SEO Forecast – Digital Marketing Update 2020

SEO Forecast – Digital Marketing Update 2020

SEO Spending Continues To Rise

Amid constant warnings about SEOs impending death, the practice of search engine optimization continues to flourish. It seems only to change in complexity and continue as an ever more rewarding source of qualified customers. If you’re a small business owner, an SEO expert is vital to your business future.

Elements of digital marketing such as PPC, social reach, and Google algorithms are seemingly always in a state of flux. We’re never sure where it’s all headed and if campaigns will provide short term or lasting value, impact and visibility online.  Will internet ads be blocked? How will Google manipulate the results to force more visitors to click ads (Or go to G+). Will Google stop favoring big brands if the world’s Free Trade agreements are modified? Will small business roar? Will Facebook continue to shut down all high volume exposure for businesses to squeeze money out of advertisers? Will Twitter even survive? Will Google PPC prices explode?

Perhaps the surest cue to SEOs future, are the PPC prices on Google Adwords advertising.  Automotive, Legal, and Health categories continue to grow fast in cost to advertisers.  Many advertisers have been priced out of the market and have turned to Facebook and Twitter advertising which has shown mediocre returns.


SEO’s Future: Always the Most Credible Source for Consumers

Search will survive because people need information and they have high expectations of Google search results.  It’s SEOs job to know what customers want and how to perform SEO at an elite level to get in the top 5 positions.

One thing we know for sure, it’s getting noisier as more money pours into digital marketing.  As part of my consulting work, I have to research precise market demand. One key statistic is the cost per click of client’s most important search engine keyword phrases. Well, that could range from $10 to $90 per click! And companies will pay that price.  No one pays $90 for a walk-in, or a banner ad click, and well, okay yes they’ll pay through the nose for tv, billboard and bus ads.  How is SEO faring against the likes of television, radio, and bus ads?

If branded high visibility is what companies want, SEO has to be the best way to get it.

Local media forecaster Borrell Associates has attempted to capture the totality of spending on “digital marketing services” in the US. Borrell argues that “businesses will shell out an estimated $613 billion in DMS” in 2016, an amount many times larger than “ad spending.” — From Adgooroo Advertising Insight

The title graphic above is courtesy of Search Engine Land and shouldn’t they have also died along with SEO? The stat shows spending on SEO keeps growing (20+ % to 2020). Those with a great strategy have confidence that’s worth it, rather than funneling money into weak PPC and social media campaigns that have one time, temporary benefits. Remember how SEO lasts. There’s few posts on the long term benefits of SEO, but I did write a post on customer lifetime value.

There have been a lot of rumors about the death of SEO in digital marketing and it is affecting company’s budgetary plans.  Social marketers in particular would like to money gravitate to their field, but let’s face it, social will never generate the kind of ROI SEO can.  This may be the end of incompetent and non-enabled SEOs who can’t keep up to the extreme demands for content strategy and content quality. Not that they should be ashamed, they just haven’t accepted that the effort, cost and potential prize are higher now.  Google’s forcing you to be more patient and forcing you to manage SEO in a more stressful way — to discourage you from seeking free traffic.

I’ll be the first to admit, that it’s very tough to rank at the top if you don’t have a good budget for link building and content development. SEO’s not free and high quality content is what customers are searching for (and what Google is demanding).

Maybe what the negative forecasters are actually saying is that cheap, no-budget, poor content driven SEO is dead?  A few SEO pundits keep saying “algorithm chasing” is dead. Let’s get it straight. SEO is all about matching algorithms. That’s what you’re optimizing for. Therefore, an expert understanding of Google’s algorithm (as well as other algorithms in use for just about everything now) is a great asset. In future, SEOs will have to be well informed, constantly testing and analyzing ranking results to allow them the best understanding of Google’s algorithm.  Algorithm research is very important for top flight SEOs.

So let’s recall our classic literature shall we: “The King is Dead, Long Live the King”

What are some tips to help you thrive for many years to come?

  • never work with cheap, $199 a month spammers — this is not SEO – SEO is hard work
  • make a commitment to SEO by not listening to hyped up fears generated by the Google lab
  • don’t rely on social media – it offers a very poor search experience
  • remember that searchers using Google are often ready to buy
  • know that Google’s algorithm is very complex but still understandable
  • that SEO provides the best ROI possible and that abandoning professional level SEO could kill your business

What is the Future of SEO?

  1. higher quality content designed to appease Google’s algorithm
  2. content that generates higher clickthrough rates and user engagement
  3. greater use of artificial intelligence in the algorithm by Google
  4. better scrutiny of backlinks by Google
  5. better integration of content and search engine optimization strategy
  6. better awareness by Google of rich media interaction by users
  7. more traffic for the very best optimized websites
  8. more integration of Google analytics by Google to determine worthy webpages
  9. more sophisticated link building techniques that involve big planning and well executed link building tactics
  10. more rewards for those help a company grow its Google ranking power

Do you believe the real estate market forecasts are correct? Will Brexit and the coming Trump presidency affect digital marketing from 2017 to 2020? Are we looking at a complete renaissance of marketing with US small businesses ruling the market and brands dying?

Have a good look at the Toronto real estate outlook, Vancouver housing outlook and the San Diego economic and real estate forecast 2016 to 2020.  Are you a realtor looking for real estate leads? It might be better judgement to build your own lead generating strategy using an SEO  expert.

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