How You Can Use Hyper Accelerated Growth Strategy

Rapid Growth, Massive Profit

In a previous post, I introduced hyper acceleration as key to big marketing wins and rapid business success. The success of Google is a case in point about how fast growth can create a wave of success. And there’s reasons why.

HyperAcceleration grabs attention, engages emotions, creates believers, and overcomes resistance. Profit at this critical phase also accelerates.

It’s a tactical weapon for massive profit — if you have the UVP, talent, content quality, energy, social channels and distribution channels to make it happen.

You might be a marketing design agency, photographer, hobbyist, artist, music dj, coffee distributor, travel business, mortgage or real estate agent, or web hosting company today, but who knows what tomorrow? How about ways to grow fast into the US and beyond?

Fever Pitch to Critical Mass

Earlier, we established that acceleration is a tactical tool that generates an almost combustible chemical reaction point called critical mass. Critical mass is a phase where everything goes nuts.  It’s a firestorm explosion which common retardants can’t stop (sorry if I’m offending anyone). Everything seems to obey, fall in line and even promote its progress.

It’s where promotion is free, partners abound, and consumers throw their money at you.

What Happens Just Before that Explosion of Success?

Lots of people know about critical mass. Where they go wrong is they don’t do strategic acceleration — using the right UVP, the right content and the right message, enough of the right partners, and sequence it to create an avalanche of sorts. And they don’t orchestrate the “fever pitch” phase where the target customer’s emotions are pushed beyond their resistance.

Even when your UVP is perfect, you may have to weaken resistance. TV advertisers typically do that with blitz ads. No doubt you’ve suffered through them. But that’s not strategic, that’s just volume.

Experienced salespeople will tell you accelerating sales is a no brainer, but even they handle it in a clumbsy fashion. This is applied psychology. We’ll be selling online, so face to face pushiness isn’t going to help us make the sale.

Riding an Avalanche that Won’t be Ignored

Hard to ignore an avalanche. No one would believe the shocking speeds the snow reaches as it rockets down the mountain. That is, until it’s explained how snow and ice particles slide on top of each other, thus allowing the top layer to achieve unbelievable speeds that blows any trees and rocks out of the way.

If you want to use accelerated online marketing, you have to think about why your viral material is going to slide on top of other’s viral material.  For example, GoPro cameras couldn’t achieve such shocking fast growth if travel and Xtreme sports weren’t around to generate the opportunity to use them. And they needed internet bandwidth providers who believed they could make a profit off of it, and the end camera users who needed the online ego boost from creating and starring in a YouTube video.

What technology or cultural phenomena will your product/service ride on top of? By itself, your stuff is boring and going nowhere, but combined with something else, well, now you’re the life of the party.

Take Your Foot off the Brake Pedal and Have some Fun!

Why did Twitter, Instagram, Samsung Smartphones, GoPro Cameras, Air BnB, Pinterest achieve success rapid growth? They rode the crest of cultural and technology changes. And probably because they didn’t try to stop their progress! Most business owners are their own worst enemies. If that’s you, you should let go of the brakes and just drive. You may find the journey exhilarating and surprisingly self-correcting.

If your UVP is right and you’ve got good processes and people, why do you need to ride those brakes?

Godaddy: Wide Distribution of  High Value Hosting

Godaddy web hosting needs no introduction.  They’ve accelerated their marketing efforts in the last year and have been very creative.  It’s tough not to see a Godaddy commercial and they continue with a wide range of creativity. This hyper acceleration coincides with their attempt to go public.

Godaddy has a massive customer base, its marketing practices are second to none in the industry in terms of conversions. Most of the times the commercials feature celebrities and scantily dressed models and they are generally during high profile events. For instance, the Super Bowl commercial is carefully planned (and run) every year, and it seems to be getting the company a lot of money. From Guru Focus.

I don’t expect you’re the CEO of Procter and Gamble. More like you’re a small to medium sized business owner, investor, or marketing manager looking to discover a strategic edge.  I suspect this blog’s contents will give you that edge and you’ll be fightin well above your weight class.

One thing about having less to lose, is that you’re free to give an accelerated growth strategy a good try.  So that’s the first need:  total commitment and focus.

Understand the Greater Value You’ll Create with Others

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. There are so many experts, apps, websites, and marketing opportunities out there. Just think about how your service or product will combine with others. What chemical reaction will happen when your company joins with theirs? How will it scale? What new opportunities will spin off of that?

Hot Technology, Cultural Waves

A good example would be someone with a drone helicopter and an HD GoPro camera, combining with a travel agency and real estate company in let’s say Costa Rica.  Cost Rica is very popular and people want to know more specifically about it before vacationing or buying property. Why not hire a company that has a drone fitted with a GoPro HD Camera, and who can fly it in the area they’re interested in? The drone flies around and checks out beaches, roadways, developments, and properties and sends the video back to the customer.

It doesn’t need to be streamed live.  People just want to see more than a couple of pixilated photos to know whether it’s of interest to them and worth travelling down there to see.

Such videos could seriously increase sales for US travel agencies and for realtors in Costa Rica.  Demand for just Costa Rica video would be phenomenal, but then there’s plenty of other countries that could be explored too, including the US, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Canada.

What would accelerate the growth of this business?  Well, it’s novel, new, and uses exciting new technology. Real estate and travel agencies might see it as something that could accelerate their own businesses. Costa Rica restaurants, ecotour operators, hotels, spa services, local artists, taxi services, zipline operators, and others would love it.

With some accelerated, viral, social media stimulation (nudge nudge, wink wink) they’d give it their active blessing. Of course, it would create a furor online with all the for-and-against arguments.  Bloggers and journalists would love it. So much to talk about!

But are you too late?  Some are already doing it such as Costa Rica Photographer John Williamson (beautiful photography).

That’s a nice example of the cultural, business and technology avalanche condition that exists for anyone with an imagination and clear committed passion for success.

The more people and businesses you can mix into your plan, the faster your business opportunity can scale for mega million success.

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