4 Pillars of Real Business Success

Launch Your Business Success

Tired of the rewards of amateur business and low sales revenue?

Is the frustration of stagnation in your old business becoming too much to bear? Are you a passenger in your own life?

Then isn’t it time to build your desire to succeed, find that correct path to success, and follow it?  Is now the time to create and sharpen your value proposition, leverage online marketing talent and digital tools, and attract investor money to ramp everything up?

Whatever business you’re in, there are some common truths and mechanisms that create success and we should focus on them now.

Challenges Are Meant to Mastered

Business success is a challenge. Very few people achieve it.  However, you can move forward with yours with these 4 Pillars of Success discussed below.  Before we explore them, we have to look at something that comes before business success — desire and motivation.

There is only one driver that awakens the energy, purpose and motion you need.  It’s called desire.   It underpins all the things you’re after including self-esteem, freedom, autonomy, money, personal satisfaction, relevance, meaning, security and belonging.

I know you’re about to say “I just need some money, some ideas and some connections” and it all happen. Yes, money and connections are important, but who will give you money if you have no passion for what you do?

Passion or desire creates commitment. And once you do get that startup funding or angel investor investment, it becomes more certain you will climb any barriers to reach success.

Failure and Underperformance Result from a Lack of Desire

Motivation is everything.  It causes initiative, commitment and follow through.  It creates desire.  I can trace back all of my failures to a lack of desire or motivation.  Your lack of vision and follow through on growing your business right now, this second, and in one day from now, is caused by insufficient desire.

Desire actually comes from aligning or focusing the things that motivate you.  Desire is all about you and going around the obstacles and dead weight that holds you back. If you clear out your clutter, you find few limits to what you could do, and you may find the right path to your big success.

And if your business sales are sagging, it’s likely because you’ve lost the vision, joy, and energy you once had.

Perhaps you’ve gotten lost in a routine of formality and details that’s blocking out the sun in your professional life. And if your professional life, revenue, market share and accomplishment are awful, I’ll bet your personal life is hurting too because of it.  Our businesses are important to our sense of well being.

If you love what you’re doing, you’re constantly building new leads, connections and love it that everyone knows who you are. You can’t get enough visibility on Google or Facebook.  It’s not vanity, it’s because you want to share your joy.

Go to The Source of your Personal Motivation

Therefore, the reasons you think you’re not successful aren’t the key. The key is desire.  And desire and the feeling of motivation comes from envisioning and feeling how your business success will transform your life. Desire ploughs through all challenges, doubt, insecurity and unreadiness.

If your desire isn’t 100% right now to create the correct business and make it a success, it’s because you haven’t done your basic homework.  You’re not prepared yet. Very few people get to this point that you’re at, where you’re ready to build and launch a successful new business.

Get the desire/motivation issue solved first, then you’ll be ready to move onto the first pillar — creating your unique value proposition.

Spending more time on understanding your value proposition (UVP design) and you grow your certainty, focus and ability to follow through.

Have a look at this infographic from Manta Media.  Does the entrepreneur’s desire come from wanting personal achievement and money as this depicts? What stops them? Is it fear, confusion, lack of financing, or lack of talent?

Infographic courtesy of Manta Media

What Are Your Motivational Drivers?

I don’t know what images or thoughts drive you personally as a real estate sales person or marketing agency owner or startup entrepreneur.  But when you tap into that one thing that’s really connected to what hinges on your dream, your motivation picks up big time.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses fail because the owners lack desire.  Or they couldn’t connect what they want with their personal dream or visions.

For instance, if you’re a Realtor, you may not have done all you can to make yourself a market leader. Instead, you piddle around the edges of the industry, watching other Realtors take all the leads and sales.  That doesn’t do much for your confidence, esteem and motivation.

Let’s hope you are putting yourself first and front and center in your life and that you have connected your Realtor sales activities to all the joy and comfort in your dreams.

For any Realtor or business with a future, casting a huge market visibility net to capture more leads is a key part of the big sales success result you’re after.  It’s time to take the blinders off about marketing and go big.  If you feel the motivation, there’s little to stop you from becoming the market leader.

The Silver Lining in the Dark Cloud

My uncle said something wise yesterday, about there always being a silver lining to an awful recession. The fact is, the recession creates new new needs and new mindsets and new business successes.  This is a rare opportunity for an underdog.  The housing market for instance will race back to create abundant leads and sales opportunities.

In 2020, business is as slow as it’s been in 100 years so you’ve finally got the time to learn and spend on it doing it. This is the perfect time for your transition and to catapult out of this awful time period.

And for investors, money is really cheap. Interest rates could go negative this year!  Your dream investment is here.

And when money meets motivated, creative talent, something big usually happens. In fact, an infusion of funds can catapult some businesses to incredible success, if they’re ready for it. If the vision and capability are there, it’s a grand opportunity for investors.

Part of your digital marketing plan (since everything is online now) is to target the right clients. This is where you can offer maximum value and generate a lot more value.

With poorly matched clients, you’re unable to deliver the value needed.  Of course, much of this is predicated on developing a powerful, relevant, personalized, unique value proposition.

4 Pillars of Your Business Success

  1. impressive and laser sharp value proposition
  2. leveraging talented consultants or employees
  3. excellent digital marketing technology
  4. attracting big investment money

The thing about these parts above is that they might not appear in the right order. For instance, to capture the latest in lead generation, marketing campaign management, and best consultants, even a good UVP depends on having a good sized budget.

You may have progressed as far as you can in your business without investment. The fact is, business is highly skewed in favor of big businesses who are using their financial might and market share to almost wipe out small business. Some pay minimal taxes and can leverage AI marketing software and cloud data.

You can’t compete against this crowd without some good funds yourself. For some it’s “dead in the water” unless they can get that infusion of funds.

Perhaps you need to work on the 4 pillars with a mind to access a big infusion of cash later? After all, investors want to invest in a business or professional with the capacity to scale up. Optimize the other three, especially your marketing capacity, because business today is about marketing. Marketing drives everything.

But more importantly, they want to invest in someone who is talented, creative, productive and willing to scale up.

Are you one of those small business people who exalts in staying small? That’s not really investible. A real estate broker for instance needs to scale up and hire as many sales people and marketers as possible. Some brokers stock up on Realtors, but forget to bulk up on really good marketers. One is likely not enough in this era.

The 4 Pillars to Launch Well

1. Personalized, Relevant, Unique Value Proposition – Yes, your UVP has to be laser like relevant to your target investor and customer.  If you don’t have well defined, valuable deliverable, focused precisely on what they need to capture, they can’t figure you out.  UVP’s are tough to develop and it’s what most well funded business continue to fail at.  Why are you way better than competitors?  Do you have a service result that will get them jumping out of their chair?

 2. Talented Consultants. Whether it’s sales or marketing, software development or AI consulting, you’ll need marketing specialists who can help build big visibility online. There are likely 100 million marketeers in the world, but you’ll be needing a talented one to grow your lead pipeline. Talent is driven and visionary too. Whether it’s excellent content, brilliant SEO, or paid advertising campaigns, they’re the ones who create the big lead funnel.

 3. Digital Marketing Technology.  After you’ve found a talented marketer, the next piece is excellent marketing software because this will allow them to execute more efficiently using insights from marketing analytics. Without the software, they’d be competing against top competitors and big corporations manually. The stress will burn them out.

 4. Investment Funding.  If you have the 3 pillars above in order, you’re ready to attract investors. But they have to be investors with industry knowledge or who have worked with a similar business like yours. Their high level insight and industry experience helps you understand the end goal with your best customer prospects. They know those people well, the specific challenges, and what makes customers tick.

The infusion of cash into your business, if spent very wisely will lead to big growth. I’ve seen it with marketing agencies where the talent was not great. They were lucky enough to have a cash source to buy staff, software, and to advertise. The money alone opened doors so even mediocre companies could reach prospects. Cash is King you’ll discover.

You might find investors through industry connections and perhaps via investment websites such as angel.co, angelinvestmentnetwork.us, or perhaps through crowdfunding sites.

Attracting a good angel investor is a project on its own. Ensure you let everyone know you’re looking for an investor.

The point of the funds is to be able to scale up marketing, reduce the drag of underfunding, improve marketing assets, and scale up capability to elevate your unique value proposition — the thing the customers are buying. The real key is finding talented consultants, because this is 2020, and the market is too competitive for anything less. Without top talent, your competitors will eat you alive and harvest your hard work.

Get Your Business Launched Today

So there’s a quick look at the 4 pillars of SMB success which must be emblazoned in your mind and heart. You need to feel the need for all 4 and until you do, your business will lie in unprofitable anonymity.

If you don’t have an angel investor, work on the first 3 and make them powerful. For a Realtor for instance, build your lead pipeline, optimize your Realtor marketing assets, and start hiring other agents.  For digital marketing agencies, hotels, manufactures, software developers and others, it’s the same process.

Realtors, learn more about lead generation and how to grow seller leads. And keep up on what your future buyer and seller clients know about the housing market. They’re not Realtors with inside info.

Ready and able to launch your business online? That’s where I come in: 416 998 6246.

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