing is a challenge, yet if you do it well, you can compete with market leading corporations in a personal, genuine way they can’t match.

Being Successful on Social Media

It takes a sincere effort involving time, energy, enthusiasm, strategy, and some funds.  Key components are:

  • creating a social media strategy (content, messaging, profile, UVP, postings)
  • building an approachable, relatable personal or business profile
  • building an attractive unique value proposition (yourself and your product/service)
  • searching and connecting with a targeted audience
  • putting yourself out there with real activities and exchange (no one interacts with a stranger)
  • creating engaging, valuable, relatable posts that draw others to you
  • gaining visibility every week (top of mind)
  • building awareness of content to create backlinks for SEO

Combine and synchronize your content strategy, SEO and social media efforts to make a better impact. Create goals, events, and rewards so that your connections feel a purpose for your spending time with you. Because time is precious.

Genuine Engagement

Interaction with important customers and prospects is the key. Never think that it is simple. It’s better to create a good relationship where you are exchanging real value.  Don’t try to fake it.  Know your UVP and find ways for others to connect with it.

The chances of anyone needing to buy your product/service right now is about zero.  You must nurture prospects by communicating value and relevance. If you’re relevant and significant, they will be interested in your posts and to engage with you in conversation.  Your connections want to see real interaction and know that you’re truly into what you do — credibility, trust, and likability.

If your products/brand are of no interest to them, then you connected with the wrong people.  Focus on spending time with the most relevant people — reward them, validate them, and create deeper connections.

Don’t use autoresponders via social media. It angers your audience. B2B communications must be sincere.

5 Keys to an Effective Social Media Strategy

  1. know your customer’s interests, intent, and habits and which social sites they use
  2. encourage them to join/follow you on your social pages
  3. provide useful and engaging content to help them solve problems and feel wonderful
  4. develop a sound, overall strategy/plan for social media activity
  5. explore your connection’s profiles and postings to understand them and their interests and voids
  6. boost your best performing posts to reach connections you can’t reach organically

Your social activity should be fun too. You’re getting the chance to connect with people and introduce them to topics, concepts, people, and events related to your business.

Your social media plan is part of a major digital marketing service package. 

Social media is a must do activity, so it’s best to respect it and use it sincerely to the degree of commitment you can make.