Motivating Others May be the Greatest Power You Possess

Motivating Others May be the Greatest Power You Possess

What Motivates Key People in Your Life?

If you haven’t the foggiest idea of what motivates people, it will be virtually impossible for you to get the best work, effort, and outcomes with them. People are motivated by different values – their value system. That set of values, which very often we have images of, is the engine.

gotmotivationThe closer we get to our ideal values, the more that engine roars and the easier life is to live. The further we get from our true motivating passion, the harder life gets. The reason we get out of bed in the morning is the hope that we are getting closer to what we want and to experience it. When people are alienated or feel hopeless about getting what they really want, they will have trouble getting out of bed. Those are the extremes.

As an entrepreneur you must know what your partners and employees want personally from their work roles.  If you’re in a position to help them acquire what they want, then you can leverage this to help them reach their peaks of productivity, creativity and outcomes.

midweek-motivatioIf you don’t know, then you have no way of ensuring your business will thrive or that your personal relationships will flourish. If others support your happiness and success, shouldn’t you support theirs?

About GenY. This generation likes money too but they’re so individual that it appears large corporations will never be able to give them what they desire. Money, cars, work, company pride, praise, will not keep them long. Only smaller businesses that can tailor rewards to individuals will attract the top GenY prospects. And they want to be around smart successful people as equals. Something to think about.

The Fear of Knowing

Why do we avoid pausing to think about what other people want? Probably because it’s not part of our culture, and partly because no one thinks about we want. Tit for tat. Since you’re an entrepreneur looking for great outcomes up against tough odds, and because you’ve got assets on the line, for the first time, you may have to sit and list all that your partners/employees want out of life.

That puts you in the driver’s seat to make things happen. Now you’re not a passive bystander with fingers crossed. You’re taking initiative at the most important level.


Passion is the Engine of your Motivation

Success, productivity and capability all stem from motivation. Without motivation, we can’t learn, grow, collaborate, share, give, or produce. Motivation stems from desire. Without desire, there’s no motivation and without motivation there’s no performance.  We can call desire passion. Passion is the more active term that suggests purposeful motion.


Your focus on your key drives is what generates enthusiasm, energy, forward progression and optimism.

Don’t be afraid of the word and don’t confuse it with sex. Passion is everything that motivates us, and is the inner, overall drive that powers our lives. It’s a jet engine in how it compresses our desires to generate a powerful thrust to push us to success.

Thinking about what motivates us and drives our action can be a little troublesome, because we don’t actually have what we want currently. Being aware creates discontent, possibly even depression, so this is why we tend to repress consciousness of what deeply motivates us.

But you can’t repress it for long because it’s your life force.  You have to have the courage to open it up, and, even let others see it.  Letting others see it is good because then they know how to help you.  That’s collaboration believe it or not.

Ask them What they Want and Help them Get It

If your reward to your employees is a pay increase, and they want something else, you don’t understand your employee. In a sense, you’re telling them so, and that your paths are diverging. If you think your partner just wants money, and he/she wants richer experience, interaction, and self-esteem, then you’ve eliminated your ability to make them more satisfied and more successful at work. They didn’t create the divergence — you did.

Make an attempt to understand others personality and what drives them.  Then determine how you can help them get what they want. If you’re able and believable, they will turn out to be the worker/partner you dreamed of. It can be easy too. Just ask them.

People only leave your life when they’ve determined they cannot acquire what they want in your presence. They’re clearing the way for new people who understand and want to work cooperatively to achieve their dreams.

Other people don’t value what you value. You need to give up on the idea that your values are the only relevant ones and open to appreciate what others are striving for. Your success will depend on that. And don’t tell others what they should value. The only business it is of yours, is how you can help.

Keep prying and asking questions, and over time you’ll learn what even the most repressed person really wants. Encourage them to overcome all obstacles to get what they really, deeply desire. It’s very doubtful they’ll ever let you go. And they’ll do the same for you.

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