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If your website was mobile optimized you’d get better engagement and sales results. The user interface of phones is different and Google is using its mobile search results algorithm. Content and value propositions are still king, it’s just that the smartphone affects presentation.

Soon the smartphone will be everyone’s main digital device. Here’s some insights and tips to upgrade your website design and content strategy so it’s mobile optimized and gives your visitors the ease and power they want.

The new Apple, Google, Samsung and LG phones are amazing and the features and utility of the phones keeps rising. There’s an opportunity here in capturing these customers, from Google rankings to impact, user engagement, and ultimately to lead conversion. It’s like any improvement, you do it when you have time and well, now’s the right time.

What are My Stats Saying?

One Google analytics stat that I have to consider is a steep rise in the number of high end smartphone users on my site. That likely means I’m attracting a richer stream of luxury home buyers, sellers and realtors, prospects and other visitors who are attracted by the content I’ve generated.

50% of the 130,000 visitors to my site in the last 2 months are using mobile phones. And 66% of them use iPhones and iPads. Surprised? The rate is increasing.

How Your Website and Value Proposition Looks to Them

Look at any website via your smartphone and you’ll discover how visitors get a limited view of your business and you. They see a small screen not a big page of content. That sucks. Quick communication of your value proposition is so important. And then there’s the matter of how it functions for them.

Web design branding doesn’t work anymore, because what they see on their smartphone is limited. They have no patience for complex, high bandwidth design or nichy topics that don’t concern them directly. They’re not all that curious either. It’s a world of big fonts, hot topics, simple relevant pics, and fewer, easier to click buttons.

Find out more about the Mobile Path to Purchase at Think with Google.

What is the mobile users Intent and Purpose – Think with Google.

Google Think’s Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile.

And high end smartphones are a league unto themselves. However, high end means these people have higher income, more education, and more immediate interests. They’re on the go, more impulsive, hunting for something specific and this is a great opportunity to beat your big competitors and capture a great client prospect.

It’s a battle out there for customers, and these amazing devices actually give you a competitive advantage if you have the content they want and create a great viewing experience.

Top Rated Samsung Galaxy S8 coming soon – courtesy of thesun.co.uk

Making an Impact on High End Mobile Users

Wealthy customers are worth it and many of them have top end phones. And they have limited patience, especially if your pages load slowly, which most do. Visitors will click away when they sense trouble or your content doesn’t make an impact. Keep it simple, direct and honest and have the specific content they want.  And make sure your pages rank high on Google because that’s where most of them come from.

Optimize your Site for High End Smartphones

A simple way to achieve mobile friendliness is to use WordPress as your site platform. WordPress’s value is fantastic from SEO friendliness, content management, and cool design features and widget add ons. One click install and you’re almost done. Content is very important — specific content that fits their immediate need, because as Google Insights revealed, visitors are ignoring brands in favor of sites that have the content they need.

My Realtor client in Florida is making this transition right now to the WP platform and a new CRM solution. That will open a world of traffic, engagement and leads for him.

It gives you so many options and minimizes the technical issues. Additionally, your WP site should deliver two different versions of your site, one for desktop users and another for mobile users. This lets you tailor the content to the users technology.

So What Do You look for in a Mobile Friendly Web site solution?

  • low bandwidth relevant content is presented first so people get what they want fast
  • code efficiency – reducing code bloat that’s so common
  • homepage or splash page should load the fastest — 3 seconds or faster
  • side scrolling widgets that load content by swiping instead of clicking
  • optimize the total size of your top performing pages in Google – page speed and mobile friendliness do affect your rankings – consider their static page generating option
  • make sure you have engaging content and use shorter paragraphs with visual breaks — if visitors stay on your page longer, Google sees this and will consider your page more relevant = high rankings
  • pages fill the screen properly
  • navigation buttons easy to use
  • make links to your key content visible and easy to click
  • font should be 16pt or higher
  • don’t use autoplay video – drives people nuts
  • passes Google’s mobile friendly test – https://search.google.com/search-console/mobile-friendly
  • optimize your images (use https://pixlr.com/editor/ it’s FREE!) to shrink em down
  • use context sensitive menus when possible to let them get to content that’s relevant to the page they landed on

Nothing’s perfect however. Your top pages (EPIC content) will be big bandwidth hogs. Just something you have to live with because your rich content is your value proposition. Let it be Awesome.

Some good examples of mobile friendly websites:

The Agency Real Estate: Los Angeles Luxury Real Estate Broker The Agency. The site loads quick and lets you get to searching homes for sale in your favorite Los Angeles neighborhood.

Franklin Sports: Sports Product Manufacturer Franklin Sports. Franklinsports.com site is a little slow but they get visitors to the products they most want: battling gloves and kids NFL uniforms.

Solar City: Elon Musk’s mobile site for solar home systems  is impeccably designed for mobile, makes a solar home easy to get, even though the fonts are too small and text links too small to click.

Airbnb: Airbnb.com lets you get right to searching for accommodations and the side scrolling widgets quickly open a up a variety of useful.

San Diego Vacations: San Diego Vacation site Sandiego.org lets you get to booking a vacation and lets you explore via the video if you want. Side scrolling widgets let you find interesting stuff without clicking.

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