Bringing Jobs Back from China

Now is The Right Time to Repatriate Jobs to the US

Jobs are always vitally important to a country, an economy and the well being of its people, and even more so during this pandemic recession. Creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs could help the US endure the China Virus’ devastation and get back on track economically.

20% persistent unemployment during years of $500 billion trade deficits is unacceptable while China rolls on with its exports with no apologies or compensation (and tyranny over its neighboring states). China remains an enemy communist state and it is trade with China that’s causing so much suffering in America and other free nations.

It’s important for people to be more vocal about China’s communist ideals and how its “cloaking in Capitalism” remains on ongoing drag on the world’s economy.

You might think, as some experts have commented that a couple million manufacturing jobs might not help much. They point out automation and AI as wiping out jobs. This is a false argument, as manufacturing will always be a key industry and it has a powerful role on keeping other jobs in the US.

California Alone has Lost Half a Million Jobs to China

The US must act after decades of lethargy and weakness or the post Corona economy won’t be so rosy.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing infographic below shows only the lost manufacturing jobs since 2001. Add on financial, engineering, design, shipping and transport jobs and the losses are much more staggering. It’s at this point that the best paying jobs are being pulled into China which represents an even greater threat.

While a certain group of investors have been pouring money into China business for decades, the coming loss of exports to the US and many other countries will darken the China economic forecast. The repatriation of manufacturing and related jobs to the US will create a sizable booster shot for the economy and support a stronger stock market.

The Alliance mentioned that President Trump’s efforts have been ineffectual. Tariffs don’t stop job losses.

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The organization reported those states with the largest job losses were: 1) California 474,700, 2) Texas 239,600, 3) New York 158,800, 4) Illinois 113,700, and 5) North Carolina 110,300.

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China’s currency policies have contributed to the dramatic growth of the U.S.-China trade deficit (nearing $500 Billion per year) and the loss of 2.7 million U.S. jobs since China entered the WTO in 2001,” said Robert Scott, director of the institute’s Trade and Manufacturing Policy Research division.

The full damage to the US economy is even greater given continued currency devaluation by China and how discouraged and underfunded US manufacturers are.

This very surprising video from CNBC is an interview with a Former Walmart president about how easy it is to bring manufacturing to the US.

Democrat Media Protecting China

The Democrat media is finding other smoke screen issues to cover how China hid the Corona Virus and let it escape their borders. And the issues of technology theft, US unemployment, and trade protectionism were never covered either by the media.

Right now, in July 2020, the US needs to create new jobs. The emotional, physical and financial suffering in the US is hard to comprehend, all the result of China’s irresponsible behavior.  As the Democrat media has not criticized any of China’s actions regarding the Corona Virus or Hong Kong, it’s every American’s responsibility to speak up about the economic losses to the communists and to initial further changes to the rules regarding media monopolies.

From Atlantic Report’s 2016 Article. Screenshot courtesy of TheAtlantic

The skewing of media coverage has left Americans confused, burdened with conflict, and has undermined all levels of leadership when it needs it most.

In the end, the US Presidency is about jobs, because without jobs, income, investment and taxes, everything else collapses. Keep people employed and they’ll work their issues out okay.

Right now, during the 2nd Covid 19 wave and heightened unemployment due to a second shutdown, along with a draw on the US Government aid to Americans, President Trump must make repatriation of China jobs a priority.

Timing is Everything: It Needs to Be Done Now

The US desperately needs economic help to keep its economy rolling to avoid a financial catastrophe. Media stories are pushing more disaster scenarios including a stock market crash, housing market crash and a disastrous election outcome with the anti-business Democrats winning the election.

In their own media storm, they can keep China out of the public eye. Why don’t we put China right back into the news, center stage?

The trade deficit with China is a cancerous economic factor, a damaging statistic that few are paying attention to.

I’ve been very explicit in saying that we have more to fear from a weakened, threatened China than a successful, rising China.” — Former US President Barack Obama.

Despite Obama’s glorification of China, losing $1 trillion every 2 years has devastating economic impact — in US business creation and American confidence and optimism. It’s a drain on every aspect of American life, leaving 330 million people with a bleak outlook on their own country.

Acting on this right now, will hit the Democrats hard after their heavy attempts to hype the riots and injury the economy. This is not a time to increase unemployment and pressure government aid programs.  This is time to support a Vaccine and a plan to eradicate the spread of the virus.

The Persistent Problem of a China Trade Deficit

US Trade Deficit by Month. Screenshot courtesy of Statista.

US Business Optimism

Yes, US business optimism keeps climbing, but these levels would explode if American companies were protected from predatory, technology stealing China competitors who themselves are protected in their own country. Protectionism works very well for China.

Business people aren’t stupid. They know conceptually, that starting a US business is very risky when China companies hold all the cards. And intelligent business people know instinctively that China’s communists will never let US companies enjoy good access to their markets. That will never happen.

“Hold China accountable,” urges a fundraising appeal from U.S. President Donald Trump. U.K. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab vowed to ask “hard questions” and threatened the end of “business as usual” with Beijing. — from The Atlantic report.

The problem with President Trump’s statements about getting tough with China, is that it hasn’t happened. Through all of this China has suffered minimally. And they just pass the tax onto Americans. Which means they will keep doing what they’re doing. There’s no cost for them.

Benefits of Immediate Job Repatriation

  1. political positivity for President Trump
  2. immediate reduction of damaging imports
  3. millions of new, high paying, sustainable jobs
  4. immediate cue for China to be more fair and responsible
  5. leadership for the world in dealing with China’s irresponsibility and global ambition
  6. support the view of a great 2021 economically
  7. reduction of America’s frightening $500 billion yearly trade deficit
  8. increase in US taxation to support government expenditures
  9. reasons for rebuilding America’s dilapidated physical infrastructure

Visualizing a Much Better 2021

Americans need a positive visualize the end of the Corona Virus and the Democrat media will not let that happen.  President Trump needs to supply the details of the eradication and the key event to accelerate job creation.

For instance, the success by Pfizer on its Covid 19 vaccine progress is the brightest news. It’s important to break the backs of those young people who were deliberately sharing the virus which has now resulted in the second wave across 38 states. The first victims?  Themselves and their parents.

The media is suggesting that the protests, riots, and people involved had no role in these outbreaks, that it was building air conditioners that caused it.  Yet the timing of this big outbreak across 38 states is obvious. The Corona Virus was used as a political gambit against President Trump.

The President failed to take the plight of the poor seriously. These are people who could be homeless soon without financial recourse. He made a big mistake, one the Democrats have exploited well.

Striking a Blow to the Communist Party and the Democrats

Now is the ideal time to put a full focus on China, who have escaped the devastation the US itself has been left with. China is already bragging that its economy is rebounding and all is good for them.

Illuminating China’s strategy and behavior is very important.  However, President Trump needs to act silently with no ridicule, derision and sarcasm. Instead, just quickly act to enforce US domestic production and focus on the resulting economic and employment data. That jobs data will be very impressive and may help him win the 2020 election.

President Trump is a jobs and economy President, not a health holocaust President, so his competitors have managed to tilt the table completely to their advantage. To tilt the context back in his favor strategically, he needs a dramatic booster shot for employment.  Jobs from China is perfect.

China Picking Up Like Nothing Happened

China is resuming exports to the United States and other countries they’ve left devastated via their virus leak. These countries have lost trillions of dollars and caused untold personal suffering and loss. Globally, more than 350,000 people have died, while others are left with permanent lung damage and other expensive chronic complications due to Covid 19.

This is the worst disruption of the World’s population since WW2. And will China be held accountable? No, already the media isn’t about to report on anything negative about China and what they’ve done. This is why so many new media channels are popping up on Youtube. There is a void in coverage of China.

In fact, posts critical of China are being flagged and blocked on Facebook. There’s no telling how content is being treated on Google or Twitter. That needs to be investigated as part of the anti trust monopoly court action by the DOJ.

The communist party of China still is not permitting foreign medical experts into their country to investigate how the virus broke out. The US owes China nothing and more block aids of China exports must happen.

Enforce US Goods Production

The production of goods acts as a magnet for all other jobs, almost like a black hole drawing in everything else. It is impossible in insource service jobs and control them in America, if you let China use goods production there to defeat US economic policies.

It’s vitally important to enforce domestic production of IT and medical products on a national security basis. As an example, those (Australia, Canada and Europe) which are just getting a supply of PPE equipment now, 4 months after needing it urgently, realize the danger of relying on China supply chains.

President Trump needs to act now, to bring jobs back to the US, because those jobs are desperately needed. As unemployment and other aid must end, this is the only lifeline left to keep the US healthy economically.

The Democrats would love it if the economy and stock market crashed and they could pick up an easy, undeserved win in the Presidential election.

But let’s get off track.

Jobs are needed and these will be high paying, interesting careers worth the time, effort and economic results.

Tariffs Don’t Work to Eradicate the Damaging Trade Deficit

It’s obvious, even to the President that tariffs have limited effects on the trade deficit. People will simply pay more for the China goods because no alternatives exist. Production has centered in China and all other nations capacity to produce has been undermined and abandoned.

The only recourse is to aggressively rebuild US production capacity. With boycotts and blockades, the US can stop the importation all together and enforce US domestic production. And it’s critically important not to tax other nations such as France or Canada.  The issue has nothing to do with the US best friends and allies.

The Democrats will hype the short term adjustment issues via their media propaganda channels, but the image of bringing jobs back from China, helps everyone refocus on the core problem of China dependency.

A new focus solely on China is needed. Total focus on the harm and the arrogant and harmful actions of the communist leaders is necessary. There is no room for communism on this planet any longer and President Trump needs to get that point across.

The trade deficit causes a loss of almost $500 billion to the US economy. It’s devastating and has to stop. The president has to avoid applying tariffs to other non-asian countries as these don’t have impact and generate resentment.

The focus has to be on enforcing repatriation of goods manufacturing to the US. When manufacturing and production are returned to the US, other jobs will follow including design, engineering, and finance.  The US needs the tax dollars as well that come from all of these jobs.

The resistance to job repatriation is mostly corporate, globalists who feel they can make more money via China supply chains rather than US supply chains.

Yet nationalism is alive all over the world, and it won’t ease. All countries have seen how bad China dependency is, and they were foolish about depending on the communist leaders for fair economic policies. Only China was benefiting. Everyone else is in serious debt.

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