Home Sellers Pricing Guide – Getting A Better Sales Price is All About Strategy

How Sell Your Home for the Best Price in 2018

The market is heating up and like so many homeowners, you’re wondering if this is the right time to sell? And what will your home sell for in 2018?

The latest MLS sales reports show that most listings in the hot Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Houston, Seattle, and Miami regions for instance, tend to sell over asking price. That means the seller got more than they were asking for. That’s a nice bonus that actually vaporizes the cost of selling of your home. You get your cake and you get to eat it too.

On the other hand, you could end up selling too late, as you’ll note in the Calgary Housing Forecast.

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!
Selling at 3% to 10% above asking price tastes this good!

We’ve seen years of homeowners all playing the waiting game, hoping for the market to fully ripen before they harvest. It looks like the fall harvest has arrived. But will sellers get what they’re asking for or more? Will they be too late?

How to Get the Best Price for Your Home?

For those of you in hot markets, the price you ask for is just a starting point on the way to the price you’ll ultimately receive. The key to maximizing the return on your real estate investment is in how your Realtor conducts marketing for your property — not in high pressure negotiation which brings smaller gains.

It’s important to know what to look for in a good Realtor so you don’t get unpleasant surprises and have to work with a poorly qualified buyer.  Big sales prices come out of strategy and targetting well qualified buyers – not last minute tactics.

The Market Changes Month to Month

Right now you may not get the all-cash offer from a wealthy buyer. Instead you may have to sell to someone who saw your mls listing, or who is financing the purchase, or who is buying conditionally. When you cancel out all the “on the edge” tire kicker type buyers, you’re left with a small number of well qualified prospects. These are the ones you want to market to strategically, and whom your Realtor should have fixed on his/her radar.

What does a thorough, effective Realtor Marketing Service Package Look Like? Definitely take a look.

Home Pricing Tips to Help You Get Your Price

Home Pricing Tip #1

Sell at a lower price than you want to.  If you price high, few will be interested. If you price low, you’ll get a herd of tire kickers and your real buyers will be more motivated to get an offer in. It’s a common practice and in this era, it’s a fool proof approach. In fact, the bidding war news stories you’ve heard about likely were priced low.

Home Pricing Tip #2

Have Your Realtor do a Foolproof Market Evaluation. Your Realtor’s free market evaluation will generate a price, but it won’t always get the comps right.  Your Realtor will look for similar homes and it’s important to know why they sold for the price they did. Your Realtor likely knows what’s happened and will be ready to utilize that knowledge.

Home Pricing Tip #3

Set the asking price just below a round number.  Sell at $105 lower than a major number. If your house could sell for $1 million, don’t just price it at $999,995.00 Everyone is familiar with that pricing trick. Instead, take the third last number down by $5. So your new price would be $999,895.00 Psychologically, that 8 stands out. It looks like a nice discount when in fact, it’s only $105.

“Our study suggests that by using the just below pricing strategy sellers can price their home slightly higher without driving away potential buyers,” says Eli Beracha, author of a study published in the Journal of Housing Research. “As a result, they end up selling their house for more.” The study revealed a 2.5 to 3% increase in sold price.

Home Pricing Tip #4

Many homebuyers look for homes for sale in a certain price range that varies from city to city. In Toronto where the average price of a single detached home might be $1.4 million, a home priced just below $1 million is going to be found by more home searchers. Your first goal is maximimum visibility since you’re likely to get a better offer from 100 people than you are from only 15 people.

Home Pricing Tip #5

Create a home marketing plan and a home pricing contingency plan with your Realtor or a marketer before you put it up for sale. You want a marketing campaign that’s going to ensure 100%, that you get maximum exposure and the very best price. Better safe than sorry! If you price low and your Realtor relies only on the MLS and his own small circle of buyers, you could be in for disappointing bids.

Home Pricing Tip #6

Definitely go for a bidding war. Ensure your home’s most salient features, the ones buyers drool over, are clearly explained and shown in photos and video. Ensure your Realtor has good exposure online, has a great website, is advertising, and looks like they’ve got their stuff together. Everyone’s should know you’re selling your house in this market of desperate buyers.

Home Pricing Tip #7

Use hi definition photography, video and 3D home tours. People look online, and the impact you make is key to getting call from prospective buyers. Some videos are spectacular and the cost might be very reasonable. Seeing is believing and when you’re transparent, the buyers know they’re not wasting their time. Their time is just as valuable as yours.

Home Pricing Tip #8

Listen to your Realtor’s pricing strategy. If they’re experienced, they know how the selling game is played. All Realtors say they can close any prospect, but it’s just not true. They should be able to explain the jist of how to get the home priced right and how to negotiate with buyers.

Home Pricing Tip #9

Have your home professionally staged. Get your stuff out of there and let them bring in the furniture and dressings to appeal to the targeted buyer. It’s another cost, but if your marketing and pricing plan is good, you’ll easily recover that money.

Home Pricing Tip #10

Time your open houses well and advertise heavily during that time. There will be buyers driving around and they may be using a variety of house hunting apps on their smartphone. Buyers are desperate and thorough these days. Don’t rely on the MLS listings only.

Home Pricing Tip #11

Ensure your listing is well advertised and that your open house is visible via Google. If you know of a real estate blog that is high trafficked, advertise on it, or better yet ensure your open house listing page is indexed in Google and optimized for “open houses + city name, or neighborhood”

Home Pricing Tip #12

In your marketing, ensure you’re not just selling a house – a big box made of wood and cement. You need to evoke the buyer’s dreams because a home is all about dreams. Dreams are why some buyers will pay $1 million over asking.

Home Pricing Studies and Resources:





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Where to Invest in Real Estate – New Business Opportunity 2017

Brilliant Investment Opportunities

It’s easy to be genius. You only need an open mind to see what’s right in front of you, and dig deeper to uncover what fortune might be underneath. Okay, maybe you have to do a little work!

One marketing or investment weapon won’t be good enough, you’ll need multiple vehicles:

I was watching a group of kids play tennis at a local park where I play. There were 50 lb, 7 year olds blasting the balls across the court. I thought it was amazing that someone with very little physical strength could hit the ball so hard and so accurately. The instructor had taken their open mind, taught them how to swing and hit properly.

It seemed that if you did it properly, you could hit the ball at unbelievable speeds whether a serve, forehand or backhand –  minimal stress and effort.  And they had an aresenal of weapons.  I played a 13 year girl and she didn’t weigh much more than 90 lbs. I thought my strength and 100+ mph shots would be too much for her. I was wrong. She was good at everything, and put her whole body into all her shots. She wouldn’t even let me touch the ball. Very smart. 100 mph down the lines, every shot and all I could do is watch the balls zip by. 6-0 and it was over.

I learned that I didn’t really know how to play the game and didn’t have the overall skill to take command. These kids learned and executed properly. They possessed a power-packed selection of tools and assets, which together would overpower any opponent’s big strength. It gave them complete freedom to win. How did they learn? An open mind.

He’s got more than determination! Pic Courtesy of Tallahassee Tennis

The kids instructor took their open mind away from single skill mastery to a mindset of combined skills and overall mastery – to become a professional. This gave them many options which made their individual shots and competitive tactics even more effective.

It’s a big picture, top-down approach that I like a lot, so why not apply it our business goals?

Here We Are in 2017 – is Anything Going to Change for You?

You’re wondering how you can join in on the best investments of 2017 and beyond.  The best investment is a winning website that generates leads and sales continuously, and spins off new exciting business opportunities. Those opportunities act as a self-supporting network of sales generators.

If you’re a Realtor®, think well beyond visits and leads and see yourself as an entrepreneur and investor.  Because the blockchain AI future will scare you but delight you – it’s filled with sales people who can fulfill homebuyers and sellers many different ways — not just find a house to buy.

Hundreds of thousands of realtors right now struggle to make ends meet.  A lead for them is like winning a lottery. So many of them call me about getting cheap leads for them. Yet, none of them have any money to invest in themselves or launch a sustained digital marketing strategy to build their professional presence. They struggle each day, trying to sap leads from boldleads, commissionsinc, or agentlocator. That’s a tough life.

An Exciting Opportunity to Reach Deeper into Customers Lives

A golden opportunity then, is to capture leads for these starving realtors. It doesn’t matter whether there’s a housing crash either. They will always need leads, and someone is buying and selling.  When you have buyer and seller leads, all sorts of other revenue and business opportunities open up. Mortgages, home renovation, financial advice, new technology upgrades, furniture, and more. And when you’ve captured their email address, you can start selling them anything. Total open door. The opportunity goes well beyond serving Realtors with leads, to a building a direct connection with a vast financially enabled audience, where you don’t need the Google/Facebook monopoly to reach them.

The key will be to leverage each tactic or channel to reach more prospects and power up the revenue stream  — a top down strategy that leads to better branding and top of mind awareness leading ultimately to market domination.

A Brief Listing of Multiple Business Benefits

  • strong, sustainable presence online to reach buyers and sellers
  • strong rankings on Google search
  • strong reach to home buyers and sellers via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)
  • offering additional services such as personal loans, auto loans, mortgages, furniture, home renovation, solar roof systems, etc.
  • less reliance on paid advertising or expensive promotion
  • building a powerful brand presence with a better value proposition
  • enhanced top of mind awareness with tens of thousands of prospects
  • accelerating database of contacts
  • social listening and predictive analytics to listen to your database of people and know when they might be in the market for just about anything

Instead of being trapped in a hierarchical mindset of how “how do I squeeze more from one single, narrow high risk channel“, you’ll be asking “how do I open up an array of channels that I can leverage as one powerful revenue generating machine?” We can draw an analogy to an individual baby boomer investor who searches for multiple streams of income. If one opportunity fails or dissolves, no problem, you’ll have many others to keep rolling on!

Here’s a hint: you need a Realtor, funds, digital content creators, a creative digital marketing pro and an online technology platform. Each by themselves has no power. Not until they come together does the full potential become very apparent. The network of other professionals will appear once you’ve built our core business.  They’ll become more vital as time passes, because we need to present their unique value to customers.

Leveraging Realtor’s Sales Crisis

There’s an intense and growing problem in real estate and the economy — there’s no homes for sale. Homeown ers (babyboomers) don’t want to sell. And government regulations have prevented new home construction. The result? Wicked price rises for condos, houses, and apartments all over North America and worse in New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, and San Francisco are a big frustration for everyone. A whole generation is at risk of never having equity in property and paying ever rising rental rates while commuting themselves to death — not quite the American Dream!

The real estate market currently is more of a luxury market with elite millionaire realtors dominating. Don’t be angry with them, it basically fell in their lap because they were positioned so well. Thousands of realtors scrambled to get under their umbrella, like some massive multi level marketing scheme.  You need to have that same positioning. Because prices will fall and people will start buying again and the economy will roar. This time though, these same “disenfranchised” realtors and investors won’t be part of the rise. That’s because with digital technology, smaller groups of well funded, expert marketing teams will dominate the market.  There won’t even be crumbs for the bottom dwellers.

This pic shows where Realtors go to get their buyer leads (these companies keep their seller leads).

Prices are Heating Up All Over

All the other realtors will look to lead generation firms for leads. They don’t have the marketing reach or impact to connect with buyers, much less sellers. As I mentioned in my post on lead generation companies, their high volume approach relies on Google and Facebook advertising. That leaves them vulnerable. Remember that ad blocking technology is becoming a real pain for these companies. With fewer ads displayed to reach buyers and sellers, ad pay per click prices are rising. Google has even reduced its ads displayed to 6 or 8 per page.

The battle to reach consumers, buyers and sellers is heating up. Who will survive? Publishers and companies with very deep pockets.

Are you interested in being a “Top Dog?” Contact me about this investment opportunity, unless you have something better? I’m interested in the Los Angeles real estate market. It offers the biggest potential, maximum flexibility, and lowest market entry cost.

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What Should be the Core of Your Online Marketing?

Google and Facebook Want to Host Your Business and Life but Your Blog is your GoTo Resource

One of the things I respected about the companies I’ve worked for is their protection of that company’s brand and source of income. You should protect your businesses future.  My managers never wavered in avoiding risk, vulnerability to problems, or unwise partnerships, thus building the proverbial wall of China to opportunity development.

Graphic Courtesy of businessinsider.com

What I didn’t agree on, was this fixed mindset that everything is considered first a threat instead of an opportunity. This conservatism unfortunately leads to dependence on passive, paid advertising schemes and neglect of the richest connection with customers – the blog.  Advertising makes the brand mediocre and ads are expensive. Getting addicted to PPC is an unwise business decision for a sustainable strategy.

The company blog and strategically building exceptional, original, engaging content weren’t considered a priority, and as you’ll read here, they need to be.  The blog has so many benefits which you’ll see listed below, and the key is that it helps to focus your online marketing and help it convert leads.


Don’t forget to email or Share This via the links on the left, with your friends, clients, and other professionals in your industry.

Image courtesy of asapcanadastaffing.com

Ultimately, what drives a successful business is opportunity, not threat. And if a company should not take ownership of its marketing efforts, it not only faces threats of dependency on others, it weakens its ability to capitalize on opportunity. After you read this epic post fully on why your blog should be the focal point of your online marketing, you’ll understand why it should be the core of your marketing strategy.

You might also want to read my posts on making impact with content, improving engagement, reverse engineering content, and building traffic volume. There’s so much to learn in digital marketing, it’s ridiculous. But you’ll be glad to stay ahead of the curve instead of behind it.

Let’s Turn a Weakness into a Strength

So what if we stood that traditional conservative business wisdom on its head to create a formidable business strategy that tames threats and cautiously builds and protects company equity? What if the best conservative practice is to boldly build powerful, rich, intent building, brand promoting, customer converting, content equity online so that you can control, manage, nurture, and accelerate its performance? What if you take control of what is “contextually relevant” to customers instead of constantly meeting other company’s agendas and squeezing into their mold? I’d say that’s a smart business decision and one with legs.

Better yet, why don’t we forecast or visualize an ideal web content strategy and then build back to where you are currently?  Reverse engineering is one of the least conservative approaches imaginable, and I think you’ll find it intriguing.

I don’t like overly conservative management, yet ironically I match up well with conservative companies that never take chances, because I keep them aware of what’s coming and help them find new trends and hop on them.  I’m a forecast guy with both eyes on the future. There are a lot of conservative business people who make decisions based on a short term view. And today, that short term road is brief and leading to Google and Facebook. Some would say that’s a dead end road.

Pay to play is the easy, effortless, and social approved way to go.  But to let these companies take control of your marketing, customer acquisition, and regulate how you market is unwise and it’s not as effective as taking full control yourself. And as you’ve probably know, Facebook is a personal social network and it’s difficult to move people’s mindset to a commercial one in an instant.

My point: All marketing activities should point to the company blog where trust building, credible, fresh, and engaging perspectives can make a deep impact on visitors and customers. In the digital era, your brand and content is your business equity and the blog supports it best (if its done well).

Goal: Know More about the Threat

The key issues are control, equity, autonomy, execution, content freedom, content strategy, and persuasion. If the blog isn’t the focal point, you risk everything in the long run.  As companies are discovering, if you can’t afford to pay to play on Adwords and Facebook Ads, you may be out of business.

Billion Dollar Revenues Shows Excessive Dependence for Businesses

Google and Facebook earn billions of dollars in advertising revenue every year. Google made more than $75 Billion in 2015 and Facebook will earn close to $26 Billion in 2016.

shareThe Innocuous, Seemingly Wondrous Share request is a great distribution strategy if it leads back to your blog

Those staggering ad revenues tell us that Google and Facebook pages are the home of everyone’s online marketing strategy. From any company’s perspective, those are frightening facts. Not only are companies spending their marketing budget on advertising, they are losing control of their own marketing.

Pic courtesy of Search Engine Land

These companies are great companies. They are fair, but will they stay fair? They’re corporations owned by private investors interested only in profit maximization. Even they would tell you on a personal level that being super dependent on another company is  unwise. Read what Danny Sullivan said were the top 25 things he hated about Google.

The Threat is Always There

facebookadrevenueNot long ago, Google was entertaining plans to use the cached copies of websites, sort of hosting everyone’s website online (or their key pages on Google) for people to visit and peruse. Under that scenario, Google could claim almost total domination of the Internet (like the Borg in Star Trek), except for activity on the social media platforms. On the other hand, Facebook would also like to host your business website and personal communications on their platform. But hosting the world wide web is a gargantuan task, and a legal landmine, and both companies can’t quite tackle it. But is this the future? Facebook revenues are expected to grow several Billion per year so the future seems inevitable.

Anyone who has done pay per click advertising knows how difficult it is to convey complex value propositions in a small text ad. Differentiation and brand value take a beating. So the point I’m making is a choice to become dependent on these $billion advertising monopolies carries risk for your company in many ways which I outline below.


The Danger of Google and Facebook

Through their content search algorithms, Google and Social Media platforms decide whether your content is contextually relevant, high quality, and useful to web users, but these algorithms are difficult to understand, even for an SEO expert.

Here’s the BIG dangers in dependency on Google and Facebook:

  • Dependency encourages you to neglect continuous, long term content equity and brand equity on your website (which you own outright)
  • Google’s search algorithm can deem your content as irrelevant, off topic, or even as a spam attempt
  • Google has few customer support people so you must figure out complicated issues via support pages
  • Their algorithms typecast your business into topic categories which limits your freedom to reach who you believe is a relevant customer prospect
  • Facebook limits your friends and how many you can communicate with
  • Facebook’s page design allows for little creativity in UX effectiveness for your customers
  • Facebook shows ads on your key pages
  • Google Adwords and Facebook ads take too much of your marketing budget
  • Google and Facebook content guidelines can crimp your effectiveness
  • Text advertising commoditizes your brand and brings visitors to your site with the wrong mindset
  • traffic you send to Facebook or Google may not return to your website
  • Facebook app makes your content look lame and uninteresting

What are the Advantages to Focusing on your Blog?

  1. Fresh and accumulated content for stronger presence in Google rankings — Google favors fresh, valuable content for their users
  2. Helps to draw visitors and convert them into loyal engaged customers
  3. Lets you focus in on the exact keyword phrases you need to leverage Google referals
  4. Gives you highly sharable content to promote from within Facebook
  5. Provides the best landing pages for email, content marketing, advertising campaigns since most consumers are distrustful, burnt out and negative toward blatant commercial calls to action
  6. Greater content choice for your Facebook, Twitter, and Linked in connections
  7. More content for your visitors to enjoy and experience your brand and find a comfortable path for them
  8. Engages your own marketing staff and contributors
  9. Content that upgrades visitor intent from uninterested, superficial interest to keen awareness
  10. Lets visitors discover your brand in a natural and strategically effective way
  11. Builds more impact and engaging relations with customers
  12. Lets you set and control your site’s UX and customer journey free from distraction and competitor presence
  13. provides a direct destination for your visitors where they can experience visual content and information quickly
  14. Lets you build trust, credibility and authority in your own way
  15. Content is sharable and helps build valuable links to your website
  16. Let’s you build personalities and share stories to engage your audience
  17. Let’s visitors respond and provide feedback
  18. Let’s you analyze visitors interest in specific topics
  19. Allows you to tailor your brand and UVP to specific audiences

The key point: You must build and control your website blog as the focal point of your digital marketing strategy, to create, nurture, and protect the equity you’re building or paying for right now. The core of your web marketing strategy is the engagement and persuasive powers of your blog.

Graphic courtesy of Hubspot.com

Your blog has the kind of content that today’s consumer wants to experience, learn from, and to engage with you. It’s not your product/service pages, aboutus page or homepage. Your blogs have continually fresh, transparent, and information rich experiences conveyed via branded stories, videos, data, and customer service online that makes your company different and special.

And your blogs get very productive as they age.

Chart courtesy of Hubspot.com

Here’s Rand Fishkin offering up ideas on how to make your blog posts 10X better.

In terms of traffic building, impact, engagement and avoiding dependency on budget draining advertising networks, the benefits of high quality blogging are unsurpassed. Build your powerful, revenue generating website with full focus on your blog and you will be rewarded. Check out a full detailed list of the benefits of blogging in this infographic from the searchgroup.com.au.  Much thanks to our Aussie friends!

Excellent, huge infographic on the benefits of blogging by

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Your Sales Strategy Upgrade for 2017 is Here

Don’t Go Into Hibernation – Spring 2017 is Coming

Now that the Chicago Cubs won the world series in a squeaker, we know they’ll be celebrating and get some down time over the fall and winter. A deserved celebration yet many major league players will let themselves go over that time and come back out of shape and prone to injury in 2017. Not so good.

Bears don’t hibernate anymore. They go into ninja training:)

As a business person, your business has its sales cycle too.  Most sales are weak after the holiday season, and this so called quiet season gives you the time and energy needed to develop outstanding digital content. This may be when you can create a fantastic video that gives your brand a huge boost. Or maybe your weak content can be made more impactful, engaging, and trustworthy? Now’s the time to build a strategy. Think about where your your digital marketing could be more powerful and get it going!

If you have some doubts right now about next year’s performance, that’s your mind urging you to pay attention and deal with it.

I’ve highlighted some important business development steps you need to take now so that not only will 2017 be a sure hit, but you’ll you hit some home runs next season and raise your batting average.

For a real estate agent, the big spring season is coming and if you ramp up your web site content, Google rankings, and conversion strategy now, you’ll hit your mark. Wait till spring, and you’ll be desperately pushing your marketer to pull off last second miracles.

It’s like a baseball player preparing for the World Series in 2017. If they don’t take it seriously, then the chances of them excelling next season are slim. It will be one of those “coasting” seasons the fans hate to see (and know they’re paying the player’s huge salary during their bad year).

Mentally, emotionally, and skills and resource wise, you need to begin the climb to more opportunity and leads, and to begin to perfect your sales conversion strategy for 2017.

2017 Forecast: Winners Win and Losers Lose

An intelligent sports coach knows he or she needs to have a game plan. If the other coaches are poorly prepared, then the chances of victory are high. Either way, he’s prepared to recruit the best players and train them the right way, before the season begins.

Similarly, it’s likely your competitors are poorly prepared and slack off during the winter. They come back in March or April to begin, but by then, the winners are already determined. Their game plan is hurried, unsupported, and poorly executed despite all their self-deceit and puffed up pride. That’s when the doubt creeps in about their sales and prospecting skills and competence as a realtor or business person. Avoid those demons and dark moments by being prepared.

Business is won and lost through preparation — set a great foundation and you’ll win and dominate your market segment. Winners win and losers lose. That’s how business is. If you had a bad sales year, it doesn’t mean you have poor skills. Rather, your business development strategy is poor — you lack a good game plan and powerful follow through. You need the foundation before you have anything to follow through with.

2017 Forecasts: Interested in knowing more about the US housing market, Los Angeles real estate market, or Toronto real estate market through 2017?  Read up on the key factors in forecasting sales in any market.

7 Stages for your 2017 Spring Training Process

  1. Refresh Your Target Market – have the demographic, ethnicity, buying power, and circumstances changed and are there new buyer and seller opportunities out there?
  2. Do an Asset Inventory – does your website rank well, have great content and generate a lot of leads? Contact a digital marketer who can help you create a digital marketing strategy to design and build your traffic generating and lead generating resources. Without traffic and leads, the rest of your plan is in jeopardy. Don’t skimp on this phase.
  3. Build a New Excellent Website — You must have your own website, under your control and customization to achieve real results. From visibility to appearance to mobile friendliness, you need a site that delivers quickly to people using any digital device. Do you have videos, blogs, photographs, and other interesting content for customers to delve into so they can understand your value? You can avoid spending all your funds on web development and put them into something that returns leads and sales.
  4. Review your Brand Image. Are you approachable and engaging enough? Does it sound like you enjoy your business and delight in the city your work? No? Maybe a change in how you view yourself and your market is in order. Do you come across as professional, sincere, trustworthy, and someone who can produce boatloads of qualified offers for sellers? Work intensely on your personalized, significant unique value proposition (or brand image, they’re actually the same thing). Summarize what you offer and understand why prospects are eager and delighted to be able to work with you. When they think they’re lucky to work with you, you’ve gotten your value proposition across beautifully.
  5. Get Visible on Google. Whether it’s through the paid ads or free search engine results, being top ranked is very important. In fact, no rankings could be disastrous to your long term career. Think intensely about your lack of interest in the world’s number one source of leads. Find a really good SEO consultant with good all round skills to build a plan to create superb content that creates rankings, shares, likes, and visitors. No matter how engaging you think you are, the focus of all conversations is “something tangible” whether it’s a home or condo, market statistic, or event (moving). Your content is that tangible thing and when it becomes a medium of exchange, it’ll be passed around like houer’derve’s at an upscale house party.
  6. Create a Social Media Strategy. Whether you like it or not, buyers and sellers are using social media. Social media users are eager sharers and supporters — they can help you. Engaging with people on social media can be fun whether it’s instagram or Linkedin. You need a comfortable process to reach them, engagement them, and motivate them to work with you.
  7. Create a strategy document. A strategy document gives you the active process of how you’ll use the assets you’ve created. Don’t create a marketing plan or business plan — that’s for investors and bankers. This is a process document that helps you visualize and get excited about what you’re going to do in 2017.

Perfect your Lead conversion process – from beginning awareness to inquiries to signing sales contracts, the full sales funnel process needs to work without nasty gaps. You can use your CRM and lead management tools to help however you should review your process and your conversion stats to understand why it isn’t working. That takes some study and you may have to test different hypotheses and tactics. Better to test these processes during the winter instead of waiting till you’re inundated with sales calls.

This complete process of leads and sales improves will result in sustained improvement year and and year out for decades ahead. You’ll learn from increase leads, inquiries, social relations, and battle in the marketplace.

Winners Win because they Prepare Well

The preparation and strategy alone makes them a formidable force in any market. They start on the periphery but over time you see them becoming more prevalent each month whether it’s in Google search, social media or in the neighborhoods with their sales signs.

Winners don’t waste their winters in hibernation. This is early spring training. The 2017 season isn’t far off. Show you’re making a commitment to yourself — you’re the toughest one to convince. When you turn business success into a personal mission, a fun pursuit of a better more meaningful professional life, you’ll find the motivation to improve every aspect of your life. This success stuff is contagious so take a bath in it.

If online success is the key (and it is) then you should be contacting me. I’ve got the right skills and production capability at the right price. But price won’t be of much concern once we start dominating your market.

It doesn’t matter whether your market is Los Angeles, Toronto, San Diego, San Francisco and the Bay area, New York, Seattle, Denver, or Boston. We can be the big Kahunas in these markets. Your will and finance, combined with my skill is a sure winner. Let’s get started!

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What Plagues Unsuccessful Realtors?

Practice a Successful Realtor System

To serve my realtor clients as best I can, I needed to know what successful agents do and what unsuccessful agents don’t do. What I’ve learned about agents, I can apply to my own real estate marketing service.  You can never be too good.

frustrated realtorAs the realtor in the video below talks about, you need leads. Other realtors say it’s a numbers game. Make more connections and you reach more people. But who are the best 20% of prospects who will create your commissions and how do you capture them as clients?

Connect via Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter and offer up great content that makes them feel good. Everyone selling a house will go online and visit realty websites. It’s so quick and easy, why wouldn’t they go online?

Word of Mouth + Social = Powerful Brand

Your neighborhood word of mouth network might die out too often, meaning your time consuming, physical ground work is wasted.  With a great Google and social media and advertising presence you can keep those fledgling leads alive. Power up your brand in their minds, and use all channels strategically — show up on their smartphones too.

Take a look. Here’s why many realtors don’t become successful:

  • don’t build enough leads
  • don’t have a system of identifying the top 20% of great prospects
  • lack the funds and marketing campaign to take it to a profitable level
  • expects broker brand/website will build enough leads
  • don’t prospect enough therefore don’t get wind of people who might sell
  • it’s a numbers game and they don’t get enough leads
  • procrastination — never taking chances and leaps of faith
  • don’t follow up
  • don’t take care of their clients – poor relationship and customer service skills
  • don’t treat the customer like a good friend
  • poor communication skills — don’t get their value proposition across
  • don’t maintain a friendly, courteous relationship with all contacts
  • lose confidence after some frustration such as losing a sure sale – better to be overconfident, optimistic and resilient
  • believe the job is too tough when they really haven’t made the decision to be great at it
  • react slow to seeing opportunities and acting on them
  • don’t use their imagination to generate a wider approach to collecting leads and making contact

Contact me today gordcoll5@rogers.com for a review of your online presence and about a new content strategy.  Now’s the time to ramp up and accelerate your digital marketing and lead creation.

PS, remember that digital marketing including Adwords is a bargain (this graphic shows how you can create a lead for less than $2!)


Condo Buyers vs House Buyers — Are they Different?

Are Condo Buyers Different than House Buyers?

Now in Spring 2017 we’ve seen house and condo prices in Toronto jump and should keep on rising   The era of the condo is upon us and they may represent the best capital gain and rental income for investors and new deals for most realtors.


With respect to your own sales: It’s not the market, it’s your marketing

Condo in downtown San Diego has so much to offer for younger buyers who like transportation, shopping, and restaurants close by.

Marketing Condos

If you’re a Realtor marketing condos, being aware of how condo buyers are different will benefit your web content strategy and improve your lead conversion rate and closed deals. Knowing these buyer’s personalities, circumstance and values should help you create better more relevant advertising and web content for your target audience. And on the web and in social media, you are your content.

When they believe you believe what they believe, you become their most relevant person on the planet. You’re the dream enabler.

If condo buyers are younger, first time buyers, they’re likely more wide eyed and impressionable. They may be more susceptible to visuals, strong headlines, and dreamy descriptions of independent living, sociability, and freedom from time consuming home chores. As you brainstorm great content ideas, you need to keep that buyer persona in focus.

Content that’s Relevant to Condo Buyers

Your stylized content might include flashy infographics, video of urban shopping and attractions, and a reminder of the social life and how it positions them for a more successful career.

Single family home buyers are in a different boat. They want the privacy of a house, the ownership of real land, and they may have kids or want them soon. Cutting lawns and planting flowers might be top on their list of fun things to do.

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My brother recently bought a large property in the country. He would not like living in a Toronto condo. His idea of a great life is having the property, trees, and room for his dog to run. The task of clearing the property, plowing and shoveling snow, cutting grass, and fixing things is his idea of meaningful, creative living. Clearly, this hard work is not appealing to condo buyers. Their dream world is different.


Lifestyles, Amenities, and Convenience

Most often it is carefree, social, urban, and prestigious lifestyles in the city that appeals most to these buyers.  And developers are taking innovation to heart with exciting new developments.

If you’re selling to condo buyers, here’s some points to keep in mind:

Condo buyers:

  • enjoy living in high density areas such as downtown Vancouver, Toronto and San Diego
  • enjoy the closeness of their neighbours
  • enjoy the shared amenities and ease of access
  • enjoy the lower cost of ownership
  • don’t mind underground parking
  • don’t want the challenge of yard maintenance
  • enjoy the excellent views from many condos
  • enjoy being closer to where they work
  • are often first time buyers
  • are a young person or young couple (except for empty nest buyers)
  • may like living near people like themselves (e.g., Richmond BC)
  • don’t want to have to repair or renovate
  • don’t have as much money as home buyers
  • often first time buyers
  • may not own a car nor want to own one
  • may not understand the risks posed by condominium associations

There’s likely many more key persona traits you know of yourself, in which case I’d like to hear your input. It’s an exciting time to be realtor in San Diego, Vancouver and Toronto. Three cities, rated at the top for livability and very attractive to condo buyers from around the world.

Selling isn’t easy anymore. The buyer market and marketing channels are more fragmented. Smart planning and strategy in developing your web and social content could mean the difference between mediocrity and outstanding success.

If you’re hoping for that top sales award, you should begin looking for a real estate marketing specialist who can elevate the value you provide to your market. Remember, it’s not the market, it’s how you market.

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GordCollins.com, your homepage for the most powerful Real Estate Marketing and Investing Strategies for 2017 and 2018.

How to Fund a Winning Realty Marketing Strategy

Adopting Team Thinking without Giving up Independence

If your first thought about digital marketing services is that they’re too much time and too costly, I want to show how you can easily do it. If you watch the NFL or NHL, you know about the team game. Some battles are too tough to win alone.  Teaming up with other realtor partners can help you market like a leader with 1/5th the cost.

Trying Harder: Going it alone might not work

Think in terms of small teams of realtors or mortgage agents. Your brokerage of 40 to 600 members is too big to work. It’s too impersonal. How do you get 600 realtor pictures on the homepage?

I’ve worked with solo agents as well as big agencies and a major International luxury home publication. Big agencies don’t really solve your needs since there’s not enough leads to go around. And going solo, it’s tough to stay focused and motivated. Perhaps that’s the top reason 90% of realtors never become successful.

The Future is Coming and it’s Connected

I’m linked with at least 1500 realtors in Toronto, San Diego, Calgary and Vancouver. Most of them don’t bother with digital marketing or social media, despite how traditional channels are drying up. A common complaint is the cost of digital marketing services by themselves and the ROI. You might have dabbled with some cheapo marketing services and came to the conclusion that it’s not worth it. It is worth it.  The key is finding someone dedicated.

If you join with other realtors and share the costs, you can fight way above your weight class in the realty marketing battles. In fact, you don’t necessarily have to partner with local realtors. It’s possible and perhaps advisable to join with realtors in other nearby towns or neighborhoods. They’re in the same predicament you are. Sound interesting?

Combine our Assets and Divide our Costs

If you partner with 3 or 4 other realtors, you not only combine marketing funds, and connections (think of the Linkedin and Facebook connections you have) you also:

  • bring more experience and market knowledge
  • create motivated team mates whom you can bounce ideas off of
  • have more insight and stories to lend to your team’s customer engagement strategy
  • work more effectively together
  • have better meetings
  • create more colorful and meaningful dialogue with prospects
  • inspire greater confidence and security in prospects
  • create a small team as a social unit which prospects can relate to
  • create 4 or 5 voices which can be much more persuasive

If you’re in a big city such as Vancouver, Toronto or San Diego, there’s plenty of leads available. By scaling up your marketing you will accelerate your growth and theirs.  If you’re in a small market city such as Markham, Burnaby, La Jolla, Oceanside, Escondido or Whistler, then joining with realtors in other nearby towns lets you combine funds yet still have your whole local market to yourself.

You become a more noticeable presence whereas before, you were almost invisible. When people say your town’s name, your name and face should also come to mind. That’s just a little of what I can do for you.

Calgary Home Boys is a great example of the team concept. They’ve combined the potential of 5 to 6 realtors to better leverage their collective powers.  They look like a modern, professional team you can rely on.


Danecker & Associates of San Diego is a traditional format for the team game. However, it would be better overall with a true together team picture! Still, this is the way to maximize the marketing budget and get the kind of results you’ve hoped for.  No more hoping, it’s action time!


Think Big Picture, and get Better Results

In my mind, it doesn’t matter so much who you partner with — you’re going to garner much more of the available market. And your results are likely to be better than if you went it alone. If you’re doing very well right now, then you can perhaps double your leads and better convert the leads you get by investing in realtor digital marketing techniques.

You might have one more argument that one realtor in the group will take all the sales, for whatever reason. That won’t happen because all prospects have their preferences and each will look for the realtor that best suits their taste. Everything can rotate if required.

The creative effort to build or modify your realtor persona will be a good exercise. Let’s say you want to appeal to first time buyers. We can help you fashion your brand image to make you the most compelling to them. It’ll help you get more focused to convert the leads that typically come to you and improve your brand image. Everything is converted into positive results.

Whatever your career and retirement goals are, you don’t have to do everything alone. Your associates have the same dreams. Coopetition can work wonders.

If you’re struggling alone to improve your business as a realtor or a mortgage broker, consider combining with 3 to 4 others. It’s the perfect number to maximize your marketing funds and get the maximum benefit in relevant leads.

Gord Collins has provided expert San Diego real estate SEO, Los Angeles real estate SEO, San Francisco real estate SEO, Vancouver real estate SEO, Boston real estate SEO, and Toronto real estate SEO for 18 years.  Check out his posts on prospecting tips, how to get people to sell their home,  real estate agent importance, and tips for luxury real estate agents. Gord can help you deal with the Future of Real Estate and thrive on change.