Freelance Services for Digital Marketing Agencies

You are your clients, so how do you expand into higher paying client niches? You do it with expertise and impressive EPIC content that you expose via Google serps, Linkedin, and PPC.

Clients always call you when they see relevant, quality content on your site and that you’re visible in their city, whether it’s Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, New York, Toronto, or London UK. That’s how you build a connection with them. Let’s do that.

How to Acquire New, Better Quality Clients

I’ve provided services for 4 digital marketing agencies. I generated new clients for them and expanded the range of services so they could charge exceptionally high rates. One client was worth $250,000. Clients call when they get engaged with high quality content. You are your content.

Clients want high quality production and big results but your staff will never have that expertise. If they did posses that expertise, they’d leave. It’s better to go with a good independent producer. No fuss, reliable, flexible, easier to work with, and more lucrative.

  • Clients want experience and expertise in their niche, but you don’t have it.
  • Clients want top rankings and a lot of Google traffic but you don’t have that big time SEO strategist.
  • Clients want more engagement in Facebook and Linkedin, but engagement comes from expertise and creative ideas.
  • Clients want a lot more return traffic but no one wants to see your shallow content again.
  • Clients don’t want to be stuck doing PPC and automated marketing campaigns forever.

The only way to build out excellent new clients is to use me to capture them. You’ll like what’s going to happen.

Let’s get started right away. Time lost is opportunity lost.

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