Homes for Sale in Denver

Buying a home in Denver this year might be the wisest decision of your life, and it’s cheaper than renting.  Renting gives you no equity, but then you know that. Where to live? Denver has a good quality of life and the homes here are affordable. And Denver’s economy looks strong, mortgage rates remain low, and real estate investments here offer better long term value than any other investment.

Not everyone has money to buy a home, condo, vacation property or investment property. However, soon they will and prices will rise. The problem you’ll discover is that there’s not a lot of construction going on and a lot of homeowners don’t want to sell. But they’re getting to ready to sell this year.

The Best Neighborhoods to Buy in Denver

There are plenty of fantastic communities in the greater Denver region. You’ll find homes in your price range and above, however not all neighborhoods have equal lifestyle amenities, commute times, and outlook for appreciation. You might never sell your Denver Home but you’ll always want to know it has a lot of value, because you never know. Take your time and investigate the quality of each neighborhood before you spend time looking at homes for sale.

You can find out more about Denver’s best neighborhoods at, who have ranked the top 25 best neighborhoods in Denver. They ranked Denver communities using four variables: home prices, crime data, school rankings, and an X factor score, that accounts for esoteric elements such as open space, public transit, and restaurant and nightlife options. You’ll enjoy the info on the neighborhoods all having a wide range of prices. The photos of homes are excellent.

At this time of writing, there were 1640 homes for sale in Denver, through Zillow.

Screen Capture courtesy of Zillow and Bing

Zillow’s Home Price Estimator

Zillow’s home price estimator tool suggests that average prices in Denver will rise to  near $400,000 by the end of 2017.  That’s an appreciation of $30,000+.

Screen Capture courtesy of Zillow

Here’s Denver’s Mile High Magazine’s list of top 25 Denver Neighborhoods:

Neighborhood Average Home Price
Congress Park $487,300.00
Hilltop $1,017,400.00
University Park $464,500.00
Hampden South $292,300.00
Indian Creek $252,000.00
Sloan Lake $521,000.00
Windsor $197,300.00
University Hills $418,700.00
Washington Park $674,600.00
Rosedale $442,100.00
South Park Hill $474,200.00
Wellshire $504,400.00
Belcaro $1,030,000.00
University $406,000.00
City Park $418,200.00
Mar Lee $235,400.00
Montclair $457,600.00
Berkeley $434,100.00
Country Club $1,098,000.00
Virginia Village $341,200.00
Cherry Creek $739,000.00
North Park Hill $327,600.00
Hale $254,100.00
Barnum West $215,500.00
Washington Park West $464,300.00
Top Denver CO Neighborhoods
Screen capture courtesy of – Denver’s Mile High Magazine

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Finding the Funds to Buy a Home in Denver CO

If the issue is the downpayment for your purchase in Denver as a first time buyer, there are ways to acquire the funds. And you’ll want to being creative and determined to get your mortgage because owning your own home is a life-changing, success building act. The US economic forecast points to many years of outstanding growth and prosperity for Americans.

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