Me to We Equador

My niece has arrived in Quito, Equador for her teaching trip in a developing country. Part of her training to become a teacher. She’s probably arrived now in the town of Coca near the Columbian border at the top of the Amazon. That doesn’t sound very safe does it? I…

Our State of Creativity

Are we creative as a society and how are our schools doing in nurturing creative minds? What are creative personalities like? Can you improve your creative abilities and beat your creative blocks? Explore the topic about creative imagination. One personality trait that may trump all is enthusiasm.

Is There a Cure for the Boring Life?

How to Change it up physically, mentally and emotionally 6 Signs That Your Life Got Boring via @hellogiggles The key to getting out of a rut, I’ve found, is actively investing yourself in passions that resonate with you — find it, they, and where by being curious and having…