Top Trending Stocks

Top Trending Stocks

Should watching the top trending stocks be part of your everyday investment activities? Every rise in stock isn’t critical, but some rises reflect major company/product/market breakthroughs that send the company to another level of profitability.

Which stocks are going up or down? Which sectors are growing or falling? It’s important to know if your portfolio is heading in the wrong direction.  For instance, if you’re loaded up with Cryptocurrency, marijuana and oil stocks right now, you must be scratching your head.

Such trending financial data can tell you a lot about where the market is headed in 3 months, in 2021, or 3 to 5 years ahead. Right now, biotech company stocks which might deliver a Covid 19 cure are hot. However, is the euphoria over a potential inoculation shot for Corona Virus going to pay off?  For some firms, including Johnson and Johnson, it might be worth a gamble. Even if J&J fails, they will still do well with the booming economy later this year.

Trending Stocks. Chart courtesy of Yahoo Finance


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Stock market trends tell us about sentiment and changing individual stock evaluations. You can be sure when there’s a price jump or slump, something has happened that you need to know about.

What Is Stock Trend Analysis?

According to Timothy Sykes, a penny stock trader, “trend analysis is a technical analysis technique or a type of comparative analysis. The goal of trend analysis is to use past data to predict the future movements of stock prices. A trend is the overall direction that the market seems to be moving in over a given period. As a stock trader, what’s happened in the past can give you a solid idea of what to expect from a stock in the future. Investors look at short, intermediate, and long-term trends. They use trend analysis in an attempt to identify bull runs in the market and find trend reversals that show it might take a downturn.”

So What Happened When the Stock Market Tumbled?

What happened on the first day of the recent correction? Certain stocks began the fall launched by a series of negative news stories or leaked information from the government.

On that day, the increase in Corona Virus cases in China was being circulated. At first, no one understood the threat of a pandemic, but gradually by the week, the slide quickened. Those up on trend analysis would have investigated right away.

That’s not to say other things weren’t happening, but Corona Virus threat had to be the top factor before the slide.

And what’s transpired of course, is the one unexpected event that most talked about, that would cause the next recession.

In today’s trending stocks, an investigation apparently found the Luckin Coffee’s COO fabricated sales out. Luckin is the Starbucks of China. On the accounting probe’s results stock dropped 80%.

Top Trending Stocks Via Yahoo

Top 4 Stock Gainers today as reported by Yahoo Finance were:

  1. ION Geophysical (NYSE:IO) +102%. ION Geophysical (NYSE:IO) reported it’s Q1 revenues will reach $56M-$57M, which by far exceeds the $38.9M forecast by analysts.
  2. Diamond Offshore Drilling (NYSE:DO) +34%. According to SeekingAlpha, Diamond Offshore’s short interest had risen heavily, so short covering was the likely reason for today’s pop, according to Evercore ISI analyst James West says.
  3. Cellect Biotechnology Ltd. According to NASDAQ, share prices of Cellect Biotechnology Ltd. (APOP) surged about 175% on Thursday morning after the Israel-based stem cell-based therapy developer said it received new patent allowance in China.
  4. Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc. According to a newswire report, Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq: SRNE, “Sorrento”) announced it has initiated the next phase of its collaboration with Celularity, after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared its Investigational New Drug (IND) application for the use of its proprietary CYNK-001 in adults with COVID-19.

Those who respond lightning fast to the news reports stand a chance to make a little money. But day traders can tell you whether anyone can benefit as a big company news bite is released.

Read more about stock market trend analysis on Timothy Sykes blog.

Are you wondering where the S&P, NASDAQ, DowJones, TSX, and Russell Indexes will be in 3 months, 6 months, or in 5 years?  Check out some of the best stocks to buy and then enjoy the ride in 2021.

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The year of 2021 promises to be exceptionally good, unless one specific political upset takes place. I don’t want to mention that right now though, because our goal here is to find once in a lifetime bargain stocks to buy.

*  the above post includes opinions of the author and do not connote recommendations of any kind regarding stocks to invest in. The material is provided as general information only. For all your stock investment decisions please refer to your financial investment advisor.

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