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Original Content is the Core of Digital Marketing



One of the biggest problems of content on the Web, when using Google, or even Social Media, is that it’s a regurgitation of someone else’s stuff. Been there, done that.

Think of how much time we spend seeing all the same boring search results from Google. Where’s the real mccoy?


Google has tried to rid us of garbage content, and even Twitter is implementing changes to bring out the truly valuable Tweets. With a little encouragement, we can all begin to make original content that makes people pay attention.

In fact, it’s your longest, most rich original posts, tweets and whitepapers that deliver the most value to your digital marketing campaign in terms of engagement and new links to your website.

As stated in to Google’s Quality Rating Guidelines,“Google is now putting a high emphasis on sites considered to have a high level of expertise, authoritativeness or trustworthiness.”  This makes it essential that all your online content conveys expert, research-backed opinions in order to win consumers’ trust — from Randy Earl of AtlanticBT.

The problem for any business or professional trying to stand out, is if you regurgitate others ideas, you come out looking more like a follower. No one wants to follow a follower and this may be why so many social media accounts fail. They sound like an echo chamber for all the trendy junk being pandered online for the pop crowd.

You’re the Big Kahuna!

Your Social and other Google visitors and customers, see your content as you. It represents the value you’ll create for them and how important you are in their lives. Your topics, imagery, and tone must excel in a uniquely engaging style. And if you can stand out as a thought leader and bring new ideas to the table that prove to be true, your brand will soar against the competition.

In fact, one of the keys of good content, is to ensure you have no competition.  If you position your brand image or UVP uniquely, competitors will be unable to usurp your #1 position.


For SEO, Unique, Original and Engaging is Vital

While retweeting and regurgitating might make for trendy  news, it doesn’t really appeal to Google. Google wants unique, authoritative, stable, and well presented ideas. They adjusted their ranking algorithm to favor it.  That doesn’t mean good content will rank high by itself, only that it’s more likely to.

Original content is more engaging, fun, and encourages more open-mindedness in the readers. This can give a big boost in brand credibility and acceptance, provided your content is relevant and easy to read and experience.


The trick to making unique original content effective is to present it in a way where you’re just ahead on the edge of the technology or cultural curve.  Being right on the leading edge makes you more fascinating, relatable and powerful since it looks like you’re creating the wave. You’re not weird or out of reach, you’re a relevant leader.

When you’re on that leading edge, you’re more tweetworthy,  newsworthy and relatable to the daily things most people are into.  This is why far-out research is rarely viewed. Most people can’t relate to it or apply it.

Top 7 Ways to Make Your Content Original

  1. Write in your own voice and from your own perspective – you need a tone and point of view in your content that in itself expresses a message about your value. Many will not like your tone/POV, yet your targeted customers will. It’s that 20% of visitors that are the ones you want. They’re worth sharing your insight.
  2. Make it shareable – use expressions, quotes, pics, illustrations and videos to let other webmasters/bloggers/journalists use to support their enthusiasms and ideas.
  3. Make it credible – cite sources of data and and refer to other experts your readers are aware of who came to similar conclusions.
  4. Ask questions or make reference to the reader’s own situation to make them reflect on their satisfaction or dissatisfaction – it’s how readers respond to your website, blog, Facebook posts, group posts and Tweets that matters.
  5. Use words and original imagery together to stimulate emotions surrounding a product/service and how it would help them be happier and solve their unique problems
  6. Show your passions and let your reader know something about you personally. They’re experiencing you, and your passion, quest, courage, enthusiasm are contagious.
  7. Make your content revolve around your unique capabilities,  clientele, experience – tell stories that show how you felt, suffered, enjoyed, celebrated, succeeded, or solved an issue.

There’s 7 key tips to help you break out of a dull, common mode to become someone memorable. And don’t get discourage that results don’t come quickly.  The more exposure you get to your exact targeted audience, the better results you’ll see.  At this point in time, you may not even have access the actual prospects you’re seeking. You’ll build that pipeline over time with good quality content.

And don’t forget to revise all of your content. Your first attempt may not have been top notch and you’ve got smooth how it reads, and add even better information and experiences for your readers. In the months and years ahead your highly prized customers will see it and love it.

Remember, you are original – it’s your biggest asset.

Check out this infographic about how to improve your Copywriting.