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Best Quotes for Home Insurance

It’s still common to hear of house and condo fires where the home owner was not properly insured. Less common yet on the increase is claim denied.

Yes, besides getting a lowest quote for your home insurance, you should ensure you have the appropriate insurance coverage. With that assured, you can be confident you have all the many benefits of home insurance.

Homeowners coverage provides protection from financial loss due to accidents, theft and damage. Most home insurance policies also cover detached structures such as a garage, tool shed or gazebo and personal possessions.

It’s a vital type of financial assurance whether you own your home or not. All home insurance companies and coverage aren’t the same. You must shop for the coverage you need just as you do with car insurance.

Getting the Best Home Insurance Quote

Your home is your sanctuary. Yet, there are so many threats that could be difficult to recover from. A good quote is like money in the bank. Found the best car insurance or the luxury auto insurance you need? You can combine your home insurance with auto insurance for greater savings.

If you’re buying home insurance, you might as well combine your insurance for up to 15% savings.  See the usage based auto coverage as well.

What Home Threats do you need coverage for?

  • fire and smoke damage
  • lightning and gas explosions
  • property damage from hail and windstorms and tornados
  • roof damage from snow, ice and sleet
  • water damage inside your home
  • lawsuits and legal defense

Optional Coverage on Home Insurance Policies

  • home claim forgiveness
  • earthquakes
  • identity theft

Home Insurance Checklist

The insurer and insurance agent will look at some standard factors about your home to determine liability.

  1. Number of stories in the house
  2. Style of the home whether bungalow, split level, condo, condition of building
  3. Number of occupants
  4. Type of House Foundation (basement, concrete slab, etc)
  5. Age of the home
  6. Total square footage (finished living area)
  7. Finished basement square footage
  8. exterior wall and siding (vinyl or wood, brick, stucco etc)
  9. Type and condition of roofing (asphalt shingle, cedar, tile etc)
  10. Number of bathrooms and bathrooms
  11. Floor coverings (carpet, laminate, linoleum, tile etc)
  12. Attached garage or carport
  13. how far the fire hydrant is located from your home
  14. how far the fire hall is located from your home
  15. condition of the home’s electrical wiring
  16. condition of the home’s plumbing
  17. type of heating used in the home (gas, electric, wood stove)

Will Your Home Insurance Cover You?

If your home was hit by a severe windstorm or tornado and was flooded, would the damage be covered? If your home’s foundation was cracked by tremors from geologic fracking activities, would it be covered? Are you covered for a hurricane for certain? If your guest was staying with you for 4 weeks, and were left alone in your unit, and they started a damaging fire in the kitchen, would you be covered? If you were growing marijuana in the home, are you covered from damage from the operations?

When you’re considering buying home insurance, it’s also important today to understand the details of your policy. Read carefully, because insurers are denying more claims. From unreported information, to fraudulent claims by property management companies, to illegally using the home for a business, insurance companies are getting strict about fraud.

Identity theft insurance is a handy benefit too. Victims of identity theft can suffer severe damage to their credit rating and might not be able to repair it easily. If you feel it’s possible to ruin your credit rating and create damage to your reputation, such protection can be wise.

Coverage from being sued is important. Call it financial disaster insurance.

Average Cost of Home Insurance

The average cost for home insurance varies from about $800 to $960 per year according to one source. In the US, the average is $1000 with some states such as Florida and Texas having premiums are $2000 per annum.

Oregon, Idaho, and Delaware have the lowest home insurance.

Check insurance providers out and get plenty of home insurance quotes. It’s the only way you have to save your money and get the right coverage. Avoid banks and look instead to insurance brokers to get access to the best rates possible.

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