Tips to Help you Convert Visitors to Customers

Improving the sales funnel is most digital marketers top priority today. And for two good reasons:  1) their traffic is much lower than previous years, and 2) doubling their conversion rate could triple profits.

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Years ago I had client websites rolling in traffic from Google and other search engines, yet they couldn’t convert enough of them to actual paying customers (real estate, loans, hotels, apparel).  It was too much for me as an SEO guy at the time, to solve. The problem was not keyword targeting or traffic volume.

The problems were typically a weak value proposition and selling proposition, poor conversion process, limitations on the kind and quality of content, insufficient investment in content development, insufficient personal involvement in the content by the client, no social presence, and poor web design.

A Compelling Clear Unique Value Proposition they Love — A Powerful Brand

It’s well known now that by the time someone visits your website, they’ve pretty well made up their mind about a purchase. They’ve entered your sales funnel at a later phase, yet they still don’t call you or purchase. What are they looking for anyway?

The Leaky Sales Funnel:  Since the typical conversion rate is up to 2%, we know about 98 out of 100 of your visitors will be leaving. The science of lead funnels then is to sytematically discover target audience’s emotional drives and ensure they get what they really want.

What customers want is a complex matter, but those 98 visitors are your birds in hand.

Building Emotional Impulse

What your visitors want most is emotional justification to talk to you or become your customer and commit to an action.  People buy on emotion and justify with information.

As I mentioned in posts on growth acceleration, after you present that powerful UVP, you need a content strategy that builds emotion. And at key points while they’re on your site(s), you have ramp up that emotion fast. It’s in that frenzied moment of emotion that they pull the buying trigger.

It takes excellent content strategy to overcome buyers sales resistance.

If this is all too deep, think for a minute about the last time your tried to talk someone into something. You likely tried to appeal to their wants and desires, showed the benefits of doing what you wanted them to do, and offered them an incentive. Maybe you were persistent but that didn’t work. Then you offered something special and still no response.

It’s not until you really get to know your customer, empathize with them, and present your offer in terms of their deepest wants and desires that you’ll get anywhere. It’s personal and you need to get involved.

What’s Wrong with Your Lead Funnel?

Increasingly, web marketing companies are focusing on the content pathway, and timely messages as visitors are onsite. They’ve learned to pave the path to purchase. The visitor is guided and attempts are made to strike an emotion with them. So what’s wrong here?

  • your product/service doesn’t beat a competitor’s on a key point
  • your competitor has bad mouthed and spread lies
  • customer has been brainwashed against your type of product
  • your products/brand doesn’t offer the best value
  • your product/service doesn’t solve the customer’s pain
  • your site content and branding has confused them
  • your site’s content isn’t good enough
  • your content strategy doesn’t disrupt their sales resistance
  • your content strategy doesn’t create the right context for them to justify a purchase
  • landing pages are messy and pushy
  • your brand doesn’t look customer-focused
  • your keywords and copy appear to be misleading
  • your content hasn’t addressed their post-purchase anxieties
  • your site lacks credibility
  • your content paths aren’t specific enough
  • your calls to action aren’t good enough
  • your graphics and visuals are irrelevant
  • your visitor is currently bored/distracted
  • you don’t have an incentive to help give that extra push to make the sale

A worthy content strategy that accelerates them through the sales funnel is one that presents your unique value proposition clearly and convincingly, keeps them on a clear pathway, controls or alters their mental/emotional context and reduce their sales resistance.

A great, credible and persuasive unique value proposition is very powerful, but the missing ingredient is knowing the visitor’s emotional blocks. When you discover that, you’ll have a tsunami of success.

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