The Secret to Building New Clients in Remote Locations – New Business Development Series

Your Best Clients may not be in your Home City

They might be anywhere out there, and you’ll need a plan/strategy to reach them and work with them. Have you avoided doing this because you couldn’t visualize how to do it? Well, let’s fix that shall we.

Creating new clients in remote locations seems daunting and impossible for small business owners, yet many entrepreneurs and SMB owners have done very well at this. I’ve done it myself successfully  in San Diego, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Vancouver and London UK, and I want to be even better this time.

In fact, for some manufacturers and service providers, perhaps you, it’s an imperative to be able to find our target customers dispersed over the vast North American landscape.  Local just got a whole new meaning.

“they turned out to be great clients who generated the best times of my life”

I’ d like to help you accelerate your journey into new business development so you can acquire the best customers of your life. They’re out there, but it takes some smarts to find them. Forget the usual inhumane, high pressure sales tactics you’ve been bred on.

There’s a different approach here that’s better. And that approach is used by many of the people whom you see online and which you found to be fascinating people. You didn’t actually find them. They found you, and I’m about to explain how some of these super effective people manage to get crazy good clientele, one’s they could never get via advertising and cold calls.

You’re Their Dream Provider and They’re Waiting for You

For the sake of brevity, let’s cut to what really matters to clients from Boston or Charlotte to San Diego or Los Angeles. They all want to be served by providers who are relevant and who make them believe in their own mission and purpose. They’re looking for more than just technical competence – which is what everyone is trying to sell.

Through experience they may know that slick, scaled up providers can deliver a very disappointing business partnership.

If you focus on relevance, sincerity, credibility, and building engaging connections, clients will clamor to work with you. Even if you lack the expertise/capability they demand, they may still decide you’re worth working with, even if you’re thousands of miles away. And if you’re a master at what you do or have an outstanding product, then even better.

Don’t believe that they already have what they want or that it’s available. They probably don’t. They could be waiting for you to show up.

Reach, Relevance and Connection

But how do you get the message out about your company and its philosophy and then build relevance to target prospects in small communities such as Bradenton Florida, Oceanside California or Kelowna, Canada?

You do it through the 3 simple tasks of reach, relevance, and connection. And you do it according to an expert level strategy (we’ll get to that whole topic later).

1. Reaching Your Target Prospects in Cucamonga among other Places

Your target audience is besieged with phone calls, advertising, emails, and direct sales approaches. They tend to see all marketers as noise. Unfortunately, you’re included in that noisy ocean of blah. The medium is the message they say, so using aggressive ppc, email, and cold calling means you start right off the bat as someone they should avoid. First impressions are tough to overcome.

The best reach tool is a high subscription rate, web and content marketing campaign which may include your website, local media websites in your target cities, and local newspapers. The content is strategically written and designed to rank high Google searches, and to create engagement for specific industries in specific geolocations. That’s followed by a boots on the ground friendship and relevancy campaign by a business development/client success strategist who likes those kinds of clients.

2. Establish Relevance

With their noise filters on high, prospects have very defined ideas of what or who they should pay attention to. Your content, branding, and initial exposure needs to be well thought out — in other words very strategic. Your research will ferret out the attitudes, needs, gaps, failings, and decision processes of your target prospects. Then you can position your material and UVP to hit home emotionally.

And that content is so critical. Your choice of issues, news, technology, market events and perspectives tells them whether you’re tuned in to what they feel matters.  Topics, keywords, people, perspectives, and timing collectively send a message that you’re sympatico with them.

Think about how a provider would reach you best. They’d likely discover your business online, usually in an unguarded moment where they they’re surfing or they stumble upon it. It could be a mention on someone’s blog, an article on the local tv station’s website, or when they found you in a Google search. Something in that content hit a nerve. You need to know what that nerve is.

“When you advertise, their guard is up and it’s impossible to make the necessary emotional connection regardless of the carefully crafted success story you’ve prepared”

In the moment they found you, read your story, and identified the issues you discussed, they quickly realize your business is relevant to them. This is when they visit your Website, check you out on Linkedin, and Google you and your product/service to dig deeper. A simple process everyone follows today.

And when they find your web content, it’s relevant to them and they begin to open up emotionally to the idea they’ve found the right provider. It’s that “ah ha” moment and you’ve put your relationship on rock solid ground.

3. Build a Strong Personal Connection

I walked into a retail store in San Diego, created and developed a connection with the co-owner. Within 4 days, I was his new digital marketer. He had a sales issue along with concerns about the long term future of his business, which I didn’t know about.

In our conversation, I created a real, human connection, which gave me time to present my services in a casual, unthreatening way. Meetings became more progressive and targeted and I established my relevance personally (I had other San Diego clients, liked the same sports, and was enthused about being in his store and his beautiful city).

I understood his personal mission, beliefs and values, from his nieces to his business ambitions to where he originated from — the New England area. And I was a source of strength for him to work with his business partner.

I rediscovered that making friends with your clients is the essence of good business. These friendships bring a lastingness and positive expectations about ongoing growth and success and become the fuel that drives growth and willingness to take risk. These are human, personal things, not something a big, slick digital agency can help with.

Boots on the ground, means you’re there, personally and emotionally wired in.

Dig Deep and Travel to these Locations

If you want to do really well in a particular remote location whether it’s London UK, San Diego, Costa Rica, or the Bay Area and San Fran, ensure you know something about these regions, and that you like them. If you have a passion for these locations, it comes through in your online content, your tone of voice, and your personal disposition.

Typically, I target California, Toronto, and Vancouver because these are my favorite places. Your favorites might be Boston, New York, Charlotte, Miami, Houston or Seattle or even Cucamonga! They’re all good.

High Value – High Commitment

For B2B companies, this is vital because you’re selling a high value, high-involvement solution that can affect their business greatly. You must display a willingness to be there whenever they need, maintain good communications, and make them believe the time you’re back home is when they can flex their independence and growth muscles on their own.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”

Making your absence an advantage is important. Quite a few companies don’t want someone local who is around to pester them. So your distance is a selling point.

With the right targeting, reach, impact, relevance, and establishing an emotional connection with the prospect, you’ve got a good chance of them becoming your next client.

Yes, they’re kind of your dream client, but in a sense, you’re their dream provider. It works both ways, and in generating a friendship with the owner or marketing manager, you’re creating a much higher level of trust and credibility that other local providers may not possess.

People like their friends and the commitment to success is higher among friends.

So with this in mind, you’re ready to begin doing more in-depth research on targeted prospects to create the kind of focused, high quality content that will act as your first introduction to your future high quality client.

I think after you’ve mulled this over a while, you’re going to recognize the vast potential of these other markets and that a new more organic approach is how you win today.

Costa Rica – The Ultimate Tropical Vacation

Where to Travel This Winter? Costa Rica, Florida, or California

Are you in the process of choosing a winter escape destination and looking for some inspiration? How about some help in finding a super vacation that’s got more than you bargained for? Central America offers some extra special places such as Costa Rica, where you don’t just lay around recovering from your miserable commute, exhaustion, poor health, and dull daily work tasks.

No, instead, how about a vacation with no limits, endlessly fascinating, and lots for you, your friends and family to enjoy? You may even want to retire here.

The Red Eyed Tree frog is a national symbol. See more about eco-tours at

Here’s vacations that aren’t hospital settings, nor are they all you can eat and drink bar rooms or food courts. Whether you’re playing golf, doing an eco tour, walking a beach listening to waves crash, or trying out zip lining, mountain biking,  or kite surfing, you’re active and feeling alive.

Maybe these vacation posts will help you discover what’s missing in your life and how you can fill it with something exciting and fulfilling. Fulfillment is the ultimate determinant of your happiness. I hope these posts boost your desire to travel so that you might bring back what’s missing in your world. A lot of people are retiring in Costa Rica.

Share this post about Costa Rica with your friends and family on:


They’ll get Ideas!

Plenty of Warmth, Sunshine, Activity and Fun

Warm water, sunshine, soothing breezes, palm trees, beautiful scenery, and comfortable accommodations are the usual features of a winter vacation travel package. Those are nice basics, but is a vacation package complete without fun and adventure? No way. Fun and adventure magnify everything else you experience here, even your relaxation. That’s your choice. I’d advise spending 2 weeks at least on your winter vacation. Negotiate your vacation even if it’s unpaid time.

My most sage advice: Take your vacation and take your time because everything you think is so important right now will disappear. You will be damaging your life and career by not taking vacations.

Florida Keys, California and Costa Rica have all the leisure, rich food, alcohol, and beaches to lay around on, but they have so much more. These three amazing destinations are the safest places to visit and offer the greatest variety of relaxation and activity. You may argue that the hustle and bustle of touristy Cancun is more exciting but it’s like comparing sugar to a healthy salad. Costa Rica adventures are healthy! If you’re not sure of what kind of Costa Rica Adventure Vacation you’d like, see the resources listed at the bottom of the post.

Costa Rica – Living Pura Vida

Pura Vida is a saying Costa Rican’s use to describe a pure way of life – a focus on nature as a central thread in their lives.  Millions of global travellers know about this eco-focused vacation destination and are happy to experience Pura Vida themselves. They’re making Costa Rica (and Belize) Vacation destination priorities, yet hundreds of millions more await their turns so let’s hope Costa Ricans can protect this world heritage spot from harm. Few people know a lot about Costa Rica which is why I thought you might like this ecclectic mix of Costa Rican sites and experiences. Enjoy your Costa Rican adventure – from beaches to Volcanos and coffee farms to mountain biking and surfing.

But first, what does the geography of Costa Rica look like? You’ll want to choose the experience that’s most relevant to you. Costa Rica is a small country however, you can’t possibly see it all at one time. You may choose a hotel or condo near the beach or on the mountainside with a view of a live volcano!

Map pic courtesy of the CostaRicaTravelGuide.

As you can see, San Jose the historic capital city is located in the Central Mountains which offers its own unique nature, views, activities, and experiences.

It’s All About Fun in Costa Rica

In these first two videos you experience zip lining, a thrilling ride downhill through lush rainforest.

And yet more fun ziplining in Costa Rica adventures.

And why not a nice easy mountain bike ride? Oh yes, looks like they have the serious stuff too.

Long golden sandy beaches, soaring mountains, strange wildlife, incredible landscapes, interesting art and music, excellent restaurants with amazing food, and most of all, relaxation. Yup, it can cost a lot so you need to make decisions.

Costa Rica Wildlife

Pic courtesy of

Costa Rica is synonmous with nature and wildlife and you’ll likely enjoy the world’s largest diversity of plant and animal species. From butterflies to sloths, you might be fascinated with the beauty of nature. The slow moving Costa Rican sloth is one of those unusual animals you might see (not to mention some cool looking money. 10 Million Colones is worth about $18,000)

Why are Travellers so Crazy about Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a small central American country, still unspoiled, relatively safe, has the charming latin American culture, interesting history, great beaches, quaint shopping, unique restaurants and cuisine, mountain to sea geography, beautiful sunsets, and lots of nature.

And with round trip airfares as low as $440, it may compete with Cuba for economy yet offer a much richer vacation experience.

The world’s been coming here for some time and Costa Rica’s tourism industry is huge. They have two international airports now to bring in eco-tourists and medical tourists.  Medical tourism is huge. You can have any type of surgical procedure done here at a fraction of the cost in a US medical facility.

There was a record 2.34 million tourist visits in 2014 and its tourism revenue surpassed what they earn on coffee, bananas and pineapples.

I just picked up a copy of Eyewitness Travel’s book titled Costa Rica travel guide. It has to be one of the best resources on everything you can do there including long zip line rides, rainforest canopy walks, siteseeing on one of the world’s most active volcanos, surfing, and fishing for Marlin. So, I’m just in the process of finding the right destination.

This is from the book. A picture of the Volcan Poas which is 8850 feet above sea level. The crater is almost 1000 feet deep. You can get excellent views from the rim of the crater after a short walk. Don’t think you can walk down into it though. You can walk down into another volcano crater in Costs Rica though. Wouldn’t that be fun!



Sounds like a fantastic adventure holiday. Now to check out some tour operators and accommodations.

I’ve been whitewater rafting only once but I have to say the Costa Rica Whitewater tours look fairly serious. Class 5 rapids are a real thrill!

There’s no audio on this trip up the Volcano, because they used a copyrighted sound track.

The Rainforest Aerial Tram looks like fun.


Costa Rica Vacation Packages

Check out Costa Rica Expeditions page to help you sort out what is you’d like to experience:

Some fun facts about Costa Rica from

Best Family friendly Ecotours in Costa Rica:

10 Interesting Vacation Packages from Travel Excellence:

Luxury Vacation Rentals in Jaco, Costa Rica:

The Museums of Costa Rica:

The Top Beaches of Costa Rica:

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When Should I Sell My Home?

Should I Sell My House to Avoid the Coming Market Crash?

Timing is everything. Buy low, sell high and right now, the housing market is high. But the question a lot of homeowners are asking is “When will the real estate market crash?”

The Toronto housing market does have all the earmarks of a soon to crash market. And we know from viewing the historic charts that Toronto doesn’t recover well from these events. After the big crash or burst bubble event, housing prices stayed low.

Selling with experts means you may get an over asking price which is still common now.

Yet, today’s market is fed by International money — buyers from China, Russia, and the Middle East. And they can’t buy in the US because of wicked prices there.  So they’re coming here where their kids can get a first rate education and get citizenship in Canada. They definitely see a home as an investment and their money will continue to fuel the Toronto market.

So the “should I sell my home question” doesn’t have a certain answer, but the time is coming soon. The Toronto real estate market crash could happen late this year or may not happen for several years yet. We’ve all been expecting a Toronto market collapse for some time now, but it just hasn’t happened. We haven’t been finding and examining the real underlying factors.

Looking at the price charts alone isn’t sufficient. First we’ve just come away from the worst financial and housing recession ever in the US, and now the US is getting its financial act together. That fuels strength for a long time.

Screen Capture courtesy of Toronto Real Estate Board

Real Estate Marketing | Real Estate SEO | Real Estate Web Design | Los Angeles SEO | Real Estate Investing | Toronto SEO | Mobile Local SEO |  Real Estate | SEO Company

Why Wait for the Last Minute to Sell?

Quite a few homeowners are selling already and choosing to rent. Yet, finding a rental in the GTA for a decent price is very difficult. There is a rental crisis going on right now too. If you can find a rental, it’s a good time to sell your home.

The more sensible choice is to sell and move to parts of Florida, Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, or even Nicaragua. The cost of living is way less and you can get a lot for your $800,000 plus investment. You can rent an apartment in the Dominican Republic for $1000 month and live very well too. The health benefits of moving are something to consider.

Should you sell your house so you can travel? This could be your travel time, before you’re too old to travel.

Should you sell your home because your neighborhood isn’t what it used to be? All neighborhoods deteriorate over time.

Should you sell to move closer to your kids? Prices are really low across Canada.



Bookmark this page and return for further housing market forecasts, predictions, expert opinions and market data for most major US cities including  Los Angeles, Toronto, Mississauga Vancouver, San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New York, and Dallas.  Check out local outlooks for Newmarket/Aurora, Richmond HillBradford ON, and Vaughan.

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Tamarindo Costa Rica

Is Tamarindo the Best Seaside Town in Costa Rica?

There are plenty of places in Costa Rica for your ultimate Costa Rica vacation, but if you love the oceanside breezes, surfing, fishing and laid back lifestyle, Tamarindo might be worth looking into.  As you’ll see in these videos of Tamarindo, it may be an ideal place to move to or choose as your retirement destination.

Where is Tamarindo? Tamarindo is a town and distrito located on the Nicoya Peninsula on the Northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica in the Province of Guanacaste.  The town of Tamarindo is small, only about 5,000 people and many visitors come here to surf. There are long beaches and conditions that make for big waves for the experienced surfers. And there are sections that are perfect for beginning surfers. A lot of people have surfing on their mind when they visit Costa Rica. Just as in San Diego, surfing is a popular sport.

There’s other reasons too. Fishing is big and remember those videos about big turtle coming into the beach to lay eggs? That’s where this is.   where the Leatherback Turtle comes to lay its eggs.

The leatherback turtls take over the Playa Grande beach from November to April, digging their nests up to one meter deep, lay their eggs and cover the pit with sand, and return once again to the sea. After 60 to 90 days, the hatchlings emerge and immediately make their way to the water — from Wikipedia.

This first video shows a little of the laid back lifestyle in Tamarindo. Lot’s of surfing and it’s easy going. A great place to regain yourself and your health, get away from your deadly routines and start fresh again. Walking, jogging, visiting the local farmers market is a nice healthy daily regimen.



And another real estate video about a development called Mar Vista | Flamingo. If you can tolerate the female host’s voice, you’ll see it’s a nice place.

Here’s an Esposa Video on Costa Rica. Very nice.

Why do so many people Travel? Is it escape from unhealthy lifestyles, desire to explore, grow, learn, have fun and even discover your potential? Probably all of these things.  It’s the joy of travel.  Discover more about San Diego California.


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Luxury Real Estate in Costa Rica | Luxury Homes in Paradise

Where to Buy Costa Rica Real Estate

Where is the best place to invest in real estate for long term gain or for retirement?  There’s plenty of cities in the US to retire comfortably with growth potential, but you’d have to wonder if there is any better potential than Costa Rica Real Estate.  

This paradise is on everybody’s travel bucket list. More than 2 million travelers vacation in Costa Rica each year and many would like to retire there.

If I’m first to introduce you to this exciting real estate investment opportunity called Costa Rica, then that’s wonderful. If you can afford a property here, you’ll enjoy and likely make a good return on your investment.  Prices here have matured, but there are still opportunities in land, condo developments and single properties. You only need a good adviser.

And while Costa Rica seems perfectly suited to everyone, it is perhaps the wealthy who are most likely to live here. As you can see in these photos of luxury homes in Costa Rica below, the wealthy have arrived. Luxury homes and condos continue to be built and they represent quite an investment opportunity for those capable of taking the plunge.

Investing in any foreign country carries risk, but the risk is perhaps least in Costa Rica.  The country is politically stable, immigration and investment positive, and taxes are low. It’s a compelling place to invest.

Finding market data and reliable source of information on the investment climate in Costa Rica is the challenge. There are real estate brokers and investment firms that can advise you on buying property here.  One of the most well known is Viva Tropic. Viva Tropic produces a report that you’ll find helpful.  This graphic from the report gives a breakdown of prices by property type to give you an idea. As you peruse the listings, you’ll get a better picture of what’s available and where. They have quite a collection on their website.

What Do Luxury Homes in Costa Rica Look Like?

As you can see below, they’re beautiful structures and living spaces in a style and architecture befitting this magnificent paradise. And the variety including houses in countryside, seaside mansions or fine urban condos, many with unparalleled views means you can find a place you like. I’m sure your vision of this former third world country will be shattered.


Is 2017 the best year to buy rental income property in the last 10 years?  The best investments in 2017 are likely in rental income properties.  Have you compared investing in the stock market vs real estate.

Okay, so there is your taste of incredible luxury homes in Costa Rica. Here is a variety of realtors and advisors websites to peruse and learn more.

Viva Tropical: download their 194 page guide

Newspaper article from 3 years ago for perspective:

Costa Rica Investment:

The Costa Rican News:

2CostaRica’s home listings:

International Living’s page on Cost Rica:

How to become a resident of Costa Rica:

Moving to Costa Rica:

7 Best Places to Live in Costa Rica:

Palms Realty Brokers in Costa Rica:

Prestige MLS Costa Rica, amazing listings:

Property Tax Rates in Costa Rica:

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Costa Rica Real Estate | Retiring in Paradise is Possible

Life in Costa Rica – Is This Where You’ll be Retiring?

The retirement industry is a huge sector of the US, UK, German and Canadian economies. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide will be retiring in the next 10 to 15 years. It could be the best part of their lives if they make the right choices. The opportunities exist for a spectacular lifestyle in your golden years.

The leading edge of the baby boom generation are already sliding into retirement. They’ve learned that time actually speeds up as you age, and they’re wondering if there’s more to this one precious life.

There is.  And the biggest part of the baby boom bubble, the younger ones are also looking ahead with a more open mind to these types of travel and lifestyle experiences.

A travel experience could lead to buying some real estate in Costa Rica.

If you’ve visited sites like International Living Magazine, you know there’s some pretty exotic places you could buy property in or retire to. Costa Rica, Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, Columbia, Spain, and Thailand are just a few destinations you might seriously consider.

Right now, you’re vaguely interested, thinking that it isn’t your style or you can’t afford it. While Central American real estate prices will likely rise in the years to come, there’s plenty of opportunity to buy and selling your property when you need to will likely turn out well. Once your initial skepticism, fear and feelings of undeservingness subside, you will probably look into this more seriously. Your first foray might only be to travel there.

You may own a high priced home right now and could sell it and buy a property in a locale such as Costa Rica and begin living a relaxed, healthier and more active lifestyle and significantly less taxes. These places have all you expect including golf courses, beautiful beaches, scenery, wildlife, nice restaurants, good health care, and a much lower cost of living.

Costa Rica has to Be the Top Retirement Destination Preference

Yes, it’s a big step and requires planning. Places such as Costa Rica may require a larger investment and income than you might realize. It’s not for everyyone.

Visit my Costa Rica Vacation post and you’ll get a good idea of this eco-friendly paradise and why this could be good for you. And it doesn’t have to be a forever visit. You buy or visit for any number of years and then move onto a new destination.  Remember, that the purpose of life is to live it. And living or retiring in Costa Rica is about as good as it gets.  Costa Ricans live the longest. They have more people over 100 years of age than any country so this should tell you something.

Take a look at a this fantastic collage of photos from the world’s most beautiful country — Costa Rica.


Sharing is good for your social health. Please pass this post onto your parents, aunts and uncles and anyone who has the travel bug.

Don’t forget to see the post on Costa Rica vacations. It’s chock full of info, videos, photos and more about life in Costa Rica. Remember the Joy of Travel, it’s restorative healthy building effects. Create your memories.

Is 2017 the best year to Invest in rental income property?  The best investment opportunities in 2017 are here.

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Buyer Intent Keywords – The Key to Powering Up Sales

Buyer Intent Keywords – The Ones Real Customers Use

Did you know your visitors are affected by the words you use on your site? It’s true.  And the words they use when searching also indicate their search intent, including whether they will buy something. We call these high intent keywords and you need to find them and use them in your copy. You may need to consider them when working on your content strategy and designing your website as well.

Your best targeted customers/clients use these particular, themed high intent keyword phrases. They like to see them in your advertisements, homepage, subpages, blogs, tweets, FB posts, infographics, spoken in your videos, and even somehow shown in your instagrams.

These high intent keywords when added to your regular keywords, strike a resonant chord and maximize whatever intent they possess. It could be the difference between finding and converting a good prospect, or having none at all. Whether your business is car insurance, real estate investing, buying and selling homes, digital marketing, selling mortgages, selling cars or solar roof systems certain words can power up sales.

There’s nothing worse than mistakenly targeting the wrong people. I’ve done it, you’ve done, and the most successful, profitable sites have done it. But through experimentation and testing, marketers can discover which keywords real customers actually respond to. The rest might be wasting your time.

It’s not easy to be an effective online copywriter. We have to write on the exact right topics that prospects are interested in. Our copywriting must appease Google’s algorithm by using the correct keywords and other related words, be entertaining and informative to actual readers, engage them in a topic, build their buying intent, and compell them to take action.  So many demands. Yet if we put the words customers want into the page, we might be doing the one key thing that actually creates sales.

Choose the right topics and you’ve won half the battle. Use the best high intent keywords and you might win the other half

Here’s an look at buying intent phrasing. Let’s say you were looking for a vacation in Costa Rica, Central America, what words would you think what perk up your interest? Beaches, tours, or cheap flights? Those who are serious likely know a little about Costa Rica already and are looking for specific features and benefits, not general ones.

Getting the best car insurance is your right: LA car insurance, Boston auto insurance, Seattle car insurance, New York car insurance, Indianapolis car insurance, Las Vegas Car Insurance Quote, Denver Auto Truck InsuranceToronto automobile insurance, or Chicago car insurancePhoenix car insurance, San Francisco car insurance, or San Diego car insurance.

If you do this search on Google for Costa Rica Vacations, you’ll come up with ads and organic search results that have almost no words that capture or encourage a vacationer. Take a look yourself and note which if any of the words you see makes you want to book a vacation.  Here’s the Google Adwords results are the top of that page:

With Google ads, your text ad normally use the same keywords in the blue title line but in the other areas of the ad, you can pepper in other words that are intent related, which create more clicks.

The 1st ad uses “guided tour” and 8 days” which helps to screen out the wrong prospect. Unfortunately, these aren’t words that propel a sale with the right vacation seeker. It’s more like Caravan is saying “here’s our stuff.”  And the next ad below appeals to bargain hunters, but uses words such as Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. Those words aren’t associated with Costa Rica so they’re ability to boost Costa Rica vacationers buying intent is low.

Buyers need to see words that resonate with an actual strong intent to purchase. “Buy” is a good one, “book”, confirm, rainforest, volcanoes, beaches, condo, hotel, gallo pinto, organic coffee, tours, or wildlife might more closely align with real, sincere intent to book a vacation in Costa Rica. If this was an for retiring in Costa Rica, it would have entirely different topics and keyword phrases such as tax free, low cost of living, care free, new developments, waterfront, etc.

If we click through to the site, we land on a page devoid of the right words. The layout and pictures are sparse and you discover that Caravan is more about escorted tours – but the ad didn’t prepare us for that. Now it’s going to be tough for them to convert leads. That’s not everyone’s cup of tea, so you would expect them to have words that would help commit to learning about an escorted tour holiday and its benefits.

This landing page above fails miserably in all counts. Instead, the page have a generous, even lavish use of highly emotional and stimulating words that help the visitor draw a picture of their perfect guided tour visit of Costa Rica. Words such as “active volcano” and “spotted chicken” are two that evoke intent. A volcano in Costa Rica is active, not dangerous, but still is a unique, once in a lifetime experience for most travellers and brings out the wild theme that enhances why people go to Costa Rica. The spotted chicken is Costa Rica’s favorite food dish.

Finding your High Intent Keywords

I have a list of high intent keywords for you below, yet realize that high buying intent keywords are related to the specific service or product being sought. So, yes “buy” is an okay high intent word, but the highest intent keywords are words that revolve around the key benefits they’re after.

Calmly consider all of the activities a person does before they buy — they check out key features, they check out reviews, they dig down for specific details, they do comparisons, and ask for specific products. Do not use these words below if your prospect doesn’t care about a discount, fast delivery. One last word: people rarely type in the word “buy” when searching — the fact they’re searching for fulfillment is their intent. Give them the words that resonate with their feelings of hope, satisfaction, and certainty that they’re on the right track.

It’s the momentum being built in your copy through impact, engagement, and

  • buy, purchase, order
  • discount
  • free delivery
  • deals
  • coupons
  • brand names
  • specific products
  • review
  • top, best
  • specific key features
  • quick, fast
  • city name, near cityname
  • fast, quick
  • easy financing
  • reduce
  • solution
  • tips
  • where can i buy
  • quotes
  • who has best
  • who has cheapest
  • all inclusive

If you’re running an ecommerce website, these high intent keywords can help solidify the sale so use them in your ads, your meta tags, page copy, heading, text anchor links, and even in your graphics. They’re the words that help pull visitors through the funnel and through the checkout process.

Good luck rewriting your copy to make it resonate with high intent keywords and other phrasing. Try these resource for more info:

Crazy Egg User Intent Guide:

Conversion XL guide to high converting keywords:

Neil Patel Adwords Hacks:

Unbounce Adwords and intent:

Nichehacks 220 buyer intent keyword list:

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Why SEO is Still the King of Digital Marketing

Customers Looking for Your Product/Service

SMB owners have 3 key digital marketing vehicles to generate new traffic and sales prospects: Social, PPC, or SEO. SEO doesn’t have the ongoing costs like PPC does. Searchers click on the natural search listings and you aren’t charged a penny. SEO has the reputation of zero cost, high revenue, however it does have a cost. It’s an equity investment cost that creates excellent returns over and over.

When you compete in SEO, it necessitates competing in content and conversion strategy. SEO traffic is the truest indicator of customer attitudes and preference. That’s excellent feedback.  Optimization isn’t just keyword manipulation then, it’s optimizing the whole process of converting these excellent prospects are actively seeking solutions.

Discover the Top 12 Factors for creating top rankings and big traffic.

ROI is difficult to measure and very often SEO isn’t given credit for the full value it generates. You’ll find your direct traffic increases along with your Google referals.  Google doesn’t track referals very well, but we know most direct visits are actually Google visitors.  Despite that, a few surveys show marketers do believe SEO underpins their success.  When you consider the lifetime value that SEO produces, it is clearly a great part of any sustainable marketing effort.

Kiss Metrics conducted a study and this graphic shows that sales are attributable over a certain time period. Tracking over many years is more difficult because tracking cookies get deleted. A top notch tracking system lets them track revenue back to the keyword phrases typed in by customers.



Why is SEO Considered Most Impactful to Sales?

bottlePeople search when they’re highly motivated and interested. Google searchers feel they’re being given the best sources for information and products and they’re on track to fulfillment. What Google knows is that search is like selling a bottle of water to a desperate, thirsty man in the desert – at the right time and place to get the best price. SEO is responsible for getting products/services exposed at the specific time customers most want to see them.

Think of how Coca Cola is everywhere to quench our thirst. This post describes how SEO is key to an omnipresence strategy that increases the value of PPC and social media.

Speaking of omnipresence, my national hotel client needed help with Google local rankings and in regular organic search rankings. I lifted their Google traffic from 1.2. million visits per year to 2.5 million visits.  And I didn’t ask them to divert funds from their PPC campaign to organic search. I regret not being more assertive when in fact, my plan would have created much more benefit for them. Yet, no need to regret. They received incredible value for what they spent and as well, gave their competitors maximum hardship.

More than Keywords: SEO + Content Supercharges your Digital Marketing

In B2B marketing SEO is by far the most efficient from of promotion. To not do SEO is leaving a lot on the table.  And by encouraging interesting and relevant content, SEO actually improves the performance of social media leads and ppc advertising leads. The spirit of SEO is an important driver in healthy digital marketing. PPC has no soul.

Google recently made some changes to Adwords because sales conversion has plummeted. They recently launched their band aid program called “smart goals” to help customers improve their poor conversion rates. The bigger problem is that PPC is a cheapskate’s ad tool. Adwords is all about getting something you didn’t deserve, and all too often the ads aren’t relevant. The top issue now is that advertisers have no money left for high quality engagement and conversion. It’s all down to a single minimalist landing page. Similarly, advertisers avoid social media as well.  Now they’re stuck in PPC Hell.

That’s why doing PPC, email, SEO, and Social Media together in an integrated or Omnichannel strategy works best. Each channel supports the others and is able to create a variety of touchpoints with prospects in any industry.

Building more useful, relevant, engaging, and sharable content helps support your outreach and link building efforts. If you rely on one channel (e.g. Adwords) you won’t generate enough natural touchpoints with customers. Especially in B2B where purchase cycles are longer and highly involved, these multiple channels keep your company top of mind. And they give prospects multiple angles on your business. If your UVP message and branding is consistent, omnichannel can really make a strong impression. Omnichannel is where successful companies are headed. If you’re not there, you may be drowned out in all channels.

The Searcher Likes the Organic Search Experience

A search is a quest or an exciting adventure to find satisfaction. Searchers enjoy the control that Google organic search provides which other media don’t provide. SEO can lead to so many sources of satisfaction including a trip into social media. As a business serving customers, you should have very relevant, high quality content since it’s the essence of their search, whether it’s new home floorplans, neighborhood profiles, or maybe a retirement home in Central America and the medical services available there.

ppcpricesTake a look at these Google Adwords PPC per click prices on insurance related keyword phrases. The most expensive keyword phrase is mesothelioma lawyer at nearly $300 per click.

Even if your clicks cost $5 and you convert 1% to a sale, your cost is $500 per customer acquisition.  1% is an excellent conversion rate for most sites with a good value proposition.  Yet conversion rates are falling because consumers are shopping around for the solution that matches them best.  Your prospects have more options even if those options are a fool’s paradise. Your plan now has to be about getting them back after they’ve been brainwashed and misinformed by 10 other competitors.


SEO is Complex

SEO is a process of creating and shaping content on your website, blog, or social media pages which Google will deem useful to searchers.

It’s also an active process of engaging with other web publishers and encouraging them to share your content.  Good Value + Distribution + Persuasion = Viral Success. I have to tell you though that you can go viral without any SEO success.

8 Keys to SEO Success

  1. Seek deep, thorough customer research – customer pains, UVP, and web analytic insights. An SEO must understand the company’s marketing goals, UVP, branding, target customer, industry dynamics, and how targeted customers can be reached and engaged.
  2. Do Thorough accurate useful keyword research – discovering relevant keywords and keyphrases to target. This is normally done via Google keyword tool and SEMrush keyword tool and Google analystics. Keywords, related words, and topical themes are woven into content in a sophisticated way (in headings, in links, near links, and in how paragraphs are constructed) and the messaging used determines how other web publishers will provide links and citations about your company. It’s all in the SEO’s hands.
  3. Create Imaginative, fresh content – this is where plenty of reading, web surfing, social surfing, and brainstorming exercises come in. Your SEO needs freedom to explore, surf and opportunities to connect with influencers.  An SEO/content developer needs to be active and a big consumer of content themselves.animated
  4. Well Planned Content infrastructure –  Googlebot, which is Google’s anxiety causing indexing robot actually experiences your content too. How it navigates and understands your content and its quality is solved with a well planned layout of themed content.  Your content is for users, but you need to recognize how a robot interprets what it collects. A subtle but expert optimization gives Google the right picture but also avoids spam filters. Moderation is important but don’t shy away from pushing the envelope. The key is whether Google trusts your site. If trust is good, you can optimize all you like.
  5. Integrated social media engagement – Although most businesses only utilize two or three social channels, they must coordinate social messages to capture attention, bring engagement to critical mass and then encourage an action. This is where understanding the customer’s emotions and how to appeal to them is important. If social visitors like your content, they will share it, and that creates more valuable inbound links to your site.
  6. Mobile consumption –  B2B and B2C customers are using smartphones and tablets more frequently. Mobile content is delivered differently because of the limited bandwidth and customer attention. No one reads long on their phone, so mobile content must be brief, fast loading and impactful. Being mobile friendly isn’t enough. Google is watching whether your site sucks for mobile users and your rankings will fall if users aren’t engaged with the content or leave fast.
  7. Aggressive outreach campaigns – Google is dependent on inbound links to determine trustworthiness and keyword relevance. Web publishers and bloggers and tweeters aren’t necessarily motivated to say anything about your product/service/company or link to your web site. A campaign of connecting with them, especially key influencers, and engaging with them can generate big ranking and traffic results. And, they will want valuable, helpful, popular content to share and promote, so your content developers must create fascinating, compelling copy, stories, graphics, videos and comments that impel them to share it online. It is other people who make your business successful and outreach makes you appreciate that fact.

The success of SEO usually comes out of good knowledge of your customer and a desire to create good content experiences for them. Google will recognize when your content is “HOT” and whether you are converting those visits to sales.  Heck, they can see everything.  Forget about cheap PPC and email tricks and put an honest effort into SEO. I’ts the only approach that’s sustainable.

These 7 essentials of SEO help you understand what really still is the core of omnichannel marketing.  SEO is still a dominant channel for any digital marketing strategist. Contact me if you’re a mortgage agent, insurance broker, or lawyer. I can connect you to leads.


A much desirable alternative to hiring an agency or in-house college grad, is to hire a dedicated digital marketing strategist from Toronto Canada. As an 18 year veteran digital marketer, I offer the best possible digital marketing advice and have consulted with companies in Los Angeles, Boston, Vancouver, San Diego, Dallas, Denver, and Phoenix.  I can help you compete head to head with, and As an experienced and versatile digital marketer, I can help build your knowledge of SEO, Social Media, and content marketing. I build impressive, qualified traffic via high quality, relevant content and outreach strategies. Let’s get started!

8 Crazy Good Lead Generating Tactics You Need to Use this Selling Season

It’s 2016 and the Outlook is Excellent

We’re getting close to the 2017 spring selling season where 60% of your sales happen. It’s crunch time! Try these Top 8 Lead Generation tactics to grow your contacts and build a buzz about working with you. Ramp it up and one day you may be running your own brokerage.

Any luxury realtor, whether selling presale condominiums or million dollar mansions, can amp up their sales prowess by strategically adding on sales tactics and honing them within a more skilled strategy. The payoff for some might be millions in new commissions.

2016 is already off to a near record breaking start.  There’s plenty of economic factors in the Canada and US markets that will drive sales this year. And a surprising amount of demand is coming from China. It turns out that only a small number of realtors are pursuing Asian buyers. That leads us to tactic #1.

  1. Offer to pay Asian and Arab investors travel expenses if they visit and buy a property with you. You can set up a travel itinerary for them using Air Canada. They pay the airlines fee and a hotel room in your town. You pick them up at the airport. Ensure the accommodations look good online. You can dress this invitation up as a wonderful vacation of a lifetime. Many Asians would love to visit cities in the US or Canada. Places such as San Diego, Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto have drawing power. You can leverage that.

chineseTreat the prospects trip like a vacation and let them know they have an opportunity to park their investment dollars into something with potential. San Diego is becoming a hot market, and Vancouver, BC, and Alberta properties are a bargain because of the 40% exchange rate.

A few realtors have gone to China to arrange visits by the plane load. It’s not hard to see the potential in 300 Asian investors landing in your city. They’ll be buying something. If they don’t buy, they have to pay their $5000 bill themselves.

Because the Yuan is depreciating, Chinese investors need to buy a property or something here as soon as possible. Build a new website in Mandarin and make your special offer. Add investment advice, and a little about how wonderful it is to live in a free country with lots of room.  A firm can make your site visible in Baidoo and and other popular Chinese websites. These investors are often looking for big luxury properties.

  1. Use Google Adwords. Really? Yes, Adwords has incredible reach to people who are hunting for real estate or selling. Can’t beat it. But you need to do it well. What I’ve learned about Adwords is that you must test, test, test. Your quest is to find the best ad wording, landing pages and value proposition. Even after you optimize your ads and have amazing landing pages, you must have the best value offer.Analyze your UVP and your hook, and ask others what’s weak about them. Get lots of feedback. If you optimize your lead funnel, it will pay off despite the cost. Marketers are discovering that even with PPC, content marketing tactics are necessary to build prospect’s interest.  Buying real estate is a high involvement purchase and good content is something that increase comfort and and increase desire.
  1. omnichannelmarketoUse all Digital Channels. Yes, it is a lot of work, but one or two channels doesn’t cut it.  When you increase touchpoints with customers, you give them more emotional justification for working with you. And the repeated exposure is good. Omnichannel digital marketing works best with lots of content – infographics, long and short blogs, downloadables, whitepapers, case studies, videos, persuasive emails, and PPC advertising. Keep throwing value at the prospect and eventually they’ll break and give in. Persistence.
  1. valuepropositionbookImprove your unique value proposition. Are your tactics, brand and value proposition the same as thousands of others? That’s not good. You can run a fantastic marketing campaign, but if your UVP sucks it will bring everything to a halt. Every agent has a UVP. It’s what your prospect believes about you and your ability to make things happen.You must be compelling, relevant, and unique.  Your UVP is you and your offer of professional help. What can you add to your UVP to push you by your competitors. What will the others not do? Do that. Tell prospects they are going to get some special, wonderful treatment, other than hellos and smiles. That’s not enough.
  1. Create new original interesting types of content and optimize them for Google search rankings. Don’t say you know how to do this. I’m an SEO guy. I know how to do it. I see agent’s blog and pulse posts all the time and they get no traffic and don’t generate value. People don’t have time to read unless you get it into an exciting format such as a video, infographic, downloadable pdf charts, graphs, or photos. It’s not easy but it does set you out as someone to remember. Part of your content should be for use on other people’s websites, which creates inbound links to your website.
  1. Blog about, network with, and even promote other agents/brokers. Other agents can bring business to you. Coopetition has been a good tactic for a while. Link with as many other agents as you can on Linkedin, and retweet their tweets on Twitter. Create a friend as they will last longer than any other relationship. Work together like sheep dogs! Linkedin is a great tool. I’m linked with thousands of real estate agents.
  1. retweet-elmerBuild your email list and do direct marketing. A lot of agents don’t nurture their email lists. Build unique, valuable, and entertaining content to stay top of mind. email is still a powerful lead conversion tool. Set up an account with Constant Contact or MailChimp. Within your email campaign, run a contest for a 4K TV for men or a new wardrobe for women — use it to grow your contacts.
  1. Setup multiple Twitter accounts and a Facebook account to reach diverse local audiences on topics they’re interested in. Most people don’t want to talk real estate. It’s boring, stressful, and they’re so distracted today. Create accounts or even websites on interesting topics such as investment, travel, retirement, health, local sports, and health and wellness.Hire a great copywriter like me to fill these sites with relevant, engaging content. How about a site that is constantly updated with local sporting and events activities? Whenever they wonder about what’s happening in town, they’ll go to your site where it’s all laid out.
  2. There’s other services such as Follow Rocket that can help you get more followers and reach more people.

That’s 8 of the most powerful tactics you can use within your superb digital marketing strategy. As you get into this, even more opportunities will appear. They don’t appear until you get into it. Winners and leaders are more nervy and creative. Don’t be ultraconservative, old school, or burdened under the weight of your own skepticism. Get started.

Your future in business is completely in your hands. You decide right now what direction your business, income, and lifestyle will take. Make a good decision.

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I have experience in every industry from real estate to hotels to travel to medical services. You’ll be my next success. Let’s talk now at 416 998 6246.


Top 10 Luxury Gifts for Xmas 2016

Most Desirable Luxury Gifts for Xmas 2016

I know you’ve been dying to know the top luxury gift ideas for 2016 because you’re going to treat someone special to an unusually valuable Xmas present. Can one gift make a lasting impression? Oh yes, when it’s something perfect, useful and prestigious, you’ll be remembered long after the gift has disappeared into memory.

But before you rush off to Harrods, Gucci, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany, Prada, Valentino, Armani, or Neiman Marcus, with your one perfect gift idea, take a look at a nice selection of expensive, highly sought products first. The more you see, the more likely you’ll find the gift your loved one actually wants. And these are some fantastic Xmas gift ideas for those lucky few with some discretionary income. There’s 5 ultimate gifts for the girls and 5 for the guys, from gold diamond necklaces to electric cars and to exotic vacations, you’re sure to find one at your price point. Fair enough?

So let’s take a look what might be the top Xmas gift ideas for 2016!

1.  Eco Friendly Costa Rica Vacation at the Arenas Del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort – $16,000

The view of an active volcano from Arenal Springs Resort

2. Tesla Model 3 Electric Car – Price: $33,000

The Tesla Model 3 Electric Car – Very Beautiful and with 200 mile driving distance!

3. Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri Smartphone – Price: $5,250

Pic Courtesy of

4. Freefly Alta 6 Drone Helicopter – Price: $16,000

Pic Courtesy of

5. 88″ SUHD 4K Curved Smart TV – Price: $35,000

Super High Definition TV 4K
Pic Courtesy of Leons

6. Illa Midnight Diamond Necklace – Price: $165,000

Pic courtesy of

7. Cannondale Jekyll Carbon 1 2016 Mountain Bike – Price: $8000

Pic courtesy of

8. Searay Sundancer-350-Coupe Sport Boat – Price: $395,000


9. Canadian Rockies Ultimate Spa Vacation at Banff Springs Hotel – Price $11,000


Banff Springs Hotel, Banff Alberta, Canada. Pic courtesy of Flickr

10. Australia Gold Coast Beach Front Vacation – Price $21,000

Screen Cap Courtesy of Surfer’s Paradise Hotel, Australia

All the above 2 week travel vacations were averaged for either a New York or Los Angeles Departure. Interested in other travel articles?

There’s my top ten luxury gift ideas for 2016. I don’t think you’ll get too many arguments from her that two week vacations in a paradise is too over the top.  But, she might like that Tesla Model 3 electric car yet she’ll have to stand in line with tens of thousands of others to get one.


Need a better content strategist and SEO Consultant? Digital marketing is complex today yet the essence of high performance is creative innovation not technical automation. I can help you achieve phenomenal performance using reverse content engineering, hyperacceleration, making an impact, improving engagement, and optimizing your unique value proposition.

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