The Growth of Social Media

Social Media Growth

After not being taken seriously at all, for more than a decade now, social media has been growing to become the most dominant Internet platform.

It hasn’t overtaken Google in terms of high quality buyer and seller leads, but it plays a key role in Internet marketing.

Realtors and business entrepreneurs may live and die professionally via their skilled used of social media.  You must use it really well. Consumers are spending increasing time on Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube, and other social sites and somewhat less on Google for information and purchases.  The pandemic has accelerated that process.


The reason for that is undoubtedly that content on social media is improving and the interaction with people is where real success is. And yes, success today is about creating value but also in creating connections so you have people to share it with.

Your potential is limited by the number of people you can create value for.  If you have a lot of value to offer, then social is where you can find those to deliver that value to. I’m getting into social much deeper, sometimes reluctantly, and resentful of the time suck, but I now that if any professional avoids social media, they have a limited future.

Social may one day make Google unnecessary. It will evolve and offer more for its users. And Google doesn’t know how to index social activity. One day, the social sites may block Google’s access and that will be the end for the big search giant. We’ll remember it like we do Yahoo, MSN, Altavista and Excite.


Twitter Tips You Can Use


Social, Not Ready for Primetime? I’ve heard too many business people say they “don’t really believe in social media” as a marketing tool. But you know, I’ve been short-sighted myself many times so I know this statement is typically one we make before we accept some new truth. The sooner you make this decision, the less catching up you’ll have to do.

Social interaction is becoming increasingly valuable. And sales are being started and completed via social pages. We can’t keep our heads buried in the sand much longer. And as marketers, we know Google will tighten the rope around the necks of Adwords advertisers. More of them will be pushed into the social realm to find new customers, make sales and build brands that those customers will stay loyal to.

What’s so Great About Social Media?

  • Amazing reach to billions of people you can’t reach on Google or Bing
  • More personal and meaningful connectivity to new friends, customers and influencers
  • A new medium to give your company an edge over market leaders
  • A great way to make new friends, leads, prospects and business acquaintances
  • More powerful way to connect your company and brand with consumers

A Better Way to Look at It.  Social’s strength is in the numbers and building a critical mass of followers, connections, and interactions. Those with successful accounts will tell you their social efforts do have presence and can influence and generate sales. Obviously, social can build your career, brand, and position you directly in the lives of people.

You can connect with wonderful people. You can also connect with powerful, successful people. These enabled, limitless, inspiring people can change your life.

Once you get into social and make these connections, you realize the power of social media is in how much effort you put into it and how strategically you use it.  Join me on Twitter gord collins to talk business, sports, travel, fun, food and entertainment. I’ll be touching on everything!

Check out this aging but excellent infographic by MarketingProfs below, on the growth of social media. Numbers are good but it’s the power it gives you that’s more important. It what they call engagement and the power of persuasion.

Also, see my post on Fascination, something that can pay dividends for you if you’re promoting yourself. And today, successful business is about successful people.

Infographic courtesy of Search Engine Journal