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Houses for Sale in San Francisco Bay Area

Your dream of living the ultimate California lifestyle in San Francisco and the Bay Area could come true in 2018. The price of homes in San Francisco is falling.  The California real estate market is moderating, however the number of listings isn’t growing fast.

You likely will need a thorough home search strategy to find a worthwhile detached home for sale here. The high prices will ensure you take your time to get something nearly affordable.

Connecting with Realtors in San Francsico is wise. They know the market. However, you should expand the sources of potential listings of detached homes and soon-to-be-listed houses.  San Franciso has many waterfront and inland communities you’ll love living in. If houses are too pricey, you can look into townhouses.

You might choose to stick with San Francisco (SFAR) however, they tend to stick with the MLS and their own pocket listings.  That can hamper your overall property investment strategy.  You may end up with less home for your money. Good look searching in Outer Sunset, Outer Mission, Daly City, Mission, Haight Ashbury, North Beach, Nob Hill, North Beach, Russian Hill, Pacific Heights, and more communities.

There are 1300 homes for sale in San Francisco listed on and Zillow has 330 houses for sale listed. That’s still a lot of houses for sale! Let’s hope more affordable homes become available soon. By all means, check out Zillow’s listings below.

You can find  other properties including land, townhouses, and condos in San Diego County too. Use my homes for sale search strategy to find  them. Without a good search process, it’s unlikely you’re going to outcompete other buyers who are more search savvy than you.  The home prices in San Diego and much of California have started to flatten. Make sure you up on all the factors related to the current and forecasted prices of houses for sale in California.

There are 3 sources of non mls listed homes in NYC — Craigslist, ForSaleByOwner, and Zillow. Check out Zillow’s database of San Francisco homes for sale.

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