Selling Fast May Mean a Lower Price

As I mentioned in another post on selling for a higher price, and sell house fast, speed isn’t a factor on a listing. In fact, the faster you sell the more likely the market hasn’t discovered your property.

In fact, getting rid of your precious real estate asset quick means you haven’t sufficient time to market it well.  However, given today’s housing market, we could ask whether a Realtor needs much time to sell a property. A bidding war is bound to happen, and you might have your house sold literally within one week.

Normally, it takes 4 weeks to a month to fully sell a home. It’s a lengthy process of transactions and contract signing and mortgage matters. But selling quick for cash bypasses many of the delays and speeds it up.

The only question is whether you’re getting the price and if you’re giving away free money to the buyer. When all buyers have time to bid on your property, the bid will be much higher.  Will that added money really matter?

It suggests to buyers and to Realtors that you can be taken and the buyers will get the better of the transaction.  You could lose tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in this year’s pricey marketplace.

Selling your House Fast:

  • reaches fewer of the total market to be reached
  • good qualified buyers who are cautious and want to view the property can’t get their best bid in fast enough
  • cheats you out of a higher selling price
  • attracts desperate unscrupulous people
  • means you can’t prepare the property for sale at a higher price
  • increases chances of big mistakes
  • creates misunderstandings and hard feelings which can lead to court appearances

Remember, everyone wants what you have — that extremely rare piece of real estate called a house. Why are gold, oil, cryptocurrency, and stocks so valuable? It’s simple, people believe they are essential to their lives in some way. Not hard to understand with real estate, since we’ve seen the images of people who don’t have homes. If you had any other asset, you would sell it for as much as the market will bear.

Well, with modern digital real estate marketing, you’re simply reaching more of the buyer market which naturally opens connections with more new buyers who can afford to pay more.  A bigger net and a great lead generation system creates these better buyers.  Your Realtor should be an expert on this and love it.

So it’s good for the real estate agent and good for you.

There’s still time to sell at the peak.  If you’re a homeowner looking to sell your home in Toronto, San Diego, New York, Seattle, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami you have a chance to sell it for a very respectable price.

Your Home is Valuable

There are buyers out there who would be in ecstasy if they found your home and were able to buy it. You need to take your time and reach those people.  Selling fast means you’re not reaching the total market, and that vast real estate market tells you what your property is really worth.  Take your time with a good sales strategy and get every dollar you deserve.

When you do, you won’t care about agent commissions, paperwork, and showings. You’ll get a life-changing price for your home and so you should after the blood, sweat and tears you shed to buy it. The best hours, days and years of your life went into paying that house. Get what you deserve!!

See prices of homes for sale in New York, Boston, San Antonio, Dallas, DenverHouston, Austin, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and in the Bay Area for reference.

Sell Your House the Right Way

Selling your home  intelligently is the smart way to go. So many benefits await. As with the happy old couple in the photo above, you’ll be satisfied with your decision. Good for your self-esteem and good for your bank account.  And retirees can’t possibly have enough money. You’re going to last 25 to 30 years more with no pay check!!

Using Marketing to Reach More Homebuyers

From how your MLS listing is worded to the multimedia presentation of your home, to how your home is improved and presented in person, there’s much you can do to boost your selling price.  SELL THAT HOUSE!! for more.

90% of Buyers Go Online to Search For Homes and Information — this is where you intercept them

How to Sell Your House for More

So how you can help sell your home for a higher price?

  1. Be professional about it – create a picture of value for buyers
  2. Treat it as a business and finance decision – establish a price and get it
  3. Be an Internet marketing Tiger –  use a clever, resourceful digital marketer to get your home in front of everyone

The key factor to achieve way over asking price or initiating a bidding war: Internet marketing.  Hire an agent who works with a visibly good digital real estate marketing specialist.

A Realtor Who is Doing their Own Marketing is Leaving Money on the Table

Remember that real estate is a complex business and Realtors hate doing their own marketing. If they are doing their own digital marketing, they’re probably not engaging their pool of prospects and expanding it. Your Realtor needs to be the selling mastermind with total focus on interacting with as many potential buyers as possible.

Hire an agent that respects marketing and isn’t a “transaction specialist.”  A real estate lawyer and mortgage agent do the transactions. Your agent needs to impress you with the power of their reach and persuasion. They must be a selling strategist or you should find another agent.

More Leads and Prospects Please!

Consider what creates a good offer and a record breaking offer: more prospects. That’s right, the more people know your home is for sale, the more bidding pressure there will be, and the more likely the home will be sold for its true value.

Get True Market Value for Your Home

When you sell fast, or have fewer buyers, it means the market doesn’t know about your house for sale.  You won’t be getting true market value.  True market value isn’t comps or your home market evaluation.  That’s the price that other unwise buyers had to settle for.  That’s not you. If you don’t get impulsive or desperate you can get a big price.

And don’t be too impressed with over asking. With homes selling $1 million overasking price, all cash, the asking price is meaningless.

Let’s Get Educated so You Will Guarantee a Higher Selling Price

The overall strategy is to: 1) improve your house, 2) use a digital marketing Realtor, 3) and let as many buyers across the country know you’re selling. Because it may be income property investors who will pay more for your old property, you want to hire a professional to help sell it. The additional cash from doing it this way could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. One realtor recently got $1 million over asking for an old house in Toronto.

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But hold on, not all Realtors have the top selling power.  I hope you don’t assume that going with the most well known Realtor in town is the only way to go. Because Realtors are having an easy time selling right now since there’s so many buyers.

It may look like they’re doing a knockout job, when in fact, they often rely on the MLS and their small list of potential buyers. “Comps” or market evaluation might be code words for “sell fast.”  Keep in mind, that competent Realtors know about the Internet, Google, Facebook and top notch content.

Even top Realtors rely on the small pools of contacts of their team. But that won’t get you a big over asking price. For that, you need strategic digital real estate marketing and pull in big crowds of qualified buyers.

Maximize Reach > Create a Great Message > Filter Unqualified Visitors > Engage with Real Buyers > Close

Here’s the Best Ways to Sell Your House Quick and for More

  1. Check out your realtor’s website and review these home selling tips
  2. Check out their real estate marketing provider for their effort and performance
  3. Ask them how they will improve your house for selling
  4. Ask them how they will achieve ‘over market value’ and if they’re not out to maximize your selling price don’t hire them
  5. Offer the chosen Realtor a higher selling commission if they get way over market value – they’ll be worth every penny
  6. Ask them to provide a complete breakdown of their marketing and sales process and the marketability of your home
  7. Ask them what makes the most difference to selling at a higher price and how they will focus on that key tactic

While you might thinking that selling fast involves a quick paint job and covering up stains on the carpet, the real strategy is good marketing. And if you’re holding off paying a Realtor a commission because you resent all the selling costs and their 5 to 6% commission, relax. If you choose a digital real estate agent, they will give you a fantastic return on your investment.

Those who shop the MLS listings are often bargain hunting. Are they going to have the resources to step up the price? Not likely, which is why you need to expand your reach and make your home look like a million dollar listing. A digital Realtor offers much better reach to buyers all over the planet and throughout your city and can elevate the value for the buyer.

Hire a modern professional and you’ll be rewarded many times over with a no hassle transaction from a qualified, eager and willing buyer. No haggling and your old house will sell fast enough. Don’t sell your place in 3 days. You can reach tens of thousands or perhaps hundreds of thousands by being patient and selling it professionally.

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