Day Trading Success

Day Trading Success

Day Trading as an Investment Strategy

As a young man, I held the position of Alberta stock exchange clerk with Merrill Lynch. It was a time of slow trading guided by barely qualified stock brokers.

A few people did get rich and others lost a lot. Most of the trading happening didn’t create instant millionaires. And Day Trading wasn’t really a thing, because with no intraday trading data and big commission fees, it was literally impossible to make a profit.

Today, with immense, detailed trading data, automation, and zero commissions, the opportunity for day trading success is alive and well.

Most investors with their retirement savings plans and 401ks would would never dream of making money this way. But increasingly, self-directed trading is the norm, guided by smart AI guided software systems.  When we hand investing over to AI robots, we can expect they might be able to execute faster and make money during the day.

The Stock Trading Constraints Disappear

As a stock exchange clerk, I reconciled the daily trades of stocks and option puts and calls and managed the accounts. I wondered about how the outrageous commissions on each trade and how day traders could still earn a profit.  The desire was there but the system wasn’t.

Today, it’s electronic execution, leveraging and easy credit, accessible trade data, erasing of broker commissions and increased stock price volatility that makes successful day trading possible.

How many times have we seen the stock market indexes sink during the long, long day? Could be a simple issue of investor fatigue, impatience and lack of confidence that makes stocks sink during the day?

It seems the risks are paramount. Control the risks and perhaps it’s all gravy.

It’s never easy to make money from the stock markets, including via day trading.  Investors need quick, reliable market intelligence, good guidance and feedback from an expert stock advisor. And day trading is an art and science that requires expert execution.

Of course, there is no Alberta stock exchange anymore. Everything is automated out of New York, Toronto or Beijing China.  Now, in the globalist era, it’s New York vs Beijing, China.

Day Trading is risky. Even the SEC says so.

Day Trading for Dummies. Screenshot courtesy of

And today, with electronic trading and artificial intelligence stock prediction algorithms, who in their right mind would want to do trade using their own wits during the day? Can you possibly beat an all knowing AI stock trading system? Or is day trading simply a matter of leveraging predictable trends? Can anyone do it, but knowing what to look for?

How about if you get an AI stock trading system working for you, advising you, letting you test your assumptions and giving you detailed performance feedback? Maybe there are some opportunities?

Day Trading Exposed

Yes, an increasing number of people participate in day trading. In fact, with sports gambling shutdown lately, new entrants have found their way into the stock market day trading space.

There are pro and casual day traders who buy and sell stocks with the intention of profiting on hourly or by the minute divergences of stock prices. With AI day trading, they can scan and execute trades instantly at the exact moment there’s an opportunity.  If it’s automatic, where is the downside?  I admit, it is fascinating.

The process is simple. Buy stock during the day and wait for a few minutes or hours when it’s a little higher priced then sell. Buy, hold, sell fast.

Day trading is intimately involved with stock price volatility. And in these very uncertain times, there’s a lot of volatility for many reasons. Economic reasons, political, cultural, and just the simple business of demand vs supply. You never know when someone needs to buy out a company or sell its stock at any point during the day?

Day Traders might not even know why price surges happen, they have a blind faith that they’re going to happen.

Day Trading advisers advise participants to be objective, do your research and avoid being moved by emotion. That kind of advice is foolish. However, these new AI prediction tools are a necessity. Even if they lack predictive capabilities, they can still point out key price and volume trends.

AI Day Trading Systems

Ultimately, a day trader must hand the buying and selling process over to the AI trading software platform. AI systems are live testing and learning systems. They’re going to zero in on what is actually moving prices, and giving you the trader into what’s driving those stock price changes.

Screenshot courtesy of FinBrain Technologies


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Increasingly, all stock market exchanges are using fully automated trading. No one is on the floor. The floor doesn’t exist. Automated trading algorithms have been around for a while yet AI stock trading is new. Many believe this is the future.

It’s absolutely the future for day trading. Can you still make a profit in the maelstrom of AI trading? Possibly, but that would be pure luck. All other investors would be making more.

AI systems are limited only by the data they get to work with. As long as trade data is available to them, they can assess the patterns and isolate the best stocks to buy.

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