New Business Development Los Angeles CA – Growing Sales in LA

New Business Opportunities in Los Angeles

The City of Angels makes us believe in the impossible. California as a whole is an inspiring place to do business, and just by participating in this market you could reimagine your business and accelerate profits.  Are you a no limits business person or are you weighed down by the limitations of your local market?

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When you visit the Golden State, you get a sense of what economic numbers mean. California has the world’s 6th largest economy (bigger than France) and it’s accessible to you.

To deny yourself opportunities here doesn’t make sense at all. Drive down I5 or highway 101 and you get a feel for the ideal lifestyle, freedom, laid back attitude, and how it meshes with business. It’s an awesome place to live and do business within.

Whatever business you’re in, it’s almost certain you can sell in California.

Los Angeles, like San Diego, Orange County, San Jose and San Francisco and the Bay Area all have similar problems — rising prices, rising wage demands, lack of commercial and residential real estate, and environmental restrictions.  All this promise and friction translates to opportunity for your company. Los Angeles needs your innovative lower cost solutions and your ability to advance their businesses.

The US Dollar is Falling

If the US dollar does fall as it is now and expected to continue to, it will mean boomtimes for California given its proximity to Mexico and the Asia Pacific region. California offers the best in technology, farming, entertainment, travel, health care and international trade. The technical, scientific and professional services market alone is approaching $25 Billion. The Port of Los Angeles sees $124 Billion of goods annually from China.

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Your Opportunity in Los Angeles Awaits

Okay, LA is a no brainer.  It’s got a diversified, high volume, high revenue marketplace that’s the envy of the world, and it’s close to San Diego and the SF Bay Area.  Any effort you make in this region is bound to be fruitful.

Let’s take a closer look at your target market here and how we can build a plan to access it.  This could be the venture that defines your life and takes your business to star status. Let’s get started.

New Business Development San Diego – Targeting SD County

Creating New Clients in San Diego, CA

Vancouver, Los Angeles, and SF Bay Area have reputations that draw millions of people and companies to move there. It’s no different for what may be everyone’s favorite place — San Diego. This city’s beautiful modern amenities, proximity to Mexico and Asia, and its subtropical climate make it very alluring.

So should you join the herd of businesses looking to work within the San Diego market? Of course you should!

As you know from studies of the markets in Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, and Vancouver BC, costs of doing business are excessive. Companies there are oppressed with overhead, employee wages, and local contractor costs that are going through the roof. Add to this, is the fact that they may not be able to access the type of services or specialized products they need, and you have Opportunity.

San Diego real estate has always held a key role in the local industry. The climate, employment opportunities, and lifestyle never ceases to attract newcomers. If you manage a real estate brokerage for instance, you may well want to explore creating a team in the SD market.  Yet San Diego is big in travel and tourism, medical research, and IT.

Here’s some economic and demographics facts to help you begin your orientation to business in San Diego:

The Best Businesses to Start Up in San Diego

This graphic shows what opportunities exist and might help you fine tune your own offering in 2018 here in San Diego.

Let’s Get Started!

I enjoyed serving my clients in San Diego and am looking forward to helping you capture new clientelle or sales in this market. What’s the worst that could happen if you expanded to this beautiful location?

You will learn, make new connections, grow, inspire your staff, and open yourself to faster growth. I can’t wait to hear from you.

New Business Development – Vancouver BC Canada

Vancouver – Canada’s Golden Child is Growing Up

Many of my US clients have commented that they believe Vancouver is the best city in the World. It might be hard to argue against because not only has Vancouver become more beautiful, it’s also become an economic powerhouse.

Vancouver has the type of issues you find in Boston, New York, San Diego, Miami, Los Angeles and the SF Bay Area. Costs are almost out of control. People and businesses want to move to Vancouver because of the lifestyle and opportunity. Companies in these cities need help. And there are entrepreneurs ready to buy businesses here, such as Speedy Auto Glass tycoon Garry Skidmore.

It’s not just to save money either. They actually can’t find competent service providers due to high costs and unavailability. Vancouver does have good providers, but not many of them. New providers haven’t caught up to demand.

The cost of housing in Vancouver is sky high and those costs can drive away many needed businesses. So Vancouver companies are looking for help.

Vancouver’s Economy is on FIRE

As this report on Business in Vancouver shows, certain industries are propelling growth on Canada’s west coast. Real estate in Vancouver took a little breather but the forecast is for more growth.

Screen Capture courtesy of

If you’re in the insurance, finance, or real estate sectors, the promise is pretty clear. But for any company willing to help in BC’s growth in trade, marine farming and manufacturing, forestry products, travel and tourism, hotels, and construction, you’ll get plenty of attention.

Vancouver saw its strongest job gains in history last year… You had record employment growth last year of 60,000 jobs created. It just blew past the previous record”  “Although housing is a major economic driver, Vancouver’s high-tech, tourism and film industries have also seen strong growth, and so has manufacturing, thanks in no small part to the $8 billion shipbuilding program underway at Seaspan” – from a report on

In my experience BC is a unique environment and tougher to crack. You will need to drill down and build a real presence here at some point. The Asian presence is strong in real estate and finance and that can present barriers too.

Bottom line is that Vancouver businesses need help and you business could make a difference and a good deal of profit.

Boston New Business Development – Growth Opportunities in Massachusetts

Developing New Business in Boston

I’ve worked with many clients in the Boston MA area and I would be thrilled to work with Massachusetts companies again. Boston businesses are spread out over the greater Boston area into a variety of cities.

The layout and the culture of business in Boston is very unique and a thrill to experience.  It’s almost imperative that we visit the waterfront and go to a Red Sox game.

Boston is a lucrative market yet the cost of doing business here is high. And Boston real estate continues its relentless rise In the most recent report, wages have risen 24% in the last year. And babyboomers are retiring. That makes it imperative for Boston firms to work with a service provider from a lower cost market.

The other benefits for Boston companies are fresh, innovative ideas and working with companies with an outward, progressive approach. That helps them reach new markets and that’s what it’s all about today.

From this quote in the The BPDA Research Division’s annual economy report, we can see Boston is humming right along again.

Economic growth: Boston’s economy grew by 3.6 percent between 2014 and 2015 as measured by Gross City Product (GCP). This builds on 3.8 percent growth the prior year, running a point ahead of the growth rate of the overall U.S. economy.

Job and wage growth: Boston outperformed both Massachusetts and the nation with annual job growth of 2.7 percent between 2014 and 2015.

Boston’s growth in the 2nd quarter of 2017 was even more impressive –4.0%

Boston is a large metropolis with businesses in every conceivable sector. Whatever you sell, you can sell it here, whether food, bio-medical products, software or SaaS services, or travel products.

Screen Capture Courtesy of the The BPDA Research Division’s annual economy report

In a report from North Eastern University, Johathon Smoke, Chief Economist at cited strong consumer confidence – buoyed by low unemployment – as one of the factors contributing to a strong 2017. Unemployment in the Bay State is down to 3.3%, well below the national average of 4.9%, and it’s likely to continue says Northeatern University economist Clayton Matthews.

Big Business and Big Income

Graphic Courtesy of – Income in Boston area

There are no limits to what you can sell in the state of Massachusetts and the economic might of the New England area is no small matter. Boston businesses need competent service/product providers and they have plenty of budget to bring you in.

All you need is reach, relevance, and boots on the ground in Boston. After they find you online, they will call you in. That’s how it worked with me, and that’s how it will work for you.

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Inc’s Top 25 Cities to Grow your Business In

Find the Right Cities to Grow In

Are you thinking about how to triple or quadruple your sales in 2018? After just a little thought, you may discover what these 2 reports from and below reveal, that there are some great cities to build your business and achieve strong business results.

And before you’ll do it, you’ll want to take a little time to consider how the market could be peaking, technology changes, and competition in your own market. What really is the 5 year outlook in your city? What would expansion do for the mood and outlook of your staff?

It doesn’t always follow that warm climates translate to business friendly climates, yet the US south might be where the most potential is. Wherever you decide to grow, it’s an exciting challenge that you’ll want to put on the front burner right now.  These cities may be the key source of your future business revenue.

Is Growth of 300 to 400% Attractive?


What Makes a Great City to Venture Into?

Inc’s team found that diversity of industry  sectors and a pro-business/pro-development political environment makes for the best ROI. Cities such as Atlanta, Houston, Austin, and San Diego get high marks.  The reports also reveal other cities which might be a better bet. One aspect they didn’t discuss is the attractiveness of the city as a place to live or visit.  A good question for a private moment is, “do I really like this place.” That’s why many SMB owners prefer Florida and California.

New Business Development Vancouver | New Business Development Los Angeles | New Business Development San Diego | New Business Development Boston | New Business Development Strategy

Up and Coming Markets to Watch

The connection between optimism and opportunity shouldn’t be underplayed.  Some cities have a great atmosphere and lifestyle and that translates to better quality clients. And who doesn’t want a dream client? Your dream client strategy is simplified when you’re approaching companies in these amazing markets.

In fact, the report suggests we all need to change our attitudes about the cities we thought were ideal for new business development. Cities like San Francisco and Boston may not have the outlook that Fresno, San Antonio, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Tampa, or Orlando now possess.

Successful businesses takes risks, with faith in themselves and their staff the driving force


The cities in Florida held the highest overall promise, and in the aftermath of the 2 recent hurricanes, you have to think Florida is the new holy land for new business growth. I mentioned in the best cities for real estate investment and best cities for jobs  and best cities to live in posts, that certain states seem to have better momentum.

California might be expensive and overly regulated, but if you’re starting up a satellite office to create connections in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County and San Jose, the diversified, high tech economy here might be the answer to your business dreams. There’s a market fluidity in California that makes it inviting and perfect for your initial experiments at growth.

Minneapolis downtown courtesy of Wikimedia. Midwestern cities are among the highest rated in recent years.

Entrepreneur Magazine’s List of Promising Cities

Entrepreneur Magazine also published a list of promising cities for new business development.  A surprising number of cities in the mid west made it to the top. Lots of potential target cities for your business.

To really know whether a particular city is the right location for your business expansion or new sales growth, you’d need to do extensive research.

It does look as though Florida has the best momentum. However, a multi-city business development strategy for Florida doesn’t come without challenges. Florida is a big state with its own business culture, and the hispanic language element may pose challenges.

This is Where Innovation in New Biz Dev Comes In

California seems the one with the lowest risk, but if you’re stuck with the usual techniques, sales and media channels, and branding that everyone else uses, you might struggle. You need to be innovative.

Growth strategies have to be built on a more organic approach that presents relevant value to specific types of businesses. Getting granular isn’t difficult. I’ve built and laid out digital content paths that created exposure for targeted types of clients all over world. And the quality of client is as good as your online content.

In 2017/2018, your content alone determines who you will land as a future client.

Successfully capturing clients from the UK, China, Russia, I learned the challenges of keeping each type happy. There’s more involved than winning. It’s a great challenge.

If you want to explore new markets in Florida and California, or in Vancouver or Toronto Canada, contact me to discuss it.  I score 10 out of 10 on innovation, and that’s the best stat I can present you with in a world where your CV means nothing, your experience is ancient history, and where only your ability to adapt and improve really matters.

The Secret to Building New Clients in Remote Locations – New Business Development Series

Your Best Clients may not be in your Home City

They might be anywhere out there, and you’ll need a plan/strategy to reach them and work with them. Have you avoided doing this because you couldn’t visualize how to do it? Well, let’s fix that shall we.

Creating new clients in remote locations seems daunting and impossible for small business owners, yet many entrepreneurs and SMB owners have done very well at this. I’ve done it myself successfully  in San Diego, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Vancouver and London UK, and I want to be even better this time.

In fact, for some manufacturers and service providers, perhaps you, it’s an imperative to be able to find our target customers dispersed over the vast North American landscape.  Local just got a whole new meaning.

“they turned out to be great clients who generated the best times of my life”

I’ d like to help you accelerate your journey into new business development so you can acquire the best customers of your life. They’re out there, but it takes some smarts to find them. Forget the usual inhumane, high pressure sales tactics you’ve been bred on.

There’s a different approach here that’s better. And that approach is used by many of the people whom you see online and which you found to be fascinating people. You didn’t actually find them. They found you, and I’m about to explain how some of these super effective people manage to get crazy good clientele, one’s they could never get via advertising and cold calls.

You’re Their Dream Provider and They’re Waiting for You

For the sake of brevity, let’s cut to what really matters to clients from Boston or Charlotte to San Diego or Los Angeles. They all want to be served by providers who are relevant and who make them believe in their own mission and purpose. They’re looking for more than just technical competence – which is what everyone is trying to sell.

Through experience they may know that slick, scaled up providers can deliver a very disappointing business partnership.

If you focus on relevance, sincerity, credibility, and building engaging connections, clients will clamor to work with you. Even if you lack the expertise/capability they demand, they may still decide you’re worth working with, even if you’re thousands of miles away. And if you’re a master at what you do or have an outstanding product, then even better.

Don’t believe that they already have what they want or that it’s available. They probably don’t. They could be waiting for you to show up.

Reach, Relevance and Connection

But how do you get the message out about your company and its philosophy and then build relevance to target prospects in small communities such as Bradenton Florida, Oceanside California or Kelowna, Canada?

You do it through the 3 simple tasks of reach, relevance, and connection. And you do it according to an expert level strategy (we’ll get to that whole topic later).

1. Reaching Your Target Prospects in Cucamonga among other Places

Your target audience is besieged with phone calls, advertising, emails, and direct sales approaches. They tend to see all marketers as noise. Unfortunately, you’re included in that noisy ocean of blah. The medium is the message they say, so using aggressive ppc, email, and cold calling means you start right off the bat as someone they should avoid. First impressions are tough to overcome.

The best reach tool is a high subscription rate, web and content marketing campaign which may include your website, local media websites in your target cities, and local newspapers. The content is strategically written and designed to rank high Google searches, and to create engagement for specific industries in specific geolocations. That’s followed by a boots on the ground friendship and relevancy campaign by a business development/client success strategist who likes those kinds of clients.

2. Establish Relevance

With their noise filters on high, prospects have very defined ideas of what or who they should pay attention to. Your content, branding, and initial exposure needs to be well thought out — in other words very strategic. Your research will ferret out the attitudes, needs, gaps, failings, and decision processes of your target prospects. Then you can position your material and UVP to hit home emotionally.

And that content is so critical. Your choice of issues, news, technology, market events and perspectives tells them whether you’re tuned in to what they feel matters.  Topics, keywords, people, perspectives, and timing collectively send a message that you’re sympatico with them.

Think about how a provider would reach you best. They’d likely discover your business online, usually in an unguarded moment where they they’re surfing or they stumble upon it. It could be a mention on someone’s blog, an article on the local tv station’s website, or when they found you in a Google search. Something in that content hit a nerve. You need to know what that nerve is.

“When you advertise, their guard is up and it’s impossible to make the necessary emotional connection regardless of the carefully crafted success story you’ve prepared”

In the moment they found you, read your story, and identified the issues you discussed, they quickly realize your business is relevant to them. This is when they visit your Website, check you out on Linkedin, and Google you and your product/service to dig deeper. A simple process everyone follows today.

And when they find your web content, it’s relevant to them and they begin to open up emotionally to the idea they’ve found the right provider. It’s that “ah ha” moment and you’ve put your relationship on rock solid ground.

3. Build a Strong Personal Connection

I walked into a retail store in San Diego, created and developed a connection with the co-owner. Within 4 days, I was his new digital marketer. He had a sales issue along with concerns about the long term future of his business, which I didn’t know about.

In our conversation, I created a real, human connection, which gave me time to present my services in a casual, unthreatening way. Meetings became more progressive and targeted and I established my relevance personally (I had other San Diego clients, liked the same sports, and was enthused about being in his store and his beautiful city).

I understood his personal mission, beliefs and values, from his nieces to his business ambitions to where he originated from — the New England area. And I was a source of strength for him to work with his business partner.

I rediscovered that making friends with your clients is the essence of good business. These friendships bring a lastingness and positive expectations about ongoing growth and success and become the fuel that drives growth and willingness to take risk. These are human, personal things, not something a big, slick digital agency can help with.

Boots on the ground, means you’re there, personally and emotionally wired in.

Dig Deep and Travel to these Locations

If you want to do really well in a particular remote location whether it’s London UK, San Diego, Costa Rica, or the Bay Area and San Fran, ensure you know something about these regions, and that you like them. If you have a passion for these locations, it comes through in your online content, your tone of voice, and your personal disposition.

Typically, I target California, Toronto, and Vancouver because these are my favorite places. Your favorites might be Boston, New York, Charlotte, Miami, Houston or Seattle or even Cucamonga! They’re all good.

High Value – High Commitment

For B2B companies, this is vital because you’re selling a high value, high-involvement solution that can affect their business greatly. You must display a willingness to be there whenever they need, maintain good communications, and make them believe the time you’re back home is when they can flex their independence and growth muscles on their own.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”

Making your absence an advantage is important. Quite a few companies don’t want someone local who is around to pester them. So your distance is a selling point.

With the right targeting, reach, impact, relevance, and establishing an emotional connection with the prospect, you’ve got a good chance of them becoming your next client.

Yes, they’re kind of your dream client, but in a sense, you’re their dream provider. It works both ways, and in generating a friendship with the owner or marketing manager, you’re creating a much higher level of trust and credibility that other local providers may not possess.

People like their friends and the commitment to success is higher among friends.

So with this in mind, you’re ready to begin doing more in-depth research on targeted prospects to create the kind of focused, high quality content that will act as your first introduction to your future high quality client.

I think after you’ve mulled this over a while, you’re going to recognize the vast potential of these other markets and that a new more organic approach is how you win today.

Explore New Markets – Focusing on the Best Cities in the US and Canada

Is It Time to Grow Your Business?

Surveys show many companies are happy with their digital marketing teams and sales performance.  The economy is booming and times are good.

While things are so good, and you’re most able to expand, how outlandish would it be for you to explore new markets in the US and Canada? And over the next 6 months, you’ve got some time to build your business. And it’ll be fun.

Big Changes are Afoot

Globalization is moving more economic activity into major urban centers. A good example is Canada, where only the metro areas of Vancouver and Toronto are thriving. It’s the same in Massachusetts where Boston alone is thriving and it appears to be the same for other major US cities. This is what globalization does.

When you’ve drained the last bit of revenue in your city, it may be the right time to explore Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Silicon Valley, along with Seattle, Denver, Tampa, Miami, New York, Phoenix, or Boston.

Why burn yourself out in an exhausted market with thin margins? Fun, new, fresh and lucrative are better.

I’ve Done it Before Successfully. It’s Definitely Worth It

These are superb markets where I’ve served many clients in diverse industries.  The US cities such as Boston, Los Angeles, and San Diego in particular are a fantastic opportunity in volume and variety. An approach to deliver a fresh new service and approach they will love.

If you’re going to penetrate new markets, you must do it with focus on specific cities. A general approach, not adapted to the business and lifestyle in these cities won’t work.  If you want to capture Los Angeles, SD County, or the booming lower mainland of BC, you need to drill down and have someone there.

Certainly there are challenges in expansion, yet comparatively today, success is much more common. And it can be conducted efficiently, beginning with a strategic plan and testing approach. The payoff could be a 100% to 200% growth in sales. The growth in my own solo consulting business revenue was 600% with my best year at $180k.  For your business, the potential is obviously far higher.


From Los Angeles to Houston to Chicago and New York and Boston, to London UK, I’ve enjoyed developing new clients in many cities. It is a fun, fascinating and rewarding business opportunity.

Call me now at 416 998 6246 and to explore the opportunities.

The Problem with Digital Marketing Today — Solved

Under Pressure: Cost and Time Efficiency

As an CEO, SMB owner, agency director, or startup entrepreneur, your concerns about business outlook likely have a similar ring to them. The top 3 costs, time and lack of ROI are the first that arise. Is the solution radical?

It’s rough. You’ve probably watched other businesses go belly up, while you’ve seen new startups somehow get a foothold.  But the stats show many CMOs are giving up. So what is it that allows some organizations to excel today?

Last year, CMO turnover reached its highest point since Russell Reynolds began tracking the data in 2012 — from post on

I’ll bet the digital marketing world and digital business have you stymied.  Even the smartest business people are strangely inarticulate about what’s going on or what to do.  This post is about what’s driving change in marketing and what the successful survivors will be doing to re-organize their businesses and improve their marketing performance.

Casualties and Those Who Reach New Heights

What we’re all perplexed about is that something big is happening, and we can’t see into it or deal with the change it’s bringing to our market.  We can’t tell if it’s good or bad, know what’s happening, or toubleshoot it, yet  on our current trajectory, things look troubling for workers and businesses. It’s easy to be a paralyzed victim, but we can avoid becoming a casualty by taking how we do marketing to a much higher level.

According to SmartInsights, in 2015 alone, nearly 2.4 million U.S. jobs were outsourced to other countries. Add the loss of 7.1 million jobs to artificial intelligence across 15 leading economies over the next five years and you can see it’s a perfect storm for employment in North America and Europe.

How Did We Arrive at this Point?

In digital marketing as an example, markets have splintered into numerous communication and expense channels, each requiring its own specific expertise and vocabulary. The complexity is too tough for CMOs or workers to manage. Many want out and you can’t blame them. And most businesses simply don’t possess nor can afford expertise in each area of marketing. The staffing costs are ridiculous.

Marketing interns, outsourced work to India, or students doing content creation, SEO, ppc, email, and client account management are the typical solutions resorted to. The result?  Poor performance and business failure.

Agency clients/CFOs are demanding change. What if software took over the jobs of most of the marketing staff? That would carve out big money which could be retargeted for campaigns.  Yet if market competition is overly competitive, what says our campaigns won’t fail anyway? Can software really do an Adwords or Facebook advertising campaign all that much better? Agonizing questions.

Millions of marketing people worldwide are upskilling right now but it may be too late. It will be a big leap. This is where you need to be way ahead of the curve. It’ll be a wild ride, but maybe some of us will land on our feet.

Rising Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Yes, business owners are checking out AI software solutions which have been portrayed in villainous overtones. Despite that, they’re discovering how these software systems comprehensively manage and optimize entire digital marketing campaigns. They integrate, test, improve, report, advise, and work 24 hours a day. And they can help forecast campaign outcomes and customer behavior. That’s gotta be helpful.

Screen Capture Courtesy of Fast Company

AI Can Also be a Marketer’s Best Friend

For a talented marketer, AI can remove painful tasks, time-waste, and optimize campaigns. It is a creative marketers best asset going.

For those concerned about a robot takeover, remember that artificial intelligence (AI) can be a marketer’s best friend. Robots, unlike people, are consistent. They are good at tracking and delivering high-quality results which save us time, money and effort. Robots ultimately answer to us, making them effective helpers upon which we can increasingly rely. —  Eden Ames, American Marketing Association

What a great insight for those who need to get great results! Leave the politics and drama behind and get back to work. You can redeploy your financial and staffing assets to high production areas. You can personalize content for online customers via their click behavior, content interests, geographic locations, or preconceived customer personas and let your CRM bot respond and interact with customers online. Oh, and it appears to be pretty good at handling leads and converting the too.

Adgorithms launched their AI product branded as “Albert” has shown some impressive gains in social media paid advertising:

In month one alone, Albert increased Cosabella’s social and search ROAS by 50% while decreasing its ad spend by 12%. And on Facebook specifically, Albert produced a 565% increase in ROAS within his first month. By month three, Albert had increased Cosabella’s ROAS 336%–a 155% increase over the previous quarter. Albert’s work in just Q4 contributed to the company’s 50% year-over-year increase in overall ROAS. This success represents a 37% increase in overall website sessions, a 30% increase in new users, and 1,500 more transactions.

Prior to Albert, Cosabella credited social media with 5 – 10% of its paid ad revenue; with Albert, social media now consistently accounts for 30% of the brand’s total paid ad revenue. Albert’s success driving conversions on Facebook resulted in a 2000% increase in purchases originating from the channel. — Courtesy of

Check out more about which AI marketing software is best

The AI marketing software can conduct all the tasks, scheduling, reporting, and optimizing of multi-channel campaigns. It does it all and fast like testing your email and blog content to where it finds the copy that gets the best response. It can’t do SEO yet, but it’s only a matter of time when AI SEO bots will wrestle directly with Google RankBrain for SERPs domination.

Where Are you in the AI Marketing Software Adoption Spectrum?

If you’d like to explore it please let me know. We can speak with experts and AI marketing software reps to explore the right solution for your company. Then you can explore other options for creative content and digital marketing communications.

If you are re-organizing to accommodate the new software, you’ll need to formulate what work skills will be needed to augment what the software does. The AI software won’t optimize your copywriting, visual content, SEO, or social engagement anytime soon. There’s still a need for creative optimization and oversight, so that should allow you to control implementation and ramp it up without fear.

Here’s some additional insight into AI and how it’s being used in digital business:

What will be the impact of AI on marketing jobs?

Marketing’s Artificial Intelligence Revolution Is Here

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Denzel Washington on the Value of Dreaming and Failing

Denzel Washington Inspiring Speech about Dreaming and Failing

Denzel Washington the Hollywood star spoke to a group of graduating college students about dreaming big with goals, working hard, failing big, taking chances, being passionate, and thinking outside the box.

He wisely added that doing more doesn’t always mean getting more done and to aspire to make a difference not just to make a living.

I’ve never liked Denzel Washington’s screen characters or the films he starred in, but he has his fans.  I like this speech he gave in August to graduates of Dillard University in New Orleans. He shows that the common road through life isn’t always wise or desirable. Sometimes your life must mean more. His 1.7 grade point average launched his illustrious film career.

The lessons are vital because so many people are trained to limit themselves and their potential. They expect success, wealth and happiness to appear instantly. Giving ourselves freedom to succeed is hard fought and we often have to break free to do it.  We may even have to fight to create personal meaning.

Creating the Environment We Need to Succeed

If everyone listened to good speeches every day, those who are ambitious and entrepreneurial would be understood. Forget appreciation, the value is just to have people recognize what we’re doing, and that it isn’t all about “our thing.”  True Ambition is always about other people.

Here’s why each of the values he recommends are so good:

Dreaming Big – being ambitious and dreaming big allows you to grow your imagination, drive, and self-awareness and test out the best you can do. Without this, your self-awareness and confidence remain stunted.

Taking Chances – means being entrepreneurial, optimistic, and pursuing goals.

Have Specific Tangible Goals – gives us a focus and creates real, practical objectives we must achieve to make headway

Don’t be Disappointed – failure is always present and is merely another stepping stone to success

Failing Big – failing and giving yourself permission to experience failure allows you to discover why you weren’t successful and why you need to be better. You can only learn from your failures and experience the joy of overcoming loss and frustration.

Working Hard – lets you get focused on things that matter and engage in them for their own sake. Some things can only be achieved through extensive work weeks.

Being Passionate – means learning to unleash and focus your desire and be directed by it, because passion may be the highest form of intelligence and is the key to your personal meaning and drive.

Thinking Outside the Box – not allowing your mind to be boxed in by convention and political correctness to keep your mind totally free to pursue your passion and complete your goals

Here’s Denzel’s Speech. I hope you are inspired!


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