Effective PPC Ad Campaigns

Add to your organic SEO and lead generation with PPC advertising that taps into highly relevant traffic on Google, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Campaign activity includes: audience targeting, keyword selection, ad copy/headings, ad testing and re-optimization, monitoring along with landing page optimization.

Here’s what we’ll focus on:

  1. finding and targeting high-intent keywords (keywords that real buying customers use)
  2. creating ad extensions (any extra features that enhance your ad and increase clickthroughs)
  3. researching and writing compelling ad copy (review similar ads which have high CTRs and shape ads to create uniqueness and leverage your unique UVP and make prospects curious)
  4. writing high converting landing pages (focused pages with no distractions which ensure your most salient, purchase generating ideas are registered with prospects)
  5. analyzing conversion rates and editing to boost conversions (estimate ROI and determine how to boost clicks and leads, and generate more sales)
  6. using retargeting ads (continuing to advertising smartly to those who have already visited your site)

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