When Should I Sell My Home?

When Should I Sell My House?

Timing is everything when considering the sale of your house.  There are a lot of factors that determine demand for your house and the price buyers will pay.

In this new economy, buyers will still be hunting for homes but they’ll be more careful and selective.  When is the best time to sell? You should look at it from the buyer’s perspective too — when is the best time to buy a house?

Selling with experts means you may get an over asking price which is still common now.

Top Sell Signals:

  1. your home or neighborhood no longer works for you
  2. home prices look like they’re peaking
  3. lots of buyer demand — bidding war
  4. you want to move to the countryside

Looking at the price charts alone isn’t sufficient. First we’ve just come away from the worst financial and housing recession ever in the USA , and now the US is getting its financial act together. That fuels strength for a long time.

Time to Review the US Housing Market Forecast

Post Corona Virus?  Perhaps the best time is this fall where prices will be rising slightly and more buyers are interested. Average selling price and comps are just a guide to what you might sell your house for. First review the US housing market forecast for the rest of 2020 and 2021.

By working with a good Realtor, you may be able to strategically raise the asking price and capture a bevy of buyers through online marketing.

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Why Wait for the Last Minute to Sell?

Quite a few homeowners are selling already and choosing to rent. Yet, finding a rental in metro areas for a decent price is very difficult. There is a rental crisis going on right now too. If you can find a rental, then it’s a good time to sell your home. Sign the rental lease before it gets grabbed up.

The more sensible choice is to sell and move to parts of Florida, Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, or even Nicaragua. The cost of living is way less and you can get a lot for your $800,000 plus investment. You can rent an apartment in the Dominican Republic for $1000 month and live very well too. The health benefits of moving are something to consider.

Should you sell your house so you can travel? This could be your travel time, before you’re too old to travel.

Should you sell your home because your neighborhood isn’t what it used to be? All neighborhoods deteriorate over time.

Should you sell to move closer to your kids? Prices are really low across Canada.


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