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Sales Hacks for Realtors

Realtors, my quest is to lift you out of your doldrums and help you hack your way to success. Remember Remax’s old slogan “Above The Crowd.” That was brilliant. Sure stuck in my mind when I was young.

Putting floating billboards into the sky was a great promotional hack.  And they’re still number one.

What is Realtor Growth Hacking?

drevilhackingGrowth hacking isn’t slashing your way through the digital jungle with a machete and has nothing to do with Dr. Evil. But it will be your secret weapon

Growth hacking is concept most used to describe tech innovation for improved marketing.  Actually, and more importantly, it’s a process of making incremental improvements in your realty business.

It’s a strategy to grow despite the fact that your resources, assets, talents and opportunities are meager or just don’t match up. For RE/MAX corp, growth might be paved with cash and power, but for you the single Realtor, the improvement road is rocky because you lack the funds, the knowledge, the resources, and opportunities.

Growth hacking is innovating with technology, creative content ideas, connecting with prospects, and a habit of promoting yourself and improving your unique value proposition to grow those needed opportunities.

For instance, it could be creating your compelling, unique your value proposition, building your network of contacts, prospecting and improving marketing strategy bit by bit.

Here’s a cool dozen ways to hack your way to real estate marketing and sales success.

  1. Partner with a mortgage agent and a reputable reno contractor. Teaming up with an independent mortgage broker improves your value proposition. Lowest interest rates, flexible terms, and other financing benefits catch prospect’s eyes. A reno contractor supports your value proposition of maximizing the sales worthiness of their home. You can work more effectively with these two partners and share info that will create business for all of you.
  2. Write an especially attractive, high quality enewsletter. Not just an average enewsletter, but instead, a once in a blue moon masterpiece; what they call evergreen content that lasts and lasts and can be updated. It has to be visual and contain plenty of rare, exciting information. It’s worth it to hire a good graphic artist to help you with the design and layout. Make a slightly different version for each of your top ten neighborhoods. This way you’re drilling down to a level that homeowners find useful and relevant.
  3. Write an especially good blog post on how to raise the value of a home or condo and make it ready for sale. Again, this is practical good advice. In your post, mention local plumbers, electricians, renovators, landscapers, roofers, deck builders, pool installers, bathroom specialists, window and building supply companies, and other contractors and make them shine. Tell all these local contractors and companies that they are mentioned in your downloadable pdf, and that they are free to distribute it to their website visitors. Remind them how visitors are looking for good content. Now you’re putting local people’s networks to work for you.
  4. Tweet local events on a new Twitter page. People are interested in local events within a 10 mile radius of their location. You can include sports, educational, and other events held by local business. Every local business is doing something so talk about it.
  5. Go out to dinner at a new restaurant once a week and write a friendly review. Give an honest account of your experience and the food, atmosphere, and how such an experience made your life and your family and friend’s lives better. Take some pics and video. Put an accent on celebration without appearing boastful or elitist. Everyone enjoys seeing quiet relaxation and celebration.
  6. Identify a well known or well networked person in your city and connect with them. Study what their online goals are and what value they’re trying to create. Retweet them, quote them, and ask them questions via Twitter or Facebook. Share some of their content with your network of contacts. Add intelligent views and insight and they may share your content or comments with others.
  7. Test your SEO and PPC campaigns. Don’t even do PPC unless you have a plan to find what works with laser accuracy. PPC doesn’t work as well today so testing all the headings and material in your landing page is smart. And testing your ad text to increase not just clicks, but clicks from good prospects. Write blogs on a range of relevant topics and use Google analytics to see how long people read and where they click on your pages.
  8. Have your assistant curate cool content to share via social.  Infographics, photos from, youtube videos, house improvement hacks, recipes, travel destination posts, and other items from around the web. Share these on Facebook (Facebook users love Lifehacks) Twitter, and on your blog.
  9. Write blog posts on interesting topics with different headings, pics, and other content.  Use Google analytics to measure which are most effective in impressions, time on page and creating new contacts. You can blog on entertainment, music, sports, investment, and other popular topics but always spin each of them for your intended audience. Be bold and remember, interesting is good, and music and humor smooths out any rough edges!growthhackercartoon
  10. Run an online contest. Promote it on your social pages, blog and print advertising. A visa card, 4K TV, vacation to Vancouver, Seattle or Banff, drone helicopter, spa vacation or dining out evening at a posh restaurant are a few unique prizes that catch people’s eyes and get them talking.
  11. Run promotions and create content specifically for women. The truth is that today, women do most of the buying, including homes and are more active online. As a test, run different promo campaigns that focus on them and their interests and perspective. See if it gets any traction via your social pages, blogs, and email campaigns.
  12. Tell stories. There’s a big belief that storytelling with pictures is very powerful and moving. Talk about your daily adventures, because believe it or not, your best prospects want to hear them. Get over your negativity and inferiority complex and let people in on how you create value for them. Your customer’s trials and tribulations and how they got over them are excellent storylines, as are any misunderstandings of real estate rules. Talk about others stories if you have none of your own. Human experience is compelling. If it’s relevant to them, they’ll like it.

Growth hackers like to measure performance of their initiatives so take note of what you’re doing and please don’t be afraid to experiment. People who don’t experiment or take some chances and can’t take a little disappointment, can’t move ahead.

Growth hacking means having an open mind to the best solutions for you. Be a true growth hacker realtor and commit to the winding, up and down path to excellence.

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