Houses for Sale in Denver CO Colorado

Denver Houses for Sale

The housing market has cooled in Denver. The effect of the oil price plunge and Corona Virus shutdown is casting severe doubts about Colorado’s economy, tax base, tourism, and housing market going forward.

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The market in Dallas and Houston bear resemblence to what’s happening in Colorado. Will Denver see the same effect as Dallas Housing Market?

Will the state be able to respond and deal with the slowdown, or will bargain hunting buyers enjoy a paradise of low priced homes.  Investors from across the US will be keenly interested in Colorado’s housing market and whether to jump in, or wait.

The average price of a detached house is hovering around $500,000 according to This is consistent with price trends of houses for sale across the US.

Housing markets in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and San Francisco have seen the same moderation.  Detached houses are tough to find in Denver, with only 3300 homes listed on however DMAR reports 7300 active listings in August 2017 which is a slight rise over July. Sales fell by 6% so we know homeowners will be a little more eager to take lower offers.

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