Hyper Acceleration for Your Business (Revised)

What is Is Business Acceleration?

Is the speed of growth the most important factor in business success? I’m going to explain why that might be true.

Growth catches attention and may even override, in the moment, everything else you’re doing.

Putting an emphasis on accelerating your website visibility, improving content, engaging with prospects could help you overcome customer’s resistance to buying your product/service.

Change Draws Attention and Alters the Context

Consumers are very aware of who is or isn’t growing. It colours their choices of smartphones, travel destinations,  automobiles and even social networks.  For instance, have you noticed who is gaining the most new connections lately in your own Linkedin network?  Have you noticed competitors that seem to be more noticeable everywhere and that there’s a lot more talk about them? And when their growth accelerates, how do you feel? Inspired?

The combined force of our growing enthusiasm and the customer’s new lower resistance to our value proposition means they may decide to become our customer.  Only when we increased the pace did they begin to question their old perspective and start listening to our sales pitch.

As we increasingly stimulate emotion and begin changing their mental context, their stuck in the mud defenses begin to fail. Our force moves new goals, values, and attitudes in front of them. It’s a 2 pronged effect: 1. increase emotion and 2. change contexts.

rollerthrillAcceleration — An Irresistible Force  

It’s instinctive that the speed of acceleration grabs our attention and we want to go with the flow and not get left behind. We’re most involved in a rollercoaster ride when we’re headed downward, when the pace is quickening and our mind wonders what’s next. When the tempo of our favorite song picks up, we get goosebumps.

And we all climb on the bandwagon when our favorite sports team goes on a winning streak. It launches conversations. We start forecasting a championship. That’s the way acceleration is. It activates the mind and increases expectation and makes us believe something great can happen. It’s a force in itself.

Consumers love the latest hot product or trend and sometimes that hot stuff sticks around for a long time. If people begin expecting great things from you, they’re fascinated and line up to receive it. And when the events or news quickens, they are riveted.

Anyone doing blitz marketing campaigns knows it’s not just the velocity of impressions on consumers, it’s the growth of velocity that commands attention. When we see more ads for Tide detergent than normal, and it keeps increasing, it intensifies emotions and makes us want to buy some Tide to ease the emotional tension. That’s why advertisers are so obnoxious.

It’s the growth in emotion that makes us pay more attention, and it changes our customer’s perspective or context —  now our persuasive arguments become plausible and their sales resistance starts to erode.  The combined force of our growing enthusiasm and the customer’s new lower resistance to our value proposition means they may decide to become our customer.

Why did you jump off the Apple bandwagon and onto the Samsung bandwagon? Because you kept hearing more great things about their product features, association with Google, etc.,  and you believed Samsung would offer even better stuff soon.

Using Acceleration as a Tactical Weapon

Acceleration can launch your business. Fast growth in your content quality and variety, growing appearance in social media platforms and Google search, deepening of engagement with website visitors, and quickening of customers through your conversion funnel: sends a message that your business is Number 1.

It’s human nature. That’s how the brain works. It looks for what seems to be working best.  It is drawn to whatever is moving at a different rate than the rest. If your web visibility is growing fast, making more impressions, increasing in content quality, creating more responses, engaged activity, and sales, it will grab attention and create conviction about your business.

Acceleration is How you Maximize the Force of your UVP

If you’ve been into search engine optimization and chasing Google rankings and traffic, you might be aware that Google uses quality signals in its indexing algorithm.

One of its algorithmic factors is link velocity, the growth in new links to your site.  That tells Google that a trend is occurring, that your site is becoming hot, desired, and more valuable. That will cause your rankings to rise much faster.

It’s the same with the quality of your content. Better content draws more engagement, lower bounces, and more social mentions. And increase of any kind is visible to Google, who seems to know too much.

From the Forbes article 8 Elements of a Viral Content Marketing Campaign

Acceleration allows your business or website to reach critical mass faster. Critical mass is where the presence and attraction of your business explodes. It’s where your connections multiply at a dizzying pace and overcome all resistance. Critical mass is a fascinating phenomenon in any field. And in marketing, it could mean instant riches. Ask anyone who has had viral success.  Viral people know about acceleration.

What’s Needed to Accelerate?

  • A sincere passion for what you’re doing
  • Strong sensitivity to market need and cultural changes
  • Strong understanding of technology changes
  • Innovation and willingness to evolve
  • Unique value proposition development
  • Laser-like clarity in where you want to go
  • Confidence and optimism
  • Advertising and organic promotion strategy
  • Precise targeting of customers
  • Precise targeting of advertising
  • Ready funding
  • Excellent talented marketing staff
  • Excellent operations and management
  • Excellent marketing content, SEO and Social Strategy

Take Action

The Hallmark of winners? They take action. Now that you know how important acceleration is, you can re-examine your marketing by doing a marketing audit.  Brainstorm your opportunities, examine your UVP, and discover what’s out there that you can merge or combine with, that will be your accelerant.

Discover which points of differentiation you can exploit best, what content to develop, which social channels to pump up, how other products/services modify your UVP, and what one piece of content you can create that can catch fire with your target audience. It’s time to start winning and make your business generate real profit.


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