Growth Hacking 101: Career and Personal Breakthroughs Usually Happen Together

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2015 was another promising year in business and sales year for many people. How did you do? Have you been working very hard with little show for it?

Well, it could be you just haven’t done enough networking, or worked on your unique value proposition, haven’t given up on what doesn’t work, or you haven’t hit critical mass as yet.

Most of us hit these walls passively. We run right into them and have no understanding of why they’re in our way. That’s frustrating. But you know, it’s darkest just before dawn. It’s at this point in your journey where you give up on what doesn’t work.

What is it that happens at your point of lifting off? I’m about to tell you the 3 key things that make everything else possible. There’s actually one good sign that you’re about to succeed; you’re working hard. Your intent is true if you’re working hard and making things happen.

The Wall and Ball and Chain Are Keeping You Stuck

When you hit a wall and reach your limits of frustration, as my very nice friend FabMary in Vancouver says, stay positive.  Why positive? Because it could be you’re getting very close to a breakthrough in success. As Laura Garnett discusses in her popular Youtube video, you may be nearing that huge breakthrough moment where all pent up energy explodes into positive acceleration toward your dreams.

Tony Robbins talks much about engineering and driving that critical mass moment where you “unleash the innery giant within you.” Hype or no hype, if you’re ready to go, then make that record sales years or big move happen.

Let’s say you’re a real estate agent, tech startup entrepreneur, hr consultant, or insurance agent.  Certain things have to happen, and if you’ve done your groundwork, strategy, networking, and worked on improving your value proposition, then your startup or dream career breathrough could be close. 

A new path chosen, perhaps a better one: Your breakthrough moment comes when you realize a new job or new marketing program or a new business model will get you to your goal

Don’t Give Up, Change Paths

Have you come close to giving up? That only means that you’re ready to give up on your old methods which unfortunately didn’t provide the fulfillment you’re after (and remember that fulfillment is actually more important than money. If you were trying to get your startup launched but couldn’t reach takeoff speed, then you need to back off of what you were doing. Are there 3 or 4 other business acceleration techniques you could use?  Once you find them, try them out, and put effort into them. You’ll be surprised at the forward thrust it generates.

If you ask Tony Robbins about breakthrough moments, he’ll describe them in terms of moments of decision and unleashed power, energy, enthusiasm and passion. And really, they actually are moments of deep insight where you are able to make a decision.  Tony says to change your strategy, your story, and your state of mind. Whenever you feel totally frustrated with something you were doing, back off, stop following that path. Don’t put energy down that path anymore. Let your mind wander to alternatives. This is where breakthroughs occur.

Your failures could be telling you that you were meant for bigger victories, better contributions, and a much more successful life.

As a productive employee or empowered entrepreneur, you have a lot to offer and these other channels or paths will let others see your unique value and potential. Influencers and followers will also find you. They’ll give you that boost because you’re ready for it. It’s this new belief in yourself too, that fascinates others and they want to see it happen.

Here’s Laura Garnett’s @garnettl 6 signs you’re about to breakthrough:

  1. You’ve hit a metaphorical wall. You need a new plan
  2. You are more open about doing things differently than you’ve ever been before
  3. Your determination and desire is at an all-time high. You are deeply committed to change and have the discipline required to make it.
  4. You know (or are determined to know) your genius and are willing to say no to anything that does not leverage it
  5. You have the support or financial safety or both to stretch your comfort zone and take a risk like never before

The Big Picture

3 things happen just before your big breakthrough: 1) You give up on old ways, beliefs and processes that don’t work, 2) you suddenly see a new path that you think will work and you begin working hard at it, and 3) you believe you are enabled and have the means to achieve it.

You need all of these 3 macro factors to get it going. If someone were to give you $1 million, would the breakthrough happen? No, because you haven’t let go, and you haven’t found the new path. Yet there is a path and every successful person has gone through this same process you’re going through – from beginning to fulfillment.

5 Ways to Create Your Own Personal and Business Breakthrough

Graphic Courtesy of Motivation Grid

 1. Stop Doing what you’re Doing –  It’s not working and you’ve reach your limits in frustration. Cursing and swearing are the visible signs you’ve hit your limit. Step away, back off and do something else. You’re in no state of mind to continue with whatever you’re now pushing. Go for a peaceful walk, sit on a park bench, and slow time down. Let go of your failures, resentments, pride, and other’s expectations. They don’t mean anything anymore. Your resentments are a prison you control. Let them go.

 2. Relax and Dream about your Goal – let your imagination find the end point and then work back from that point. Rid yourself of your vanity because it is closely tied to that frustrating path-to-wall thing you’re stuck in. Explore your vanity and see the evil in it. The reasons you were desperate were probably not legit and if they were, your new path will find a way to fulfill those wishes. Dream and wipe away limitations from yourself and others that are keeping you from your potential.  Think hard about why you’re fighting something and whether it is a positive part of yourself or a cue to the path you really want to take to be happy. Keep dreaming about happiness because it will pull you to where you’re meant to be. It may be far better than anything you can dream of now.  Have a sense of wonder that recognizes that you don’t know it all, and that’s okay.

 3. Identify 3 New Paths – Could you live somewhere else even temporarily? Could you move to a new city? Could you work in a different industry? Could you network with new people who would appreciate your skills and use them? Are their new areas of expertise you could explore? Are their people you can show support for, appreciate and be generous to? Spend time with a few people you’ve neglected. Walk to work a few times, walk home a few times. See what you’ve missed. Visit a new city, and let your mind breathe.  Do a little wandering and exercise your imagination as it pleases — let it be in charge. Take care of yourself and you’ll find you have more to offer others.

 4. Pay attention to the people who are in your future and quietly, generously helping them. They’ll increasingly come into focus because you match up so well. They may be living the life you want, or they’re very capable, innovative, practical, intelligent, energetic, and confident. They may just be icons, models, or signposts of the path to where you’re headed yet they’re very important. Even if you’re a genius, psychologist, the reasons are deep and unfathomable. Don’t overthink, because it’s only your intention that matters. Important. Find 3 key people who fascinate you and whom you could emulate. Find a problem they need to solve, a goal they need to achieve and help them. Spend time promoting other people and give some quality time helping these 3 specific people.

 5. Let the new path come into view and begin building it out with new activities, connections, ideas, and conversations. Don’t control it, just do it. Everything you’re doing is building personal strength and a new brand or personal identity for you.  People will see it in your social posts and in your new attitude at work. With you passion for this become fully activites, you’ll begin to see all your old problems and frustrations as silly events as though it was another person. The new you is breaking through. Let it take you on a great journey and watch your self-esteem and success rise.

I barely mentioned anything specific with respect to careers, money or business because all of that wisdom is already inside your head. That creativity, innovation, skill, expertise is probably already present. This is a system of resourcefulness to help you break your chains and let your new paths come into view. An exciting journey that only you understand.

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