Copywriting Improvement

Since your copy represents you, your brand, and your value proposition, it’s wise to seek out all the ways you can improve it.

Great copywriting on one one website might be lengthy epic posts, but that kind of 3000+ length content makes it easy to present too much information, too poorly. Sometimes less is more.

For copywriters, there is a place for lengthy, epic content, yet a short, well timed post may be more effective than anything you’ve ever written. This post is 400 words exactly. It’s digital fast food.

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Consumers want info fast, simple and in the drive through lane. The average visitor has an attention span of about 2 to 3 seconds (even less on an ad loaded smartphone) and if your message isn’t simple, direct and digestible, they will leave. Speed and Simplicity are that important.

7 Quick Tips – Fast Food for Successful Writers

Quick posts will help you capture your impatient readers and cut your abandonment rate. This alone could make a phenomenal difference in your success.

There’s a glut of content on the web and slow and slow Internet speeds are making us an impatient lot. Even though your post will be short, it can still contain vital info and benefits for your visitor and be interesting to read. Distill it and make it quickly scannable and you’ve got a chance to create a new customer.

Save Your Epic Posts for Another Time

Like a few people, I love epic posts overflowing with insight, perspective, stories, and facts. So do journalists, strategists, and brainiacs. I want an article that everyone in the world will link to and give me a number one Google Ranking.  But no one else does.

We need to train ourselves to simplify our messages. If you force yourself to keep your post under 400 words, you’ve got a chance to keep readers and actually get them to do what you want them to do.

Here’s The Top 7 Tips:

  1. Keep your post’s title clear and simple (e.g., Top 7 Tips; How to; Get this by doing this)
  2. Headings with a hook – one powerful and easy to comprehend key benefit
  3. Opening paragraph supports the post title and first heading
  4. 4 to 6 paragraphs only
  5. Insert one unique graphic image that helps drive your point home
  6. Solve the reader’s problem fast – they want instant relief from their pain
  7. Close quickly with the reminder that you solved their problem and they can now take action

Simple language. Simple benefits. Served fast and hot. That’s what most readers actually want.

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This template can help. It is more of a sales oriented template where your pitch, UVP, and brand promise with a call to action are included. Of course, your reader’s would not find it acceptable for you to pitch agressively on all your posts. Sometime you have to achieve your pitch and message subtly in the content of the post itself.