Canadian Dollar Forecast – Predictions for CAD USD Conversion Rates Forex

Will the Loonie to Fall Much Further in 2018 / 2019?

Businesses, snowbirds, currency speculators, forex brokers, and importers in Canada are all trying to forecast where the CAD USD currency rate is headed.  Currency rates are complex however the data is suggesting this latest downward slide will continue.

Only 2 years ago, some red-faced currency rate forecasters expected the loonie to plunge to 60 cents USD. That forecast seemed outlandish and unlikely given Canada’s rising economic output.  Politics and persistent US strength have changed the USD/CAD outlook however.

The Loonie fell to 76. 43 USD on Friday marking it’s lowest conversion rate since last June. That might scare some and put a smile on the face of others. At 75 cents US, US buyers will get an extra 33% in Canadian money. Canadian Realtors should be looking to attract US property investors.

USD vs CAD Current Rate. Screenshot courtesy of TradingEconomics and Tradingview
USD vs CAD Current Rate. Screenshot courtesy of TradingEconomics and Tradingview

Weighted US Dollar Set to Rise Again?

This chart shows the USD weighed against other major currencies such as the Yen, Euro, CAD, AUS, BPD etc. If NAFTA conflict is resolved as expected, oil prices fall, and US interest rates rise, the USD will rise again.

USD weighted average index courtesy of FRED

It’s Not so Hard to Understand the Loonie’s Fall

The loonie is plummeting because there is nothing economically supporting it, and investors are seeing Canada’s vulnerability. Smoke and mirrors and government currency manipulation are propping the CAD rate right now. But the Bank of Canada can’t keep buying up Loonies.

Low US tax rates puts Canadian businsses at a serious disadvantage against larger US companies.

For those of us in this category, the forecast appears to be for a lower Canadian dollar. Will it hit 60 cents? Can the Canadian federal and provincial governments lower our taxes or top their spending? Will foreign businesses suddenly decide to invest in Canada again?

Will anyone invest in Canadian oil, mining, and agriculture when BC is bottling them up so it can’t get to market? Is the US becoming self-sufficient in oil and gas?

Will Oil Prices Fall?

Canada’s energy sector drives the loonie, particularly oil prices.  If OPEC is unable to continue their tactics and with US shale producing 7 million barrels a day, thus flooding with oversupply, oil could plunge to $30 a barrel. That might see the CAD/USD exchange rate fall below 70 cents this summer.

Most experts predict oil prices will stay where they are at $60 a barrel but this video below says historical data is suggesting a fall.

The US is set to overtake Russia as as the top oil producer. And in Canada, the oil sands would have to be shut down as they can’t produce oil at $40 a barrel. Calgary may be headed for a crisis.

“U.S. shale growth is very strong, the pace is very strong … The United States will become the No.1 oil producer sometime very soon,” from Reuters.

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Is TPP Really a Good Deal for Canada?

When Trudeau recently signed the TPP and agreed to open trade with Pacific Rim countries, it leaves Canada further vulnerable to being taken advantage of by countries who don’t buy our stuff. Our global trade deficits will rise even if global economies are doing well right now.

And China doesn’t concern itself with pollution or carbon production limits.  Our trade deficit with the world can only worsen.

Canadian Trade Deficit Last 12 Months. Screenshot courtesy of TradingEconomics.

More statistics related to the CAD are available at Trading Economics.

The United States Phenomenal Growth

It isn’t aonly that our economic performance sucks, it’s that the US is booming. Despite all the talk of interconnected supply chains, the US could do fine without our input.

It’s stock markets, foreign investment and housing markets are strong. And the boom looks like it will continue, because as Donald Trump has stated, trade wars don’t hurt the US, they hurt the other countries who are addicted to trade surpluses with the US.

Trumps threatened trade tarriffs as part of his negotiating style, are making investors very aware of Canada’s precarious situation. For any investor, it is wiser to invest in the US which is why forex traders and investors are buying greenbacks. It’s safer with a market 1000% bigger with 350 million consumers with lots of US dollars to spend.

Most of us know that trade with the US will probably be the same as usual, however Trump has said he wants auto industry jobs back in the US, and the US shale oil and gas industry is booming. Exports of Canadian softwood, dairy and wheat are going to fall, NAFTA or not.

The US has a 20+ Trillion debt, and a massive yearly trade deficit that they have to deal with. Canada is just a casualty in this war against trade deficits.

Canadian Dollar Factors

As you can view on the Canadian Federal Government Website, here are the key factors that determine the USD/CAD conversion rate:

  1. comparable interest rates
  2. commondity prices
  3. inflation rates
  4. goods and services trade balances
  5. foreign investment and debt payments
  6. GDP

Most of these determinant factors of the Canadian dollar currency rate are weakening. And if Toronto and Vancouver’s housing market should slide, foreigners will be withdrawing their money fast. Verdict: Toronto housing crash = big loonie drop.

Leaders Driven by Ideology Never see These Events Coming

Justin Trudeau’s 1970’s ideology, inability to lead, and his pro-carbon-credit fanaticism further ensures Canada will struggle to compete. We have the worst record for foreign direct investment, and nothing is coming to the rescue.
If Canadian companies can’t get their products to market in the US, no one is buying CAD. And if the loonie is low, who would consider investing in Canadian businesses struggling to create to generate revenue?

Canadians are seriously indebted and as interest rates rise, consumer spending will fall, further dampening corporate earnings here. Investors will flee for big the big returns south of the border.

Check the USD/CAD forecast if you’re buying rental income property in the US.

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Federal Court Rules Against Toronto Real Estate Board – Toronto Mississauga York Region Durham Peel

Federal Courts Rule in Favour of Anti Trust Legislators

The Federal Court of Appeal has upheld an April, 2016 decision made by Canada’s Competition Tribunal. It has ordered the Toronto Real Estate Board to allow its members to share the sales histories of listed properties online.

This ruling relates as well to the incoming opportunities of Blockchain technology in real estate. What’s at stake is the all important client and property databases.

TREB has always contended that its first priority is to protect homebuyers data and privacy. It seems the courts didn’t buy that argument. This isn’t an isolated war in Canadian markets and courts. REBGV in Vancouver is fighting to hang onto its data too.

From the ruling: “The tribunal made no error in finding that TREB engaged in an anti-competitive practice and that this practice had and will likely continue to have the effect of preventing or lessening competition substantially in the (Greater Toronto Area).”

Whether this is good news or not so good news depends on who you are. It’s certainly good news for online real estate service businesses. They can improve their services with this open data source. TREB’s 45,000 realtor members may feel this is a threat to their own businesses who benefited from stifled competition.

It will create a further evolution in professional real estate sales. Agents and brokers will have to be smarter, more effective, and create a better presence online. The new market will move from Realtor intranets to the Internet and smartphones.

TREB is appealing the ruling and hoping to stay the order that allows immediate release of the home sales information. It’s a small win for some, but eyes are on the future, where more of the TREB data can be released and reported on.

Without accurate, up to date housing data, it is very difficult for service companies to do business in Toronto Real Estate. TREB has almost monopolistic power in an era that is demanding access to market data.

In a Toronto Star Report,  the governments’s commissioner of Competition, John Pecman says Friday’s ruling is an important win for competition and consumers.

It paves the way for much needed innovation in the real estate industry,” he said in a statement about the case has been going on for six years.” – from Torstar new report.

Realtors can now post home sales data on their websites for buyers and sellers to see.  The tribunal also said TREB must provide data such as sales figures, pending sales and broker commissions, which might be embarassing situation for some.

It’s All About the Housing Data

Although the argument seems to be about the release of the actual sales price history of homes, it may actually be more about control and the rest of the data in TREB’s gargantuan database.  Although TREB wants control of the data, which could mined for incredibly business value, it looks like they are losing the battle.

Perhaps TREB should go with the flow on this one and charge a fee for it? Even if the data is the property of TREB, the ruling shouldn’t prevent TREB from selling their data. If there are privacy issues regarding the data, then the Federal Government may be held liable for releasing it.  Homeowners themselves were likely lead to believe their property and personal information would be protected and private.

Sounds like a legal can of worms.

Some wonder if it’s a sad state of affairs if a Realtor’s only value proposition is as a gatekeeper to the data. That data has immense valuable to a lot of investors and home buyers. Previously, only Zillow had this type of housing sales data. The release of TREB mls data may be a nail in the coffin for Zillow.

It is likely new businesses and business models will evolve as a result of the ruling. Smaller businesses can jump on it right away to offer enhanced services online, but other large scale, Zillow, Zolo or Zoocasa enterprise level businesses will likely have to wait until the matter is fully settled in the Supreme court.

We’re in a data driven business world, and until now, the housing data was contained. Now with that dam bursting, it opens up many possibilities for entrepreneurial startups in the real estate sphere.

For real estate agents, the news is likely not a good one. Agents will now have to work much more effectively at building new real estate leads, holding onto old clients, and revamping the power of their own realtor brand image.

The release of this immense database will open up all sorts of entrepreneurial opportunities and range of services by real estate marketers of all types.  The Canadian markets are opening up open market models you see in the US.

Are you looking for the latest Toronto real estate market outlook, Mississauga real estate forecast, Vancouver real estate forecast, or the Calgary real estate predictions?  See also the Toronto condo market forecast and Vancouver condo market forecast.


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Future of Digital Marketing – 2018 Forecast – 2018 to 2023

Digital Marketing Forecast: Which Trends will Affect Your Business?

What could be more fun for a digital marketing agency owner, marketing strategist, digital marketing specialist or entrepreneur than understanding their market and where the opportunities for growth are?

There’s a lot of non-sense in expert forecasts, from bitcoin to wearables to virtuality reality and the Internet of Things. These may be the shiny new things that won’t impact SMB marketers much. Yet other trends will quietly invade, leaving no indication they’ve changed the playing field or tell you how you can compete. That part is kind of frightening.

The Drum points out in its forecast that experiences will dominate marketing strategy. That points to audience engagement and the customer journey is somehow being brought alive with something new.

And while the marketing agency is in jeopardy, many agency leaders will recognize the opportunity to lead in specific new marketing technologies and be helpful in aiding clients in utilizing them.

Technology Vs Status Quo

Content marketing, mobile marketing, social media, and marketing automation were the big trends. However, will 2018 to 2023 be business as usual? My guess is likely not. Smart Insights in their forecast for 2017 focused on Big Data.

Screen Capture courtesy of

The rankings might depend on your market, industry, budget, and what management or marketing role you’re playing. A digital marketing strategist in an agency would have a different perspective than a small business owner or marketing app developer.

Big data and artificial intelligence aren’t quite yet in the common vocabulary. It takes at least 3 years for the masses to catch up. But, believe me, 3 years is long enough to find yourself out of the race. They’re already in the corporate sphere giving corporations a huge advantage over SMBs. Will SMBs survive?

Will Google and Facebook Continue their Domination?

Will digital marketing be replaced by PPC advertising and optimized landing pages? Will audience engagement be live, ongoing events hosted on Facebook?

Will all websites be hosted on Google’s AMP project?  Will AI Marketing software result in massive shifts in staffing and force companies to reassess their marketing strategy?  Will AI give give the digital marketing specialist awesome optimization power?

Like forecasting the real estate market, the realm of digital marketing is maybe too complex to forecast accurately. But then, we do need some sort of map to plan our marketing directon. We must choose the right channels and tools so this is time well spent.

Top 8 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for the Next 5 Years

1. PPC and Digital Advertising

Sure spending on content marketing, PPC, and SEO are climbing. PPC, remarketing, and mobile advertising is a vital no brainer for millions of businesses. But is ppc advertising becoming too expensive? As it increasingly strangles your marketing budget, do you have alternatives ready to go in 2020?

By 2019, marketing leaders will spend more than $103 billion on search marketing, display advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing — more than they will on broadcast and cable television advertising combined – Forrester Research from the US Digital Marketing Forecast, 2014 To 2019

2. Bringing Digital Marketing In-House

In the past, agencies had the expertise in creative and advertising execution, but with AI marketing software, it seems experience is less important. If software can visualize customer personas, predict behavior based on clickpaths, and test content on the fly, wouldn’t it be better to bring it in-house and have one digital marketing specialist manage it? That would allow more funds for creative production and customer engagement events?

3. Cheap Social Media to Continue Reigning Supreme?

A few firms have given up on deep, technical content and instead are focusing on inexpensive social media channels. On the social media pages, Facebook for instance, they attempt to build a familiarity and emotional connection quickly through personal events, photos, and other emotional content.

Social media may have an advantage in real time immediacy, CRM, and in its ability to engage customers. With AI chat bots active, they may be able to fake real conversation and keep the prospect engaged.

Social influencers continue to grow in force with many companies buying their editorial favor in print on in video.

Without substance and emotion however, such campaigns might fall flat on their face.  This video indicates how substance is interpreted by consumers.

4. The Role of Data, Predictive Analytics and Testing

The future of digital marketing will be in data, big data and small data. We’ll use analytics to infer customer profiles, pain points and predict their future behavior. Digital marketers are already doing this.

With such insight, agencies in Toronto will grow their traffic, engagement, impact along with digital sales and revenue growth.
The question of web design and UX design is uncertain as well. Google is vying to host the Internet with its AMP project technology. Google’s pre-processing of everything online for speed is a very real possibility. Google is committed to AMP.  Bigger pipes for bandwidth hasn’t really solved the slow web.

5. Digital Advertising Goes Everywhere

Growth in digital advertising is phenomenal. According to, digital advertising grew 22% to surpass TV advertising revenue to 72 Billion dollars. Why the change? They say its data and insights that give digital a huge, growing advantage.

Former outdoor billboards are being converted to large digital displays. Digital displays are in use in offices, subways, trains, planes, elevators and bus stops. They will find themselves increasingly on retail shelves and packaging displays, and of course integrated into television ads.

6. Integrated Cross-Channel Marketing

Digital will be integrated online and offline. Print, TV, Radio, social media, web advertising, ppc advertising, apps and more will all enter the funnel. And new digital software will be able to track all customer activity and attribute its contribution to revenue. AI marketing solutions such as will actually integrate them and properly attribute which multichannel efforts succeed.

7. Fewer Jobs in Digital Marketing

Is it safe to build a career in digital marketing? The future is cloudy. New artificial intelligence marketing software is already performing the work of digital marketing staff, from ppc campaign managers, to content creators, to email specialists.

AI is the biggest forecasted change. It follows on the heels of marketing automation which many Toronto companies have already adopted.

8. Artificial Intelligence Marketing Solutions

The new AI marketing software will increasingly do everything a digital marketing agency asks of it. It will test and modify content, alter ppc ads, modify email content to optimize ROI.

Forecasts are that AI will replace millions of low level digital marketing workers. Although only 40% or so believe it is a valid technology, the truth is that it is already in use and performing well. Within the 5 years, AI will be deeply ingrained in digital marketing departments in Toronto, NYC, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, London, Berlin, Paris, and Beijing.

9. New Marketing Networks

No one could have foreseen that Taboola would become such a powerful force in digital advertising. That tells us that when some companies monopolize a market, new solutions must be found. The cost and limited reach of Facebook and Google make additional ad and marketing networks attractive. We can expect new ones to appear.

10. Mobile Reigns Grows Relentlessly

The rising prevelance of mobile devices along with their improving screen technology and processors means they will surpass desktop computers in usage. More users will view websites, ads, and social pages via these small hi-res screens where presentation of your value proposition takes place.

More local information will be served up to these mobile users and the GPS or geo-targeting will dictate whose web presence gets viewed and what is displayed. We’re already seeing this in the retail and real estate space.

A lot of our budgets are going to mobile app development and that will continue to weigh on digital marketing performance.

11. Personalizaton of Content

Since geo location is known, clickpaths can be quickly assessed, and customers profiles are known, digital marketers are serving up content specially customized for them. Content personalization increases engagement and helps move customers closer to purchase.

12. Youtube and Video – Could it be More Than Video Galleries?

Youtube’s never stops. Google has never tried to evolve the Youtube page and turn it into a form of blog. It is capable of being much more than a video gallery. And corporations neglect Youtube terribly. Could 2018 be the year they finally take it seriously?

13. SEO Never Stops Producing

Google still handles 2 Trillion searches per year because people keep looking for info. More of the traffic will go to the top 3 rankings sites listed, so being very good at search engine optimization will create more visitors, brand visibility and revenue.

Semantics will still play a role in SEO, in fact, it will increase in importance as RankBrain tries to look well beyond the obvious to find the true high qualiity signals.

14. Content Marketing

The rise of content marketing seems to never end. And rightly so, customers love good content and it’s the best way to pave the customer journey and build an impressive brand.

But we’re seeing resistance to the tidal wave of content, just like we resist and ignore email spam. Although content will get better (thanks to AI), less of it will get to its intended target. PPC, email and SEO will be forced to push more of it through to audiences, making it more like push marketing.

Digital Marketing in Toronto

Toronto is a rising star in the digital technology world. A booming GTA  and rosy Canadian economic forecast and a great trade deal with the biggest economy in the world makes Toronto look good. Add on a rosy forecast for the CAD USD exchange rate, and it might make sense to hire Toronto Marketing agency. Even digital marketing freelancers might prefer the new Silicon North.

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Canadian Economic Forecast 2018: IMF and OECD Gives Canadian Economy Two Thumbs Up!

The Canadian Economic Forecast

The International Monetary Fund says Canada is the leading G7 Country

How odd is it in 2018, that a country on the verge of trade wars, real estate collapse in its major cities, flat wage growth, mediocre job growth, merciless consumer debt, and a sagging national housing market would be cited as the G7’s darling child?

In a new report just released, the IMF likes Canada’s economic situation and they’ve forecasted some lofty economic growth rates. Quite a rosy prediction for 2018 and beyond

Their confidence could impact the Toronto real estate forecast, | Calgary Housing Market Forecast and the Vancouver real estate forecast for 2018. And it could end the talk of a real estate market crash and begin to attract foreign investment into Canada once again.

Growth of 3.6% to 3.7% Predicted

For entrepreneurs, mortgage agents, realtors, manufacturers, retailers, builders, renovators, homebuyers and banks, this is a positive signal about growth ahead. Trump is looking to renegotiate NAFTA which doesn’t mean shutting out Canada.  The negative media hype is ridiculous. Even with renegotiation, Canadian small business has a good opportunity. If Trump has an issue, it’s likely with the multinationals who continue to rule everything including politics.

Despite sluggish growth for its major trading partner, the IMF believes Canada is poised for growth of 3.6% this year and 3.7% in 2018. That has to sound good for job hunters, real estate agents, mortgage agents, house buyers, and business development managers alike.

Underpinning all the optimism is the IMF’s belief in a broad-based global economic upswing. Does this mean the world has adjusted to US trade protectionism, or is Trump actaully unable to do anything about the US situation? The IMF points to Trump’s inability to get new tax laws passed and to the level of optimism globally. With Trump’s new tax bill passed, the US stock market could boom for at least one more year, and that’s good news for the Canadian economy.

This might come as quite a surprise to most of us who haven’t heard such a rosy forecast for the world as a whole. However, much of the uncertainty of housing and stock markets was of a global nature and it may be subsiding.

An earlier report from the OECD set Canada’s growth rate at 3.2% for 2018. Strangely, although Canada is believed to be the leader, overall global growth is set for 3.7%, a half percent above Canada’s forecast rate of growth.

The OECD is also calling on Canada to ease foreign investment restrictions and ease the Toronto/Vancouver housing crisis. Given that Canada is mired in the lowest levels of foreign investment ever, it would be healthy for the Vancouver and Toronto housing and condo markets along with the TSX stock market if such investment was allowed to flow.

The OECD also cites Canada’s lack of productivity as a big concern, however it appears the country has been able to make use of its assets to generate growth.

A BNN poll found that most viewers believe tax rates and the NAFTA deal are the key worries about the Canadian economy.

Canada’s Economic Facts

  • growth in 2nd quarter of 2017 was 5%
  • household spending was up 4.6% in June (YoY)
  • job growth was 186,000 over the first half of 2017
  • exports expanded 9.6%
  • central bank only expected to raise interest rate slightly
  • national trade deficit increased to $3.4 billion in August

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Jobs Forecast 2018 | Employment Outlook US Cities Best Prospects List

What’s the US Job Outlook for 2017?

Will the Jobs Juggernaut Continue into 2018?

It’s a sunny forecast for jobs and housing in 2017. A marriage made in heaven. And although 2017 started off tentatively because of the US government transition, it appears employer outlooks are improving.

Cities such as Cleveland, Dayton, Akron, Chicago and Detroit, decimated by Free Trade and an outflux of workers may not be revived, but there are plenty of cities such as Plano TX, Sioux Falls IA, Deltona FL, Cape Coral FL, Scottsdale AZ, Orlando FL, Honolulu HA, which might offer you a dream job and dream lifestyle.

Photo courtesy of

Good advice for anyone young, is don’t hold back or limit yourself, especially at a time when the economy gives you a 95% chance of success. The latest jobs report in January 2017 was excellent, despite the government transfer. The democrats will give up as wages improve, exports grow, and the middle class begins to reappear. It won’t happen overnight and there is no housing market bubble.

Avoid the media “sour grapes” rhetoric. Transitioning the US back to health is no easy task and losing the status quo will hurt, but only a little. This is the time for Millennials to envision a better job and prepare for the future when they  may launch their own business.  Millennials, be smart. You deserve a better life. You’ll get that student loan paid off!

Real Estate Marketing | Real Estate SEO | Real Estate Web Design | Los Angeles SEO | Real Estate Investing | Toronto SEO | Mobile Local SEO |  Real Estate | SEO Company

The 2017 Jobs Forecasts and Data

Where should I look for the best jobs? Does Florida, California, Texas have the opportunities I want? The charts, videos and commentary below show the best cities and employent/jobs sectors with the most promise. From manufacturing to transportation and infrastructure development to energy to retail trade, 2017/2018 looks like a rare opportunity for US workers to move, land a good paying job, grow their skills, experience, enjoyment, or buy a home, travel, and invest.

“Today, the ratio of unemployed Americans to open jobs stands at 1.4 to 1, down sharply from 6.6 to 1 during the last recession in July 2009. That shrinking pool of job seekers translates into fewer available candidates — leading to today’s growing reliance on recruiting from passive, already employed candidates.” – from Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist at

Should you leave your low paying job for a better one in another city during the Trump era? Before you move, check out where the best cities for real estate investment are — cities and states which investors believe in.

Need lower car insurance rates? Learn more usage based auto insurance, saving on luxury car insurance, and which cars and trucks have cheaper insurance rates. Search for a lower auto insurance quote and save!

New Job Outlook Reports are Out

A couple of new job outlook reports are worthy reads as we move into the first and second quarter of 2017. The first report from ManPowerGroup offers a bright outlook for many US cities. However, with the repatriation of jobs to the US, where will the skilled professionals to fill them come from? Most engineers are in China and India.

Nearly One in Five U.S. Employers Plan to Hire in Q1 2017

This forecast for 2017 was really a rollover of the previous year, and we haven’t yet felt the coming impact of the Trump Administration’s policies to bring jobs back to the US. And the jobs returning may be of especially good quality with great pay — engineering, robotics, research, energy production, programming, design, and even good old manufacturing.

Are you buying or selling a home in 2017? Get some tips on why you should sell now and how to sell above asking. A growing worker income will ensure there will be no housing market bubble or crash.

Baltimore has suffered just as much as those in Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Illinois. What will turn that around for these cities?

Will Fair Trade Create a Better Outlook for the US Worker?

What we learned from the free trade era is that good jobs inevitably leave to be near where products are designed and manufactured. And investment flows in a millisecond, away from taxation to the cheapest labour markets.  US investment dollars then build jobs in other countries. What’s left are skeletal retail sales and distribution jobs — few, part-time, and poor paying — the kind you already know all too well.  Canada and the UK have suffered equally with Free Trade however, will Fair Trade deliver sustained employment between honest trade partners?  I believe it will.

The new post-Obama era holds a lot of promise for Millennials and Gen Z’s who are sadly mired in personal and student loan debt and only have a vague dream of ever buying a home. For babyboomers, this last kick at the can might be a very good kick!

The fact the US has performed as well as it has, shows this country’s creativity and resilience through the past 30 years. But this is a momentous time where very high quality jobs and business investment money will return to the US. Those who are skilled and experienced should be in exceptionally high demand and incomes will definitely rise. It’s good to be skilled and in demand!

Fresh Updated Forecast from Manpower Group

According to the new study and report by ManpowerGroup, a major information provider for employment forecasts, predictions and outlooks. Manpower Group surveyed more than 11,000 employers to learn more about their attitudes, needs and forecasts for hiring.

From the ManPowerGroup report, here are the cities with the best job forecast outlook:

Best Employment Sectors: Manufacturing, Wholesale & Retail Trade, Transportation & Utilities

Which Sector will see the best growth?  If you ask President Trump, he might say manufacturing.  Wholesale, Retail trade, professional and business services, and financial look pretty good for 2017. See the forecast for East, West, South and North US here.

The ManpowerGroup report doesn’t touch much on the Oil & Gas industry which could significant growth. Oil prices are rising slightly to under $60 a barrel for the next 2 years.  With a rising USD dollar, US energy exports could be very lucrative. Will North Dakota see a jobs boom?

Screen Capture Courtesy of

According to the US energy jobs report,

“Energy Efficiency employers project the highest growth rate over the next 12 months (9%), followed by Electric Power Generation (7%); Transmission, Distribution, and Storage (6%), and Motor Vehicles (3%).

The report suggests manufacturing in the energy sector will be low growth, but will Trump’s intentions change that?

The Best and Worst Cities for Jobs in the US

WalletHub has released its survey of US employers and generated a rating system of best cities for jobs. WalletHub’s analysts assessed 150 of the most populated U.S. cities across 23 key indicators of job-market strength.  Criteria for job outlook rankings included: job opportunities, employment growth, median annual income and more. You can see the full list at

Where will you find a job this year? Here’s the latest employment outlook in the US:

Rank City Total Score ‘Job Market’ Rank Socio economic Rank
1 Scottsdale, AZ 70.48 1 2
2 Plano, TX 64.91 4 13
3 Orlando, FL 64.9 2 19
4 Sioux Falls, SD 64.72 5 11
5 San Francisco, CA 63.37 6 34
6 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 63.35 7 15
7 Chandler, AZ 62.71 16 8
8 Salt Lake City, UT 62.54 10 25
9 Tempe, AZ 62.17 15 12
10 Raleigh, NC 61.29 13 40
11 Peoria, AZ 61.26 14 37
12 Miami, FL 60.78 3 126
13 Honolulu, HI 60.49 18 33
14 Fort Lauderdale, FL 60.23 12 79
15 Fort Wayne, IN 60.15 8 73
16 Minneapolis, MN 60.11 31 6
17 Garland, TX 59.74 11 93
18 Gilbert, AZ 59.59 27 17
19 Overland Park, KS 59.58 34 5
20 San Jose, CA 59.41 22 38
21 Dallas, TX 59.36 9 117
22 Austin, TX 59.33 26 26
23 Washington, DC 59.09 20 61
24 Irvine, CA 58.72 49 3
25 Atlanta, GA 58.62 25 45
26 Grand Prairie, TX 58.59 23 55
27 Omaha, NE 58.47 35 16
28 Little Rock, AR 58.41 17 103
29 Boise, ID 58.12 52 4
30 Huntington Beach, CA 57.95 37 20
31 Nashville, TN 57.92 19 105
32 Ontario, CA 57.86 21 94
33 Lincoln, NE 57.76 58 9
34 Amarillo, TX 57.51 29 60
35 Denver, CO 57.23 42 22
36 Pittsburgh, PA 57.09 63 7
37 Irving, TX 57 24 102
38 San Diego, CA 56.98 48 21
39 Colorado Springs, CO 56.95 43 28
40 Tulsa, OK 56.94 28 84
41 Cincinnati, OH 56.93 36 49
42 Fremont, CA 56.81 45 32
43 St. Louis, MO 56.5 32 76
44 Reno, NV 56.4 38 50
45 Fontana, CA 56.18 30 95
46 Madison, WI 56.13 86 1
47 Glendale, AZ 55.99 33 96
48 Sacramento, CA 55.58 51 41
49 Mesa, AZ 55.54 41 62
50 Lubbock, TX 55.44 50 48
51 St. Paul, MN 55.36 76 14
52 Tampa, FL 55.33 66 30
53 Henderson, NV 55.29 54 46
54 Boston, MA 55.22 60 42
55 Phoenix, AZ 55.17 46 70
56 Vancouver, WA 55.09 68 31
57 Las Vegas, NV 54.87 62 43
58 San Antonio, TX 54.6 39 107
59 St. Petersburg, FL 54.58 61 53
60 Grand Rapids, MI 54.51 75 29
61 Durham, NC 54.31 47 90
62 Anchorage, AK 54.24 65 56
63 Richmond, VA 54.12 70 47
64 Charlotte, NC 54.06 55 86
65 Columbus, OH 53.93 73 51
66 Riverside, CA 53.81 56 97
67 Portland, OR 53.78 80 36
68 Chattanooga, TN 53.64 43 125
69 Arlington, TX 53.52 57 98
70 Aurora, CO 53.49 53 104
71 Jersey City, NJ 53.29 82 44
72 Pembroke Pines, FL 53.15 74 65
73 Santa Rosa, CA 53.02 88 35
74 Virginia Beach, VA 52.85 92 18
75 Oklahoma City, OK 52.78 72 89

What are your thoughts on the jobs forecast and outlook for 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020? Will Trump be able to bring jobs back to the US? Is free trade about to transition to fair trade, or will Trump simply reverse the trade deficits with China, Mexico and Indonesia? Did you know the housing sector is booming?

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2016/2017 — Get Motivated to Improve your Business!

The High Cost of Indifference and Inaction (COI)

Have you ever calculated the cost of all the opportunities you passed on, if you’d been a little more aggressive and ready? Only successful people think about things like that because the COI is big dollars. It’s possible though that what we’ve given up, ignored and weren’t aware of was worth 10 to a 100 times more than the choices we made.

How about exploring choices? CEO’s explore and evaluate decisions which are choices. That’s all they do is make decisions. They have no other purpose. Why is it some of our strategies and choices fail? Why is it we balk at doing some things that actually appear to be correct? Why do we linger when we should be moving ahead? What is the cost of not taking action?

A new blog post on Linkedin by Michael Martin, a real estate marketing technologist, reminds us that technology is changing digital marketing and that we shouldn’t fall behind in it. He’s come up with the new acronym (COI) which describes the Cost of Inaction which would include the cost of lost opportunity. Should your accountant be tabulating these stats?

No Emotional Impact, No Change

The problem with overcoming professional’s resistance to sound reasoning and motivating action is that a plea doesn’t register emotionally with them — so the attempt fails. The fact is, their status quo inertia is strong and it comes from misguided beliefs and their desire to rest for a while. No statistic or equation, which Michael uses in his article, is going to work, at least by itself. You need to discover how to make impact.

I like this quote from

It’s because until your prospect has concluded for themselves that the costs, risks and consequences of staying as they are will be far higher than the costs and risks of change, they will probably be tempted to simply stick with the status quo – and ROI won’t even come into their thinking. It’s a case of “better the devil they know”.

The Status Quo is a Threat to Business

launchI’ve had the misfortune of having my business die out within 7 years (Recession) and I know the root cause is because I thought the status quo was acceptable or an even a time honored plateau. I didn’t see a connection between continued fast growth and business survival.  The status quo wasn’t a good reference point and neither was it a safe haven. Looking back, I can see the problem was my own lack of ambition and discontent. Yes, discontent is good.

But then, how many contented people do a cost of lost opportunity analysis, or step it up to grow their business?

It’s important to recognize that the status quo actually is a threat to any company.  Most often we view the status quo as a way to extract the maximum value from our current situation — and enjoy the moment. If you’re a realtor, I’d hope you’ll investigate solutions and new marketing pros to help you evolve, enjoy and relax at the same time.  And if it’s relaxation you’re looking for right now, consider how relaxing it is to know you’re passing the competition at the exact they’re coasting or falling. The reward is wealth, health, well being, security, travel, and the ability to help others you care about. That’s a big reward package!

Photo courtesy of Cartoon Stock
Photo courtesy of Cartoon Stock

The goal for solution providers is to help Realtors or other professional services providers redefine the status quo and upgrade their sales forecasts and predictions in the years ahead. Treading water is not successful swimming. 2017 to 2020 markets belong to those have mentally and emotionally established the right attitude and positive energy.

Realtors underestimate how helpful new technology is in identifying and reach new clients and how it can help support their sales strategy and soft selling skills. And as you can read with SmartZip, there’s other practical advantages.

Protecting your Future with Smart Action (Return on Action)

Citing technology and equations just causes reader’s eyes to glaze over. Concepts like artificial intelligence and predictive algorithms turns realtors, doctors, lawyers, accounts, and HR professionals sour. I’m risking readers by mentioning them.

Professionals often don’t budge unless they feel a compelling need to evolve, progress and grow and that will come from contrasting current results to future expectations. You may have a vision of your future based on a set of assumptions and unless those assumptions of the future and your status quo are questioned and altered, you’ll continue your journey with the sails down. Does that sound like a great business attitude?

Check Those Assumptions

The first assumption is “I’ve got enough.” 2nd assumption “I can coast because sales look good for awhile.” And 3, “all this tech stuff is baloney, it can’t possibly reach into my neighbourhoods.” (See the SmartZip reviews).

Professionals don’t see the status quo as a downward curve. There is no status quo. If you stay as you are, the market is leaving you. And the market is adopting technology to power up professional capabilities, prospecting efficiency, new services, and better performance. Those who jump on now will find it less of a painful distraction in a couple of years time.

Time passes quickly and your knowledge, skills and brand image will age

The truth is the way Michael says. Your time lying in the summer sun could leave you with a low revenue future. Those agents who have experienced sudden drops can tell you there is very little security in their industry.

Everyone needs to keep their eye on the road ahead stay competitive. Marketing is changing and you need to hire someone to help you tame it. If you neglect here, his predictions will be accurate — you’ll slip in marketshare, sales volume, customer loyalty, visibility, and revenue.

I have to admit, that competing with robots which can learn and change direction is daunting, however to beat an experienced, strategy minded marketer is difficult. And that pro can be much better if he’s armed with predictive data. That’s why you need to investigate these new tech marketing solutions and figure out how to integrate them with your unique soft selling skills.

Predictive Marketing

The accuracy of predictive data is still in question. We’ve seen so many incorrect real market outlooks from top financial and real estate pros, we’re a little leary of any housing market predictions.

However, top marketing firms and real etate firms are burrowing into “Big Data” insights to find homeowners and hopeful home hunters ready to transact. You can be sure they’re monitoring your social media posts and blogs for information on your behavior and situation and be the first to present a solution to get you onto the next phase of your life. I think that’s amazing and far preferable than waiting around for someone to sell their house. That latter pool of clients is shrinking. You’ll need to be more proactive to get leads on the sell side.

Check out my Realtor IDX website services with MLS listings, and why a new WordPress web site is such a great helper. Tack on my realtor marketing services and you have both technology and elite strategy working for you. My next post will cover all the latest new tech services which you might integrate with your marketing strategy.  Consider it a fun way to discover your future. Bookmark my site to ensure you come back!


I’m not pushing Smartzip. It’s just one easy to visualize tech solution for realtors. You could use it as an enhancement to your own digital marketing and online marketing strategy.

La Jolla San Diego Realtor talks about Results with Smartzip

SmartZip CEO speaks about the SmartZip System

What are the Costs of Inaction?

  • web traffic slides downward, online leads diminish
  • local leads dry up because of the 50+ realtors working your neighbourhoods
  • as time passes, your realtor brand is more associated with the past
  • other realtors are getting big web and social exposure while your web site is in full “status quo” mode
  • other realtors show signs they’re getting more confident and are able to bring more buyers to the buying table
  • each new development in marketing technology threatens to completely overwhelm you
  • you feel increasingly lethargic and unable to overcome inertia
  • you’re feeling more frustrated and agitated because you’re more uncertain
  • you’re missing deals and you know it your competitor’s teams are getting bigger — they’re on the move

Your New Action Plan Preparation

  1. envision what your business could be in the years ahead up to 2020
  2. envision what the extra revenue will do for you and your family
  3. envision the security of knowing your business can continue to thrive
  4. understand why your business is going to thrive
  5. understand how new technology can help you increase sales.
  6. consider how many opportunities you’ll have simply by having an abundance of cash ready to use

If you want to know the numbers related to the COI, you can check Michael Martin’s post  on Linkedin. Don’t forget to link up with me on Linkedin. Professional networking is so important today!

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* Title graphic courtesy of Michael Cary of Encourage Words. Thanks Mike!

SEO Forecast – Digital Marketing Update 2020

SEO Spending Continues To Rise

Amid constant warnings about SEOs impending death, the practice of search engine optimization continues to flourish. It seems only to change in complexity and continue as an ever more rewarding source of qualified customers. If you’re a small business owner, an SEO expert is vital to your business future.

Elements of digital marketing such as PPC, social reach, and Google algorithms are seemingly always in a state of flux. We’re never sure where it’s all headed and if campaigns will provide short term or lasting value, impact and visibility online.  Will internet ads be blocked? How will Google manipulate the results to force more visitors to click ads (Or go to G+). Will Google stop favoring big brands if the world’s Free Trade agreements are modified? Will small business roar? Will Facebook continue to shut down all high volume exposure for businesses to squeeze money out of advertisers? Will Twitter even survive? Will Google PPC prices explode?

Perhaps the surest cue to SEOs future, are the PPC prices on Google Adwords advertising.  Automotive, Legal, and Health categories continue to grow fast in cost to advertisers.  Many advertisers have been priced out of the market and have turned to Facebook and Twitter advertising which has shown mediocre returns.


SEO’s Future: Always the Most Credible Source for Consumers

Search will survive because people need information and they have high expectations of Google search results.  It’s SEOs job to know what customers want and how to perform SEO at an elite level to get in the top 5 positions.

One thing we know for sure, it’s getting noisier as more money pours into digital marketing.  As part of my consulting work, I have to research precise market demand. One key statistic is the cost per click of client’s most important search engine keyword phrases. Well, that could range from $10 to $90 per click! And companies will pay that price.  No one pays $90 for a walk-in, or a banner ad click, and well, okay yes they’ll pay through the nose for tv, billboard and bus ads.  How is SEO faring against the likes of television, radio, and bus ads?

If branded high visibility is what companies want, SEO has to be the best way to get it.

Local media forecaster Borrell Associates has attempted to capture the totality of spending on “digital marketing services” in the US. Borrell argues that “businesses will shell out an estimated $613 billion in DMS” in 2016, an amount many times larger than “ad spending.” — From Adgooroo Advertising Insight

The title graphic above is courtesy of Search Engine Land and shouldn’t they have also died along with SEO? The stat shows spending on SEO keeps growing (20+ % to 2020). Those with a great strategy have confidence that’s worth it, rather than funneling money into weak PPC and social media campaigns that have one time, temporary benefits. Remember how SEO lasts. There’s few posts on the long term benefits of SEO, but I did write a post on customer lifetime value.

There have been a lot of rumors about the death of SEO in digital marketing and it is affecting company’s budgetary plans.  Social marketers in particular would like to money gravitate to their field, but let’s face it, social will never generate the kind of ROI SEO can.  This may be the end of incompetent and non-enabled SEOs who can’t keep up to the extreme demands for content strategy and content quality. Not that they should be ashamed, they just haven’t accepted that the effort, cost and potential prize are higher now.  Google’s forcing you to be more patient and forcing you to manage SEO in a more stressful way — to discourage you from seeking free traffic.

I’ll be the first to admit, that it’s very tough to rank at the top if you don’t have a good budget for link building and content development. SEO’s not free and high quality content is what customers are searching for (and what Google is demanding).

Maybe what the negative forecasters are actually saying is that cheap, no-budget, poor content driven SEO is dead?  A few SEO pundits keep saying “algorithm chasing” is dead. Let’s get it straight. SEO is all about matching algorithms. That’s what you’re optimizing for. Therefore, an expert understanding of Google’s algorithm (as well as other algorithms in use for just about everything now) is a great asset. In future, SEOs will have to be well informed, constantly testing and analyzing ranking results to allow them the best understanding of Google’s algorithm.  Algorithm research is very important for top flight SEOs.

So let’s recall our classic literature shall we: “The King is Dead, Long Live the King”

What are some tips to help you thrive for many years to come?

  • never work with cheap, $199 a month spammers — this is not SEO – SEO is hard work
  • make a commitment to SEO by not listening to hyped up fears generated by the Google lab
  • don’t rely on social media – it offers a very poor search experience
  • remember that searchers using Google are often ready to buy
  • know that Google’s algorithm is very complex but still understandable
  • that SEO provides the best ROI possible and that abandoning professional level SEO could kill your business

What is the Future of SEO?

  1. higher quality content designed to appease Google’s algorithm
  2. content that generates higher clickthrough rates and user engagement
  3. greater use of artificial intelligence in the algorithm by Google
  4. better scrutiny of backlinks by Google
  5. better integration of content and search engine optimization strategy
  6. better awareness by Google of rich media interaction by users
  7. more traffic for the very best optimized websites
  8. more integration of Google analytics by Google to determine worthy webpages
  9. more sophisticated link building techniques that involve big planning and well executed link building tactics
  10. more rewards for those help a company grow its Google ranking power

Do you believe the real estate market forecasts are correct? Will Brexit and the coming Trump presidency affect digital marketing from 2017 to 2020? Are we looking at a complete renaissance of marketing with US small businesses ruling the market and brands dying?

Have a good look at the Toronto real estate outlook, Vancouver housing outlook and the San Diego economic and real estate forecast 2016 to 2020.  Are you a realtor looking for real estate leads? It might be better judgement to build your own lead generating strategy using an SEO  expert.

US Weather Forecast – Outlook for US Regions Winter 2016/2017

How’s the US Weather Forecast for 2016/2017 Shaping Up?

As we head into the fall/winter season of 2016/2017, many realtors are wondering what the weather outlook is in our region. Business entrepreneurs and consumers should take heed of weather patterns as they can affect consumer expenditure and business revenue and intentions.

The dry conditions across much of the US could spell big gains for the solar power industry.  Terms such as solar shingles and power converters could become common words in homeowners vocabularies in 2017.  If you own a business in this and other alternative energy sectors, I’d like to hear from you.

I’ve got a cross reference of the nation’s weather forecast from different weather reporting agencies. Let’s take a look at future precipitation, temperatures, possible storm events, and regional weather trends will denote the 2016/2017 winter cold weather season.

Selling in the Fall Season for Realtors

Buying Property in Canada
Regardless of season, foreign buyers find pictures like this very fascinating.

While there’s always been seasonality about home sales, given that most buyers wait for the spring you might already be in hibernation mode waiting for spring 2017.  However, inquires about buying North American property are coming from around the world. In their locations they may be experiencing much different weather and they may see the off-season as a time to get a lower price.

Don’t close your mind to selling in the fall or winter season. There is no season for good buyers. Opportunities are rare today, and they’re ready when you make those opportunities happen for them.

The offseason is the perfect time to plan your strategy and prepare to grow your sales — don’t wait until you’re busy again.

Farmer’s Almanac Fall and Winter Forecast

Farmer’s Almanac’s Winter 2016/, 2017 Forecast is calling for cool weather in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Seattle, Minnesota and most of Canada. The southern US looks to be in for great weather this weather. With the southern prediction so balmy, where will you be spending your winter vacation in the next 6 months? I don’t think you will ever beat California for it’s constant 70 degree temps and comfort. The snow country near Denver, Salt Lake City, Tahoe, Whistler, and Boise might be the perfect year for a ski vacation.


Farmer’s Almanac’s Winter forecast is for cooler weather in the Northern US, but still above the yearly normals. That could predict a lot of snow for areas such as in Chicago, Minneapolis, Green Bay, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, New Jersey and the New England region. Tampa, Orando, and Miami should brace for a wet, humid and mild winter season. It appears California’s drought conditions will continue.

You can check out specific regional and local forecasts via Farmer’s Almanac’s Website however be forewarned that they expect you to subscribe. But go ahead and do it because they’ve got handy tips on gardening, calendars and their interesting skywatch pages.

Screencap courtesy of Farmers Almanac

If you live in Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami, Albuquerque, Houston, or San Francisco, the weather forecast is decidedly similar every day which we all sure appreciate when we get tired of the cold and take a vacation to your city. Yet, in other areas such as Boston, Seattle, Vancouver, Chicago, New York, Portland, Denver, the changes in temperature, precipitation, and winds are a serious matter we must prepare for. The snowy condition throughout the Northern US and Canada, certainly mean we’ll need snow tires on our vehicles. I hope someone is putting them on the driverless cars too!

Next, Let’s take a look at the National Weather Service’s predictions October to end of March 2017.

This is the temperature forecast for October for the US.


Temperature forecast for the last 3 months of 2016 for the US



Temperature forecast for the first 3 months of 2017 for the US

weather-forecast-1st-quarter-2017 Long Range Forecast 2016

The drought conditions are expected to continue in California for the remainder of 2016 which may support dangerous wildfire conditions in some regions and cities.



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