Houses for Sale in San Antonio

The City of San Antonio is getting a lot of attention as a preferred destination for digital nomads and families who are escaping an unsafe urban area. The big migration is on and many home buyers are checking out San Antonio, Texas.

As an alternative to the bigger cities of Houston and Dallas, San Antonio offers very affordable single detached housing, low unemployment, and zero state income tax.

Housing Market Report San Antonio

According to the San Antonio Board of Realtors latest housing market report for July, there were 4231 houses sold in the city in July. The average single detached home sold for $302,068, which was about $28,000 above last years price. Sales rose 25% above last July’s sales.

The good news is there were 4284 new listings added to a total of 7738 active listings. Condominium sales dropped by 1% to 80 units, selling at an average price of $928,266, which is up 22% from last July. There are 324 condos and townhouses for sale in San Antonio.

Californian’s looking for a better lifestyle, with a booming economy will enjoy the San Antonio area. It’s a big city with 1.5 million residents in the Greater San Antonio region. There’s lots of room in Texas of course, which means your goal of owning an affordable house while mortgage rates are so low could be realized.

Search for San Antonio Houses for Sale

Try this home sale widget to find available homes in San Antonio’s best neighborhoods including: Alamo Heights, Terrell Hills, Oakland Estates,  Northeast Inner Loop, Monte Vista, Tanglewood Ridge, Fort Sam Houston,
Huebner/Leon Creeks, Tobin Hill and more.

Additional sites to search for homes for sale in San Antonio:

  • has 9340 houses for sale in San Antonio, while Redfin has 4680. Try the Zillow search widget above to see Zillow’s 1100 listings.

You’ll enjoy much better results in your search for homes for sale in San Antonio, or Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Galveston, El Paso or Houston using a more comprehensive strategy.  With so much demand and such few houses on the market, you’ll have to be quick. Houses are selling fast everywhere.

Whether you’re looking for a detached house, condo, townhouse, or rental property, a thorough plan for searching is a must.  Work with a competent Real estate agent to get best results.

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