Duckduckgo, Real Time Search Engine

We’re all used to using Google Search to conduct our information searches. But perhaps another search engine offers a better experience? This post is about Duckduckgo a search engine that is growing in popularity.

The comprehensiveness of Google’s searches is great and the quality is okay. It’s the backbone of all online search with a whopping 90% share of web search serving 65 billion keyword searches every day. I use Google a lot as a researcher and writer.

Of course, Google’s stock price is based on more than just its search engine. And it must compete with the likes of Facebook and Amazon.

It’s indexing algorithm is heavily influenced by artificial intelligence
Google doesn’t give us access to a wide range of search results, nor documents just published an hour ago. Google search has indexed 60 billion documents, yet only a very small portion are actually ever viewed.

Billions of Pages Indexed but We Can’t Get to Them

So the majority of the web is actually invisible. Millions of companies, bloggers, and e-store owners might want reach you and inform you, but that won’t happen via Google. In fact, searching with Google for researchers, bloggers and shoppers can be very frustrating. This creates an opportunity for companies such as Duckduckgo.

There is value in a fuzzy search. It gives us breadth and an organic variety so we better understand the real context of topics, events, and facts we’re after. Those “unauthorized web pages” might have something that makes them rank lower but they create a much more interesting search experience. Google has lost sight of this fact.

Google All Knowing, All Controlling

Google Search wants to provide and over control the context of your search, thus feeding you everything, for a one answer for one search focus. One answer for one search is too narrow a result set. Searchers need more context but Google appears to not believe they can deliver something better where searchers can do less thinking.

As this post in the Search Engine Journal shows, Google can’t always get the one best answer correct, which can lead to some embarrassing results.

Google One Answer for One Search. Screenshot courtesy of Search Engine Journal

Google could get you to your targeted information fast, but it’s own ad-laden search pages that ruin the customer search journey.

Duckduckgo offers a different search experience. It’s more simple, private, secure and returns some websites you should know about. It offers a different view of the web, helping you see stuff that Google won’t show for whatever reason. Duckduckgo is growing fast in popularity, gaining credibility to a lot of searchers.

Real Time and Privacy Features

The threat of privacy breaches and hacking is ever present and it only take one hacked server to start a flood of hyped media and regulator charges.  So privacy is a business issue. Duckduckgo is private company, not listed on the stock market, but privacy and other issues are a reason this company is growing.

Duckduckgo started out as a real time search engine, giving searches the fastest access to brand new pages and other content just published. Google doesn’t do this. Google prefers to audit websites and documents and this delays when it will appear in Google’s index. This is a pain when you’re looking for up to the minute news, updates, and events.

Years, later Duckduckgo has changed its marketing and service focus to offer users more privacy. Privacy is an issue searchers care about.

About DuckDuckgo draws insight and results from over 400 sources. While Google is heavily dominated by “authoritativeness” as measured by them, Duckduckgo instead produces results more on the quality of the content itself. The search results are still very high quality.

Do a search for stock market forecast on and you’ll get excellent results. Or do a search for Corona Virus using the News tab, and you’ll enjoy very fresh results.

Screenshot courtesy of


Screenshot courtesy of

Scroll Duckduckgo’s Search Results to your Heart’s Content

This search engine allows infinite scrolling of results where you can just keep rolling until you find one you like. This is such an excellent feature, you’ll want to use it for sure.

Some of Duckduckgo’s top 10 results may not have been endorsed by all the corporate, scientific, media, or government authorities, but they’re highly relevant. Their system seems to be able to pluck real gems for your perusal.

Duckduckgo has a simplicity, flavor and variety most searchers will find very refreshing. It’s a search engine I believe you’ll begin to use more often and you should bookmark it in your browser. Google has even added to its list of default search engines in the Chrome browser.

Fresh, Fast Search Results and Searcher Security

Don’t ask me why they called it Duckduckgo. I have no idea. Just needed a mascot I guess.

Duckduckgo Search Volume History Growth. Screenshot courtesy of Duckduckgo

To me, Duckduckgo is the real time search engine. This search engines returns astonishingly good search results. And Duckduckgo protects your identity while you search, whereas most other websites will always track your activity. After all, by tracking your every move, their systems can learn more about you and make more revenue from you.

It’s true. When they track your visits and understand what you’re interested in, how old you are, your gender, and past visit history, they could find better search results for you and place better ads for their advertisers. And they’ll know what you want next courtesy of AI and predictive analytics.

Some call this Surveillance Capitalism as when Google, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook watch what you do, they can push advertising your way and generate more revenue for themselves. They can also control your search experience to such an extent, that it isn’t a natural experience anymore. The personal search experience you get on Youtube, or Google search is constantly skewed causing you to miss websites that you probably should know about.

Some call Google an advertising platform now. Duckduckgo has ads too, but they’re not as in your face and content is quieter and easier to read.

When Will You Start Using Duckduckgo?

Will you ditch Google search for Duckduckgo? No not likely, and that’s not the point. Duckduckgo can give you a different set of search results thus giving you a different context to understand your topic or interest.

Most people search initially to understand a topic first. They’re newbies and need more general contextual information and then they progressively narrow down their search to focus on numerous and key points.

Search is a personal journey,but it needs to breathe and have breadth. Unfortunately, one search engine doesn’t provide a rich enough information search. Google for instance, too strictly filters out good results because the sites didn’t have enough credibility. In other words, none of the big websites linked to those sites so they’re aren’t shown.

Duckduckgo serves more than 54 million searches every day. 3 years ago, it served about 18 million searches daily. That’s 100% growth each year.

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