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Home Selling Tips for 2018

Do we need home selling tips just for 2018? I think we do.

Our focus is 2018, the year of more competition and listings.  The economic circumstances, taxation issues, price trends, migration, create unique forecasts for each housing market in 2018. To sell at a good price in 2018, you’ll need some strategy and tactical sales excellence.

Even in the best cities, prices are flat and homeowners will have more difficulty persuading buyers or property investors to buy their properties.

The tax situation is less profitable, the US dollar is falling, new home construction is up, the stock market is wild, real estate investors wary, and the economy looks solid.

There won’t be a housing crash in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Houston, San Diego, Seattle, and even the Bay Area forecast is excellent. All of these thoughts will be on buyers minds as they visualize a price for your property. If you keep the faith, then it comes down to what you can do to raise the perception of value to them. And these home selling tips should help greatly.

As you’ll read in the home selling tips, you can have your cake and eat it too. Let go of all the “compromise” talk and know that you can get the maximum prices your home, cottage, condo or land is worth. Everyone knows real estate is precious and governments are committed to constraining supply.

When is the Best Time to Sell My House?

Timing your home sale is important, and asking “when is the best time to sell my house” is a wise question. Make sure you know all the time related issues to seasons and the economic trends happening now.

How to Start a Bidding War?

At some point, you’ve quietly thought about how to start a bidding war. Selling at over asking price is common, but with top notch real estate marketing strategy and a knowledeable Realtor, you can ratchet up your selling price.

Tips to Sell at the Highest Price

These 14 tips to selling at the best price, are another view to your goal to get maximum value for your investment.  These are good times with prices high or rising and many babyboomers are enjoying how their house and property is fetching a good selling price.

Which Renovations Increase your Selling Price the Most?

When you’re planning the sale, you know buyers are hungry, but maybe during negotiations they cite how your house is not in good condition. Worse, maybe a good number of prospects online are turned off by its appearance? Instead of letting that happen, and just dumping your home on the market, you might discover which house renovations increase selling price. Make the most of your reno budget.

Should you Sell Your Home Fast or for a Higher Price?

Do you know how Realtors selling strategy? You have a choice when you’re working with a Realtor, whether to sell it quick or take your time with marketing and build interest to a larger pool of buyers. Most Realtors use a blitz type of selling strategy where they maximize the impulse or desperation of buyers.

They might push it all into one intense weekend showing where it’s organized like an auction. Buyers see each other want your home and they might get emotional and start ramping up their bids, well over asking price. It works and clients get the picture that the Realtor has done a fantastic job of creating buyers and whipping up frenzy.

However, if the property has all sorts of flaws, is in a weak neighborhood, and it’s not high season for selling, the home might not sell. If the quick blitz backfires, you could see your selling price rocket downward. Anyone can sell during high season, but the Realtor who can sell you house now, is a good one.

Online Selling Strategy

Should you hire an old school Realtor or the new digital savvy Realtors who use real estate videos and social media marketing? If your Realtor is a power online marketer, they may be able to build substantial visibility to targeted buyer audiences.

Consider getting that kind of Realtor, create a plan, and do a blitz over 3 weeks. The best buyer prospects will hang on if they know you’re doing a 3 week blitz. You won’t lose them and instead you could enjoy 3 times the buyers and bids (over that 23 day period). In fact, the collective effect on the final winning price could be staggering.

We’ve all seen homes sell for exhorbitant prices, even more than double the home’s value. You might want to tap into that craziness and get some extra money for your kids/grandkids education expense.

The above posts offer extensive home selling strategy and selling tips to help you reach a bigger, targeted audience, give them what they’re dreaming about, encourage more and higher bids, and help close the deal with a record high price. Hopefully, the media will report your selling success like you were a star Mega Millions winner!


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Sometimes Sales Success is a Game of Numbers

Is Sales is a Game of Numbers?

Photo courtesy of celdf.org

If you sell in the insurance, real estate, home energy, or mortgage sectors, I’ll bet you’ve heard that phrase a few times. It can be interpreted a number of ways, but all of them point to this idea, that leads and sales may be more the result of serendipity than strategy. Of course, the sales experts won’t like that kind of messaging. 

They hit you with: 11 steps to closing mastery, how to perfect the 9 stages of motivating buyers, or 15 sure fire steps to clinching the deal.  Non-experts would say “Screw dat”, just get lots of traffic and let the easy ones come to you.

Some sales consultants proclaim that sales is not a game of numbers, but rather a rifle-focused technique or strategy involving specialized skills and tactics. Yet that seems to defy their own basic formulas that leads come from a percentage of prospects and actions taken.  Simple math.  “Keep phoning and using that script and the sales are sure to happen.”  Is this you?

But for those who understand that sales is often a numbers game, and more importantly, know how to use numbers to propel them towards their goals; sales is more of a process than it is a task… Using our examples, we will assume that you need 5 calls to set 1 appointment, 2 appointments to deliver 1 proposal and 5 proposals to close 1 deal. Once you have your total number of sales needed to hit your income goal, just work backwards to arrive at your specific numbers. In our example, you will need 1,500 prospecting calls to secure 500 appointments, that will yield 250 proposals, resulting in 50 sales.”

Time to Start Thinking High Volume with a Big Fast Moving Number of Prospects

Raising the volume of prospects should be your top priority and this post is a reminder of it. How to build that volume is actually the key matter.  It requires a digital marketing strategy that accelerates reach via a wide range of content, to create a lot of touchpoints with consumers.  These touchpoints (Google referrals, social shares, content views, blog referrals) give you a shot at reaching the golden nugget prospects.

Your network isn’t a few old contacts and former customers — it’s the millions of people out there you could reach who might refer someone to you, and whom may share your content on the web or social sphere.

Here’s your Game of Numbers Game Plan

If you create huge exposure, a massive lead pipeline, you’re likely to create more leads than if you relied on a precision-targeted, deliberate short list of targets, whom you ply your strategies, proposals and drive-arounds. Get the big numbers first and then learn more about how to cull good leads from that massive volume. And maybe, just maybe, with your huge volume, you won’t have to work so hard to convert. Many of them will be well targeted and easy to convert. Wouldn’t you rather work with the ones who are eager?

In the Internet era, good marketing is all about letting them find you by laying out messages about what you can do inside topics they care about.

Here’s something to ponder: If the first 10,000 contacts you generate never become clients, you’re wasting your precious time trying to nurture them personally. It may be only later out of 100,000+ contacts that you get the high quality prospects you’re hoping for. If you don’t build the huge traffic foundation first, those golden prospects who can be converted will never appear.  Your sales techniques are a waste of time, until you have the volume.

So if your current lead channels are looking a little rocky on a  barren wasteland, then high online traffic volume might be what you need to do.  Here’s what that may look like in your Google analytics reports:


The real estate agencies and techno-experts want to impress you with technology rather than maximizing leads through high quality content, social media networking, and SEO.  That’s harder work where fewer experts exist to help you. In the end, the exact targeted audience created via rifle strategy may not like your website, voice, face, or nationality. All your work goes down the drain. Hummph, some pipeline that is!

The underlying truth is that you create you own luck — time to start building your big pipeline

There’s the other numbers game too where you make more calls, network with more people, and that’s all good if you’re tapping into a bigger pipeline of prospects to make it more worthwhile. That’s because as anyone who has panned for gold will tell you, the more dirt you pan, the more nuggets you’ll find.

Statistically Speaking: Higher Volume contains more nuggets

You may have tried a service such as Zillow leads, Commissions Inc., Bold Leads, or Home Values, and gotten a good number of awful leads and aggravation. These low quality lead generation services begin with shotgun advertising on Google and Facebook, and a few much lower quality lead sources such as Craigslist. Out of all that bulk come a few good leads.

A lot of digital marketing is still a lot like outdoor advertising; youmr billboard near the shopping center or the one plastered on the transit bus are the ones that work.

Bus ads and billboards generate leads out of shear volume of impressions (from people driving cars). Out of thousands of eye balls that see the ad, a few of them belong to ­home buyers and potential home sellers.

Examples of high traffic websites that attract general, unfiltered audiences are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, CNN, Baidu, Amazon, Reddit, and Tumblr. Blogs are a huge pipeline alone and one worth focusing on. Blog referals and links are often free and can be reasonably well targeted. They may be on the topics of homes, lifestyle, or investment as many mommy blogger sites are.

How To Build a Huge Lead Pipeline for Free

Simple, create a lot of useful content on your blog. Google loves good, helpful blogs, and interesting useful content tends to get shared via social media.  Less useful content, known as thin content isn’t so valuable, so avoid your current agency’s advise about keeping it shallow with short posts. Save a few of them for your customers who like to visit your site. The rest of your site must be devoted to attracting new leads.

There are other ways to build a huge pipeline of leads but to discover that, you’ll need to hire me. And what could be a more wonderful outcome than having me turn you into a millionaire?

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21 Success Tips for Top Selling Realtors

BIG Kahunas Lead — And Make a Lot More Money

Millions of realtors, mortgage agents, new home builders, custom home builders, dentists, insurance brokers, architects, medical specialists, and vacation resort managers are all competing to be the Big Kahunas of their markets. Some will, and from humble beginnings.

The title graphic is courtesy of Inman. In the US, almost 10k agents had at least one transaction per week, or at minimum $20M in sales.

What do these BIG Kahunas do that sets them apart and launches them into continuous success?  They:

  • establish an unbeatable/incomparable unique value proposition
  • find the right clients, customers and business partners
  • find the best mentor
  • get the funding required
  • make their clients very happy
  • go all out to make their client successful
  • help their client learn
  • take the burden and pain away from their clients
  • think creatively, innovatively and persistently to solve client’s problems
  • strive persistently to become the BIG Kahuna in their market
Lead in everything you can

Here’s 21 Big Kahuna Success Tips

  1. Visualize your customer –  Yes, think about who you’d like as your clients and build your marketing to capture those exact prospects – dig into their lifestyle and dreams
  2. Build a great digital content strategy as the foundation of your  marketing strategy — do this strategically so each channel drives the other simultaneously (omnichannel)
  3. Build inbound content that’s interesting, informative and sharable – this builds excitement into your brand image
  4. Build one very strong niche – such as ecology-mindedness, tax reduction, technology, entrepreneurialism, health, local sports, business trends, job trends, education, etc — whatever subject you believe will make your agent brand stronger.
  5. Advertise in local news flyers/sections have good reach to homeowners and buyers
  6. Advertise via Facebook, AdWords, and Linkedin ad platforms using excellent advertising techniques
  7. Design a new MLS fed website – look at the benefits of my real estate website development services.
  8. Rewrite your listings – using verbs, brand names, and desirable new product names – make it sound elegant
  9. Accelerate your leads through your sales funnel – use high quality digital content they like and need. answer key questions, build desire, and indicate fulfillment is just ahead.
  10. Build a great social media brand image — it makes you look good and builds trust!
  11. Use Facebook to build likability and engage prospects with fun, practical, entertaining material
  12. Use your successful website to attract and partner with other agents
  13. Create original and valuable stories/statistics/events for reporters/bloggers to talk about
  14. Use your linkedin account, plus your own prospect search to connect with investors, agents, and professional people who may need to buy or sell
  15. Use an email strategy to build prospects into your inner circle
  16. Be Generous  –  Do lots of good deeds – refer business, compliment, promote, offer help to your prospects with any issues they’re having, and set a tone of giving
  17. Be Awesome — this means being yourself but extending your sphere of interest to touch prospects dreams
  18. Stop thinking negatively — there are no limitations, only an abundance of leads and sales – create your own leads
  19. Take a vacation – Get Fresh! – you can’t lead if you’re depressed and worn out.  Get away from the source of your stagnation or low productivity to refresh or renew yourself – wipe the hard drive for a fresh, new, strategically effective start
  20. Use interesting apps such as Hyperlapse to create interesting videos to showcase your homes/condos/neighbourhoods.
  21. Hire a creative/innovative digital marketer with a winning program just for you


Building and maintaining a leadership position in your market requires professional help. How many helpers do you need?  Start with one, but pick someone who is awesome.  If they don’t add tremendous value, you’re wasting your money and time.

Gord Collins has been a leader in San Diego SEO, Montreal, Los Angeles SEO, San Francisco SEO, Vancouver SEO, Boston SEO, and Toronto SEO for 18 years. Your SEO strategy is in good hands.