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How Realtors Can Lead in Social Media

Realtor’s Personalities and Ability to Engage Make them Perfect for Social Media Mastery

I was just doing a search on Google for San Diego real estate.  I clicked one agent’s link, but didn’t find much of interest. I clicked their Twitter link to see what they’re doing right now. Nothing. Dullsville. They didn’t much do much to create a connection with their visitors.

relationshipIt’s well known that visitors will leave quickly. All the techy SEOs and web devs talk about page loading time when the real issue is how quickly you make an emotional connection with your visitor.

Home sellers and buyers want to experience something exciting, inspiring, informative, fun and interesting. I go to Twitter because Twitter is current, right now in the moment. It tells me where that  realtor is at right now.

For most realtors, it isn’t a lack of leads, it’s often a lack of a connectivity in social channels and on their website that create an emotional connection. Getting to make them like you is vital, otherwise they’re off to visit other realtor sites.  They’ll visit many unless a smart realtor finds a way to engage them immediately on their site.

And engagement comes from excellent content.

Social Networking will only Grow — Get on it now and do it Right

I have a couple of friends in LA and Vancouver whom I tweet with. They’re both fun and very sociable. They understand the social aspect of Twitter. Both have an engaging manner.

Twitter is fun and hard work, so the active Twitter Realtor is showing you how hard they will work for you and what kind of relationship building they do. It’s the same for Linkedin.

It has nothing to do with things or events — what we normally refer to as  content. They’re all about the social interaction — the engaging conversation they have and enjoy. And I know of a successful mortgage agent in Oakville who is the same way.

And while I’m a content strategist/SEO guy, they’ve reminded me that the real content is the conversation. The content and platform is just the medium of your conversation or relationship with your new visitor.

This is central to how you build out content on your website and social pages. It isn’t about “my stuff” but rather how do I make the other person feel good. How does your conversation build the relationship your prospect is looking for?

Twitter: Fast content that accelerates your prospect engagement

Your whole digital marketing presence’ goal is to create a customer and you do that today by creating excellent sharable and sociable content. Being social is very important now. Tweet, link up and like your way to success.



Engaging Content is Your Voice

You know that as a realtor, you’re a dreamweaver and content is all about creating a wonderful vision for home sellers and buyers.

There’s hundreds of thousands of realtors and mortgage agents who dabble in content. They write some blogs, they post on Facebook or Twitter, but what’s missing is depth, color and a strategy. All that content needs to attract and move prospects along to conversion as well.  Copywriting has to achieve a lot of objectives.

As they arrive on your Twitter page, Facebook page, or Website and IDX listing pages, your content should accelerate their motives and feelings about buying and selling. And that’s the challenge. What type of content should you create to captivate and inspire them?

What does your content need to do?

    1. entertain
    2. build trust
    3. create likability
    4. establish expertise
    5. establish personal fit
    6. inform and engage
    7. build emotional intensity
    8. get shared on social and the web
    9. create high rankings on Google
    10. convince the prospect

Map Your Content to the Customer Experience

When your content is mapped to the customer journey, and that includes your social content, you’re going to see your leads climb significantly. There will be great visuals such as videos and infographics, fun copywriting, and good conversation when they arrive. To engage them and move them along, there will be your mls IDX listings, blog posts on lifestyles and communities, and interesting stuff on your Facebook and Twitter pages. To convince them, there will be whitepapers, success stories, case studies, investment tips, and material that eases their post purchase anxiety.

It’s not enough to have the latest IDX real estate website with great navigation and pics from every angle. Where realtors can excel is to build the visitors emotions about buying and selling — about the excitement of change in their lives. Your digital marketing job is to accelerate that emotion and desire to experience a new life.

Your social media efforts really can go a long way to build a great personal brand that makes you the most relevant compelling agent to work with. Start thinking great content and how it gets spread through social networks.

So now you’re ready to Tweet, get Liked and create content that pulls new prospects in, inspires them, and helps them surmount any emotional barriers that keep them from buying and selling.