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Corona Virus Vaccine Stocks: Latest News

The stock market is so different from Casino gambling and the horse races. At the track, you must place your bets before the race, while in the stock market, you can wager while the race is on.

Of course, there’s a constant stream of news coming out that could move you one way or the other on your pick. The payoff for investing in the winning Corona Virus vaccine stock will likely be immense. Collecting data on which company is truthful, accurate and credible through this process might help you pick the winning horse.


The weekly news is vital in helping you buy the right stock at the right time and price. It’s a process and not for the day trading crowd.  The last two week’s has seen a number of companies claim progress but Moderna and Pfizer seem to be leading this race already by several furlongs. Could the others catch them?

The key matter is that these companies are getting closer, so you can be reasonably sure that one or several of these companies is going to profit very well with their vaccination product.


More than 100 companies launched into this race for the Covid 19 vaccine and this week, 4 of those firms announced some promising vaccine test results. Moderna’s test results are the latest good news about progress. Moderna’s stock price rose strongly late this week after their news release. Pfizer had released similar successes two weeks ago.

Moderna’s Corona Virus News Release

Moderna’s recent and early tests involving 45 adults created a positive immune response in all 45. Those producing the highest levels of antibodies were given the highest doses of the vaccine. The potential value of their product is still difficult to discern and requires the help of vaccine experts.

Moderna’s Chief Medical officer, Tal Zacs explains Moderna’s process and what was accomplished.

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Here’s what Cramer of Mad Money has to say about the latest Vaccine news.

Pfizer and Biontech have been given fast track designation to produce a Covid 19 vaccination. The status means the government believes Pfizer’s solution has a lot of potential. Both Biontech and Pfizer stock prices rose.


However, Jim Cramer says Pfizer’s attitude is as rather casual and it’s leaving him less positive about Pfizer, after previously saying the conservatively managed company doesn’t behave impulsively.

Pfizer’s stock price jumped 4% after the news was released. The trial involved 24 out of 24 test subjects developing antibodies to the deadly disease.

Pfizer chief scientific officer Dr. Mikael Dolsten talks about Pfizer’s results.

Yes, everyone talks a big story when there is big money on the line, yet we have to believe they are on track to create a successful vaccination shot for us all.

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Volatility and Picking Long Term Winners

Day traders aren’t looking for long term winners. They’re reveling in the up and down movements of oil, gold and Dow Jones blue chips. And with retail investors having no insider information, they’re very vulnerable to volatility and perhaps shouldn’t be playing the day trading game.

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