US Weather Forecast – Outlook Winter 2020

Weather Forecast for 2020

The winter weather forecast for 2020 is out.  What has been an early wintry situation for the midwest may resolve into continued cooling. The bad weather is predicted to start in January 2020. We’re enjoying a respite from the cold northern winds.

Farmer’s Almanac Fall and Winter Forecast

The Farmer’s Almanac’s Winter 2020 forecast is calling for a polar coaster outlook.  If you’re in the midwest, the polar vortex looks to be ready to descend to make it a very “not global warming” party.  Currently at the north pole, temperatures are around -25 fahrenheit.  3 months from now, they’ll hit their coldest.

The Polar Vortex is a spinning mass of supercooled air, which is released southward by the North American jet stream. In 2014, the vortex unleashed brutally cold conditions in the spring of 2014.

We’re not even close to the February deep freeze. 2020’s varying conditions will mean the vortex will give us multiple visits this winter.

Eastern cities are looking at heavier snow this January to March.   See more of the winter weather forecast at the Weather Forecast Network, your personal weather channel online.


Farmer’s Almanac’s Winter forecast is for cool weather in the Northern US, with lots of snowy frosty days.  The polar vortex that scheduled to plunge into the US could predict a lot of snow for areas such as in Chicago, Minneapolis, Green Bay, New York, Boston, Denver, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, New Jersey and the New England region.

Tampa, Orlando, Washington, Myrtle Beach, Jacksonville, Richmond, and Miami should brace for a wetter winter season. It appears California’s precipitation will be normal which may not help any winter fires burning.

You can check out specific regional and local winter forecasts via the Farmer’s Almanac’s website however be forewarned that they expect you to subscribe. But go ahead and do it because they’ve got handy tips on gardening, calendars and their interesting skywatch pages.

Screencap courtesy of Farmers Almanac

If you live in Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami, Albuquerque, Houston, or San Francisco, the weather forecast is decidedly similar every day. We we all sure appreciate this when we get tired of the cold and take a vacation to your city. Yet, in other areas such as Boston, Seattle, Vancouver, Chicago, New York, Portland, Denver, the changes in temperature, precipitation, and winds make for risky driving and commuting conditions

Next, Let’s take a look at the National Weather Service’s predictions October to end of March 2020. Long Range Forecast 2020

This is the temperature forecast for the US for next 4 months.

Winter Weather Long Range Forecast 2020 courtesy of