Denzel Washington on the Value of Dreaming and Failing

Denzel Washington Inspiring Speech about Dreaming and Failing

Denzel Washington the Hollywood star spoke to a group of graduating college students about dreaming big with goals, working hard, failing big, taking chances, being passionate, and thinking outside the box.

He wisely added that doing more doesn’t always mean getting more done and to aspire to make a difference not just to make a living.

I’ve never liked Denzel Washington’s screen characters or the films he starred in, but he has his fans.  I like this speech he gave in August to graduates of Dillard University in New Orleans. He shows that the common road through life isn’t always wise or desirable. Sometimes your life must mean more. His 1.7 grade point average launched his illustrious film career.

The lessons are vital because so many people are trained to limit themselves and their potential. They expect success, wealth and happiness to appear instantly. Giving ourselves freedom to succeed is hard fought and we often have to break free to do it.  We may even have to fight to create personal meaning.

Creating the Environment We Need to Succeed

If everyone listened to good speeches every day, those who are ambitious and entrepreneurial would be understood. Forget appreciation, the value is just to have people recognize what we’re doing, and that it isn’t all about “our thing.”  True Ambition is always about other people.

Here’s why each of the values he recommends are so good:

Dreaming Big – being ambitious and dreaming big allows you to grow your imagination, drive, and self-awareness and test out the best you can do. Without this, your self-awareness and confidence remain stunted.

Taking Chances – means being entrepreneurial, optimistic, and pursuing goals.

Have Specific Tangible Goals – gives us a focus and creates real, practical objectives we must achieve to make headway

Don’t be Disappointed – failure is always present and is merely another stepping stone to success

Failing Big – failing and giving yourself permission to experience failure allows you to discover why you weren’t successful and why you need to be better. You can only learn from your failures and experience the joy of overcoming loss and frustration.

Working Hard – lets you get focused on things that matter and engage in them for their own sake. Some things can only be achieved through extensive work weeks.

Being Passionate – means learning to unleash and focus your desire and be directed by it, because passion may be the highest form of intelligence and is the key to your personal meaning and drive.

Thinking Outside the Box – not allowing your mind to be boxed in by convention and political correctness to keep your mind totally free to pursue your passion and complete your goals

Here’s Denzel’s Speech. I hope you are inspired!