AI Marketing Services for SMBs and Agencies

AI Marketing Solves Your Challenges

As an CEO, SMB owner, agency director, or startup entrepreneur, you’re concerned with the cost of investing in marketing solutions.  And that’s if you can find and hire excellent marketing or SEO specialists to help you build market leader status. That bar keeps rising.

Yes, times are good across the US, from San Diego and San Francisco to New York, and it’s difficult to find excellent marketers. Staff quality is a big issue. And perhaps, this is where AI marketing has yet another unspoken advantage — succeeding with the staff you have.

Of course, highly competent and experienced marketers armed with the new AI marketing software technology takes it over the top. Suddenly, you have deep customer insight, content optimization, real time engagement, personalization, and predictive capabilities that tell you where your customer is headed next.

Demand for Efficiency

Marketing is one of those fields where downsizing is occuring.  What’s needed from marketing staff is changing. Not only do staff need new AI marketing skills, they also must bring expertise on other areas — content, SEO, campaign management, etc.

According to SmartInsights, in 2015 alone, nearly 2.4 million U.S. jobs were outsourced to other countries. Add the loss of 7.1 million jobs to artificial intelligence across 15 leading economies over the next five years and you can see it’s a perfect storm for employment in North America and Europe.

Millions of marketing people worldwide are upskilling right now and they’re adjusting to a new marketing environment.  Competing against AI marketing systems with manual marketing tactics isn’t working.  Old school marketers are seeing serious rises in ppc costs, poor reach and engagement online, and suffer the mystery of why performance isn’t good enough.

Rising Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Everyone is checking out AI marketing software solutions and how these software systems comprehensively manage and optimize entire digital marketing campaigns from SEO to Lead Conversion. They integrate, test, improve, report, advise, and work 24 hours a day. And they can help forecast campaign outcomes and customer behavior. That has to be helpful.

Screen Capture Courtesy of Fast Company

AI Can Also be a Marketer’s Best Friend

For a talented marketer, AI marketing solutions can remove painful tasks, time-waste, and optimize campaigns. It is a creative marketers best asset going.

For those concerned about a robot takeover, remember that artificial intelligence (AI) can be a marketer’s best friend. Robots, unlike people, are consistent, working 24 hours a day. They’re proficient at tracking and delivering high-quality results which save us time, money and effort. Robots ultimately answer to us, making them effective helpers upon which we can increasingly rely. —  Eden Ames, American Marketing Association

What a great insight for those who need to get great results! Leave the politics and drama behind and get back to work. You can redeploy your financial and staffing assets to high production areas. You can personalize content for online customers via their click behavior, content interests, geographic locations, or preconceived customer personas and let your CRM bot respond and interact with customers online. Oh, and it appears to be pretty good at handling leads and converting the too.

Screen capture courtesy of Marketing Campaign Improvements

Adgorithms launched their AI product branded as “Albert” has shown some impressive gains in social media paid advertising:

In month one alone, Albert increased Cosabella’s social and search ROAS by 50% while decreasing its ad spend by 12%. And on Facebook specifically, Albert produced a 565% increase in ROAS within his first month. By month three, Albert had increased Cosabella’s ROAS 336%–a 155% increase over the previous quarter. Albert’s work in just Q4 contributed to the company’s 50% year-over-year increase in overall ROAS. This success represents a 37% increase in overall website sessions, a 30% increase in new users, and 1,500 more transactions.

Prior to Albert, Cosabella credited social media with 5 – 10% of its paid ad revenue; with Albert, social media now consistently accounts for 30% of the brand’s total paid ad revenue. Albert’s success driving conversions on Facebook resulted in a 2000% increase in purchases originating from the channel. — Courtesy of

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The AI marketing software can conduct all the tasks, scheduling, reporting, and optimizing of multi-channel campaigns. It does it all and fast like testing your email and blog content to where it finds the copy that gets the best response. It can’t do SEO yet, but it’s only a matter of time when AI SEO bots will wrestle directly with Google RankBrain for SERPs domination.

Where Are you in the AI Marketing Software Adoption Spectrum?

If you’d like to explore it please let me know. We can speak with experts and AI marketing software reps to explore the right solution for your company. Then you can explore other options for creative content and SEO.

If you are re-organizing to accommodate the new software, you’ll need to formulate what work skills will be needed to augment what the software does. The AI system will guide and inform your decisions about campaign creative. And you’ll be guiding the system itself after you see what it can do.

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