How to Capture Your Market with Strategy

How to Capture Your Market with Strategy

Basics of Strategy: Learning to Win Faster, Easier We never question why the Amazons, Facebooks, and Googles of the digital world soar like they do.  Too often they’re assumed to be lucky. We might assume it’s money, and there’s no doubt that funding carries big advantages at each stage of business development. However important funds…

What is Social Media Marketing Strategy?
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What is Social Media Marketing Strategy?

  Digital Marketing’s “Big Three” The pillars of digital marketing are: SEO Strategy, Content Development/Strategy, and Social Media Strategy.  They’re interdependent and very powerful when they work together. This post is about how to develop a social media strategy — easy to digest, giving you the overview you need before you go about Tweeting, posting and…

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How Realtors Can Lead in Social Media

Realtor’s Personalities and Ability to Engage Make them Perfect for Social Media Mastery I was just doing a search on Google for San Diego real estate.  I clicked one agent’s link, but didn’t find much of interest. I clicked their Twitter link to see what they’re doing right now. Nothing. Dullsville. They didn’t much do much…

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Power Networking with Linkedin

Start Your Linkedin Strategy the Right Way Meeting the right people is critical to success in any endeavour and in our era, connecting is done online via Linkedin.  Linkedin has a vast group of link minded professionals, who you may do business with at some point. The key to success in business is to connect with…


Key to Profits: Content Strategy

Improve Your Content Strategy Is there one marketing practice that can generate astonishing results in web traffic, leads, brand awareness, new revenue and customer loyalty? Oh yes. It’s called Content Strategy. Content strategy is the hottest topic in marketing because effectiveness is something everyone is struggling with. Excellent content that hits the mark generates everything from…

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How you can Power up Your Lead/Sales Funnel

Tips to Help you Convert Visitors to Customers Improving the sales funnel is most digital marketers top priority today. And for two good reasons:  1) their traffic is much lower than previous years, and 2) doubling their conversion rate could triple profits. Years ago I had client websites rolling in traffic from Google and other search engines,…

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Best Examples of Very High Quality Content

If digital marketing is marketing today, then your content could well determine your company’s future. That’s why you’ll want to spend more on producing content of the highest calibre. As more marketing budget money continues its migration from pay per click  campaigns to content marketing, we’re all challenged to create content worthy of our target audience.  But…

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How to Create a Riveting Awe-Inspiring UVP

Building Your UVP In my last post, we found out why a unique value proposition is so important. You want to be the best you can be, and communicate your value expertly. While your UVP also expresses your passion, remember that the bottom line is that it’s more about your customer (target market and what they want)….