News Roundup for a wild Real Estate Market as we head toward 2023!

The 2022 housing market rodeo isn’t over yet.  There’s a lot happening in US housing markets, and there’s plenty of uncertainty for homebuyers and home sellers, about where housing markets are heading in the next 12 months.

Home For SaleIt’s going to be a rocky period and experts aren’t really sure how the housing market forecast will play over the remainder of 2022 to 2023. While the housing news might seem grim, at the end of it might be grand opportunities to buy a home at a much reduced price. Buyers have to feel some joy, that home prices could drop significantly.

Further, mortgage rates could fall in late 2023 if a recession hits. Once the inflation rate drops, central banks might take their foot off the brake pedal, and patient buyers are presented with as good an opportunity to buy as they’ll get.

If you’re a potential homebuyer, don’t be dismayed, because your grand opportunity to get a quality home might be just ahead. Check with your Realtor, and get prequalified, and discuss the housing market outlook with your mortgage provider. This could be good!

Top Housing Market News Today!

Housing Bubble WoesSales below 500k Plunge – from Wolf Street

Americans believe right now is the best time to buy a home. See Inman Report.

Economist says US home prices are about to collapse. More from Yahoo.

Mortgage rates rise ahead of tomorrow’s Fed rate decision from Realtor Magazine.

Corporate investors buying everything, including mobile homes and rent prices are going up. Read more on PBS.

Housing Market Alarm as Home Sales Plunge for Fifth Month in a Row — from Newsweek

New listings grow, but so do home prices from the Housing Blog.

Are ARM mortgages a big gamble? See more from NerdWallet.

Mortgage Bankers Association says mortgage applications for new homes dropped sharply in June. More on MBA.

What do Florida, Texas, and California have to tell us?  There’s no stopping Florida’s housing market, people want to move there. See more about Florida’s market , the Texas market, and California’s housing market from ManageCasa.

Colorado’s housing market cooling faster than expected. More from

Tampa Bay home prices cooling, but can they drop below pre-pandemic prices? More from

New York and Manhattan suffer the Covid revenge and rent prices are killing New Yorkers — more from the NYTimes.

Foreign buyers increase their investment in the US housing scene from Yahoo.

NAR’s newest update for July 16th says monthly starter home costs were $2,437 in June – $561 higher than rents last month.  See more on the NAR website.

Is Canada’s housing market headed into the toilet too? More from MPAMagazine.

Will Millennials be the next NIMBY generation?  The Atlantic explores that horrible possibility.

Gen Z’s and Millennials hurt because they don’t understand the housing market.  Story from the Best Closings.

Interest Rate Effect: Fed expected to raise Fed rate by 75 basis points, and will that lead to faster falling prices? See more at the Financial Times.

Bargain homes ahead?  Top US cities where house prices are dropping from the Sun.  Where buyers should get ready for a great deal. Best metro areas to buy a home? More from the Thrillist.  Buyers will find some cities are better than others.

Best time to buy a House?! Apparently, Americans feel now is the time to buy from the NY Post.

Top Tips on buying a house in this market from KGET TV.

How to sell your house fast as mortgage rates rise from Washington Post.

Crash Talking: Will the housing market crash in 2023 from the housing blog? All signals point to a downturn.

Fall to only 4% price growth in 2023? New report from housingwire shows it’s less gloomy than we think.

Homebuyer Competition falls to lowest level in 2 years from Redfin. Fewer buyers eases off price pressure.

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