How to Seriously Increase Twitter Engagement

Marketing with Twitter

People who use Twitter love it a lot. It’s fun, interesting and you can see, hear and learn things at a much faster pace. Those short snippets with pics and videos are tantalizing and entertaining too. Given more people are using social media via smartphones (42% right now), Twitter is ideal for mobile interaction and a key player in your social media plan.

Twitter’s a good learning tool as well. The speed and pace of Tweeting create a lot of opportunities for engagement and generating customers.

According to Statistic Brain, 290 million people actively use Twitter with 135,000 more joining each day.  You’ll find Twitter users are on their smartphones more, communicating in real time, and interested in current events.  Twitter offers excellent reach compared to Linkedin or Facebook where connecting is much more formal and difficult.

Shape Your Twitter Page Any Way You Can

If Twitter’s management loosens up to let users be a little more creative, and free up a little more page space for users to communicate their core messages, it could remove some of the flightiness that plagues this great social platform.

The opposite of flightiness is engagement — where actual business or more useful transactions take place. Even without Twitter’s help, there’s plenty you can do to engage visitors on your Twitter page and create a customer.

twitterengagementstatsWhat grows engagement? Twitter conducted a study of 2 million tweets across a variety of fields and they discovered that:

  • Photos average a 35% boost in Retweets
  • Videos get a 28% boost in engagement
  • Quotes get a 19% boost in Retweets
  • Using a number receives a 17% bump in Retweets
  • Hashtags receive a 16% boost in engagement

What Kind of Engagement do You Need?

Here’s what is meant by engagement: video view, link clickthrough, retweet, like, profile view and photo view. That’s it. That’s all users can do with your Tweet. Which is most important? The link clickthrough is probably the best action, yet a view of your video might also be good. And if they retweet or share your tweet on social media, that can be very good too.

The Statistic Brain stat doesn’t tell us why or how they were effective. In other words, we don’t know what the video was about, what the heading was, other text used in the tweet, what hashtag was included, what the quote was, or what’s in the picture.  In all fairness, what works is often specific to your purpose and your targeted visitors.

You Need relevant Followers

Initially, your followers and visitors might be untargeted and perhaps not really interested in what you’re into. One of your key tasks in social growth hacking is to improve your targeting.  It won’t ever be perfect because you need to cast a fairly wide net to build connections.  No worries because over time, you’ll collect a group of high quality relevant followers to engage with.

With sophisticated tools available now, you can better find the people you want to connect to. It’s not perfect however. Few Twitterers identify themselves as “home sellers” or “people who need new kitchens.”  Quite a bit of effort is going into data mining because it’s very informative.

There are companies (GNIP) who will sift through social activity to identify good customer prospects for you.

To discover your engagement you can view your Twitter analytics and download your stats on a csv file which you can view in Excel or Google Sheets.  Viewed online, it looks like the graphic below. My top tweet had 2800 views and 168 engagements.


And on a spreadsheet, you can see many more engagement details involving ads, vcard stats etc. Now you know you have some good stats to work with. You can do further tracking by using url shortcodes to help you track visits to your blog or target website, what their engagement was like there, and whether that visitor became a customer. As tracking improves, marketers will take Twitter more seriously.  Don’t expect Google to cooperate:)


Align and Focus your Tweet Content

If we were to align all the content in your tweets and build a promise of satisfaction for the viewer, we’d then have the secret weapon that Twitter could be.

Good, relevant, and usable/sharable content is great, however there’s 2 things you must do:  1) you must understand what you’re offering and how you want to present yourself. Twitter doesn’t give you much opportunity to present a brand image (brief profile, photo, and background pic) so it’s hard to engage with an unknown person. Most people just leave. 2) you must understand your target prospect and give them the right message about you, your values/beliefs, and what your offering is.

tweetgrowthhackWith that completed, you’re ready to tackle the individual tasks of Tweeting effectively. Here’s a laundry list of things you can do in your Tweets to catch reader’s eyes, build interest, and move them to the right action. After you get all this done, your Twitter engagement should improve and you begin to get leads and sales.

How to Create Tweet Masterpieces:

  • use interesting headlines perk up their attention
  • don’t talk at people, participate with them
  • tweet between noon and 9pm
  • use words such as you, great, free, please, post, blog, social
  • offer a promotional incentive
  • retweet others tweets
  • respond to others tweets and direct messages
  • use a url to of a target page to click through to
  • review their work or product
  • validate their tweet
  • promote their account or website
  • relevant topics
  • relevant hashtags
  • comment that needs their further clarification and validation
  • comment on others conversations
  • help others solve a problem they’re discussing
  • change your bio to resonate with the theme of topics you’re discussing
  • capitalize on their need to belong or to validate their beliefs by telling them they have to do something to prove it or be a part of something
  • include a photo of a person
  • include minigraphics such as info/stats
  • tweet more often – frequency correlates with engagement
  • include influencer’s twitter tag and name
  • make an intriguing comment or question
  • use a retweet app/script on your blog to let visitors share your material easily

followrocketSo there you have plenty of ways to increase Twitter engagement. I hope this gives you a lift. If this whole matter of engagement is too much for you and your budget is light, you might instead hire Follow Rocket to help you build leads.

Check out Jeff Bullas’ post on Twitter Traffic and view this infographic from Quicksprout.

twitterengagement improve

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