copywritingCopy and the Competition for Customers

Although businesses spend more on web development and in house staff, it is copywriting that’s the workhorse of business. Copywriting engages and converts a lead to a sale. Whether getting the brand message across or offering vital information to prospects, your copy creates the future of your business.

Over the last 10 years, copywriting has exploded in complexity and importance.  Today copywriting must serve many masters and not all online companies use it the same way.  SMB’s will often emphasize SEO elements to get much needed exposure on Google. Larger companies may eschew SEO in favor of more attention-getting, branded, engaging and convincing copywriting.

Copywriting is a strategic tool which etches your unique value proposition into customer’s minds — it must be compelling, helpful, and action generating

Your Powerful Copy should:

  1. get your significant, personalized, unique value proposition across to visitors
  2. build trust, likability and comfort in your target audience
  3. be helpful and move your prospects to take action
  4. utilize SEO techniques to let you rank for competitive keyword phrases
  5. build a powerful, loyalty building and magnetic brand image

Copywriters carry the weight of big expectations which is why the salary for the profession has rocketed upward. While design, graphics and offers are important, it is what you say on your site that creates a customer.  And when you make your UVP crystal clear in your copywriting, it will have a powerful effect on your audience.

If you’d like some help with your copywriting, please give me a call.

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