Best New Technology – AI Robots to Personal Jets

Really Cool Technology

Let’s take a break from the grind and check out some amazing new technology that’s out now or will be in 2018.

First up is this personal jet called a Flyboard manufactured by Zapata. This has to be the ultimate in watersports, so maybe trade in your Jetski for an even bigger thrill? ┬áThe Flyboard can scoot up to 10,000 feet and go 93 mph. Wow, that’s scary. That’s almost as fast as Roberta Mancino.

Tell everybody they need to take this to the beach.

If you’d rather stay on the ground, and you’re a jogger, you might like these new shoes designed with Ostriches in mind. They’re called the Bionic boot – the personal transportation device of the future!

The ENKO running might take away your excuses for not jogging and getting in shape.

A lot of people will be abandoning their cars for these ebikes. ebikes will become the fastest growing industry because the batteries are getting better and the bikes themselves are convenient and cheap.

And when you’re just fed up with the commute, there’s a solution for that:

And how about a new way to get to the cottage? Google’s Larry Page is providing the financing for this new ultralight plane.

Hope you enjoyed these most amazing technology inventions.