Building Your Dream in Real Estate

With the locked-in, unaffordable state of the North America real estate market, and an economic recovery when the FED rate stops punishing builders and businesses, it’s easy to foresee a coming turnaround in the housing market.

There are many catalysts for a return of home sales, and one of them could be a major price correction. This could happen soon. Or it may not. When rates head down, listings will rocket.

2 million Realtors will be vying for the available deals, but most of those deals will go to those that are prepared and positioned to reach them, at that time.

Top Positioning? You Have to Act Now

For you, the question is whether you’re positioning yourself for maximum visibility and leads. Because buyers will be heading to Google to look for real estate. Regardless of what they want to find or know, Google is buyers’ homepage. And sellers use Google and Facebook too.

They may head to Zillow, Redfin, and directly, but not so much to the homepages of major brands. Young buyers between 25 and 45 are are national brand agnostic but they’re not agnostic to the kind of Realtor they prefer.

Realtor Marketing

Your website, Facebook page, YouTube page and Linkedin page can deliver market leadership when used well. The task is big, yes, for everyone, but positioning you as your market leader and building strong visibility to home buyers and sellers is wise.

You need to find a promotional partner, someone willing to work with you to achieve it. I’m audacious with 25 years of competing up against giant corporations and beating them. It’s not easy. You have to be clever.  And yes, funding is part of the success recipe, but energy, skill and audacity are the top 3 attributes of success.

It’s the same in any industry. For instance, I’ve worked with clients where we started from scratch to build significant online success. One client, a branding guru, contacted me to create a branding agency. We built a very successful website with massive traffic and impressive lead generation.

That client had ambition, audacity, and determination. He saw the vision of success and built the platform to realize it. The financial success was astonishing and we worked with major US brands.

It Starts with Your Self-Image: Who you must Be

Where do Realtors get the desire, ambition and audacity to be successful? It’s their self-image, how they picture themselves now vs the future. This is not flightly, greedy, false, or pretentious. It’s an image of real success because they want it that bad — for the lifestyle they want and the life their families need.

If you have this same kind of view of yourself with a never say die attitude, then we might be a good match to create market leadership.

The Ideal Realtor:

  • looking for a partner in business — for genuine, lasting success
  • appreciates innovation and supports it
  • is ambitious and hopes to expand market coverage — perhaps statewide or nationally
  • is audacious — rolling right over problems and issues to seize opportunities
  • wants to build a marketing powerhouse to reach buyers and sellers persistently
  • wants to craft an amazing Realtor brand — irresistible to buyers and sellers
  • is patient but determined to succeed

This is the type of Realtor profile that real estate investors and major brokerages are looking for. This is what attracts the money that will power it all up.

Build the lead generation machine, like an entrepreneur, and the money will come later. Build the assets, promote and create the right relationships with prospects and be the only one they want to hire.

If you’re ambitious, positive and audacious, we can do this. You’ve found the right guy to build a partnership with — willing to grow with technology and be passionate about real estate sales.

Contact me at: 416 998 6246 to chat.

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