How long will Toronto’s real estate market last?  The local economy improves slowly so it looks like the frenzied buying will continue. Are you going to be one of the beneficiaries?  Realtors without a strong presence have it tough.

sold2I’ve been been making web sites successful for 18 years now, so you’re in good hands. I’ve succeeded in building one Realtor’s web traffic to 15,000 per month, and I’ve worked with most prestigious luxury real estate magazine in California. You tell me where you want to start, what your priorities are, and what results you need.  Here’s the magic I offer you that no one else can:

  • A fast loading, responsive-designed website that loads fast and serves customers beautifully
  • A social media presence that builds your reputation in your target cities
  • Original content that makes you look interesting, astute and in demand
  • Powerful search engine optimization from an 18 year SEO guru/author!
  • Visual content marketing that gives you viral potential
  • Optimize the MLS listings to help you dominate (Very Important)

And more!

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