Our State of Creativity

Are we creative as a society and how are our schools doing in nurturing creative minds? What are creative personalities like? Can you improve your creative abilities and beat your creative blocks? Explore the topic about creative imagination. One personality trait that may trump all is enthusiasm.

Essential Creativity Techniques | Brainstorming Visualization Motivation Focus Exploration

8 Practical Creativity Tactics Can you ever be creative enough?  Today, life is all about making creative productive contributions, and your income is directly related to your ability to visualize and achieve novel, exciting new outcomes or products. Everyone has tremendous creative potential, but they can’t release enough of it.…

Exciting New Approaches to Creativity

Check out some interesting videos on creativity.  This first video is about the myths of creativity. Sheds light on real insights on creativity and how it’s really achieved.  Suggests that group brainstorming needs help. The Art of Creativity. CBS news story introduces creative people, collaboration, talent, and teaching creativity. These…

Genius, Google, and Problem Solving

Solve Any Problem with the Right Environment This post is part of a self-improvement, entrepreneur, success series. Creativity, sensitivity, drive, inspiration, motivation and problem solving skills are critical to success. I’m not saying this is the gospel, just a post on focusing in tightly on the essential things that lead…
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