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Your choice to become a Realtor is brilliant. You’re right. It is the best profession and when you check out the Toronto real estate forecast for 2017 and beyond, you realize realty will continue to be profitable. But now you must evolve to become a digital realtor.

uvp-bethebestAs you know, digital media is penetrating more of our business exchanges and culture. Facebook continues its relentless growth and business is beginning to exploit it, just as it did with Google.

They’re the big players however, the range and complexity of digital marketing for realtors specifically, is intense. You can’t do it well on your own.

Home buyers go online to research nearly everything they are curious about. It’s no different for real estate. But when people go online to Google “homes for sale”, “neighbourhoods” or “mls” they’re often in the perfect mindset for realtors to reach them.

So being omnipresent during those Google searches or web surfing moments could be worth millions to a brokerage and perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single agent. Realtors need to be present in digital media and be top of mind to home buyers and sellers.

You’re reading right now because you know it’s true. If you fail to develop your online presence in an era of huge growth in practicing realtors, you will lose even your word of mouth leads.

Too many realtors see digital marketing as a huge threat to their business as usual, and that fear is justified. The proper to look at digital marketing is not as an outside threat but as an aid to your business as usual.

Use Digital Media to Grow your Word of Mouth Network

In this post, I want you to understand what digital marketing for realtors is and why you need to see it from a broader angle. Because tactics without strategy creates a mess of costly hit and miss efforts. If you bring your strategy under the omnichannel umbrella, each channel and tactic powers each other.

You probably know how effective Google is in generating leads. Realtors compete fiercely to get a top ranking and they advertise for everything they can’t get for free. And there’s social media, yet it is getting noisy and it’s harder than ever to get noticed and make an impact.

Facebook can even be a good source of leads if you know how to get your local connections connected. If people in your community aren’t connected, then there’s no exchange of your promotional materials. Facebook users want interesting content and so do Google searchers. Do you understand the different approaches required for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram?

You’ll need to create a social media strategy, Adwords strategy, SEO strategy, content strategy, and outreach strategy and orchestrate it all. As a team, these will be powerful. It’s not enough to do one thing anymore. DM has progressed.

10 Simple Steps to a good Digital Marketing Program:

  1. Conduct an digital marketing audit
  2. identify your target market/audience
  3. Establish your marketing goals
  4. Create the digital media you’ll need
  5. Plan your budget
  6. Determine the content you’ll need to create
  7. Determine how you’ll market your marketing – content and strategy and prospecting
  8. Establish your unique value proposition
  9. Determine your Realtor brand image strategy
  10. How you will convert visitors and keep them loyal to you

Impact and Persistence

Advertisers know that attention, impact and repetition generates results. It’s believed it takes 10 ad impressions before the consumer responds. And with conversion rates at 1 to 2%, you can see how much visibility you need before you generate one customer. That’s a lot of AdWords spend! We need a better way.

The better way is this:

  1. create better, more original and compelling content for your prospects
  2. be helpful and be generous with yourself
  3. use SEO to capture free traffic
  4. use social media to connect with everyone and engage them in conversation
  5. use PPC to build total omnipresence
  6. analyze and optimize your conversion funnel process
  7. map unique content to each touchpoint in your customer’s experience
  8. leverage every asset possible to create value for your customers
  9. envision a powerful, personalized, significant unique value proposition
  10. use your digital presence to support your word of mouth networking system

Using digital marketing you’ll reach a lot of people: regular homeowners and their families, online influencers, bloggers, property managers, mortgage agents, and yes, rich foreign buyers. As you’ll learn though, succeeding on one channel such as Facebook and Google rankings just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Can Property Buyers even Find You?

chineseAnd if buyers or sellers never see you online, they’re unlikely to take you seriously.

Digital Marketing is a bargain. From Google Adwords to SEO to Social Media, it’s capacity to generate buyers and sellers for you is unlimited. The only limits are your own self-defeating attitudes.

Digital marketing is still underused and that may be because of a lack of competent digital marketers. Agencies and web design and hosting companies often get first dibs at presenting realtors with a digital marketing solution. The problem is that marketing isn’t their forte. If this is where you’re getting your marketing services from, this could be a serious limitation on your income and lead generation.

experian-2015-juneOf course I’m going to support my specialized realtor marketing capabilities. I can help you build your unique value proposition, improve communications, connect with more buyers and sellers. And reaching sellers is the big gold mine that 99% of realtors neglect. If you’re relying on spammy operators and sites like Zillow, you’re wasting your precious time.

These sites offer few leads and instead leverage your money to fulfill their own agenda and leads.

I want to introduce you to more channels, more touchpoints with prospects, and make them love your amazing brand and UVP.

The 12 Best Digital Media Channels

The 12 main digital channels to generate new leads:

  1. Free organic search engine rankings on Google
  2. Google AdWords advertising
  3. Google local maps/business listings
  4. Facebook shares
  5. Facebook advertising
  6. Tweets and Twitter engagement
  7. Excellent web content: blogs, infographics, local news
  8. Local mls listings
  9. Linkedin profiles and posts
  10. Guest blogging
  11. Distributed blog posts and property listings
  12. Major real estate portals:,, Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, Yahoo homes, and

To help you master Digital Marketing, I’ve created a series of posts that teach you how to innovate and excel at each opportunity including:

  1. Success Tips from real estate’s BIG Kahunas
  2. Content Strategy and making your content work cohesively
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Persuasive, Engaging Copywriting
  5. Social Media strategies
  6. Reaching influencers
  7. Innovation in real estate marketing
  8. Building your unique value proposition
  9. Powering up your sales conversion funnel
  10. Building your brand image
  11. Improving your performance
  12. Improving your prospecting skills
  13. Overcoming personal challenges to success
  14. Increasing your generosity and communication skills
  15. Outcompeting to win markets
  16. Mastery through better blogging
  17. Capitalizing on buyer impulse – their true desire
  18. How to get people to sell their homes
  19. How to choose a great digital marketer
  20. How to power up your business growth
  21. Discover the lifetime value of a customer

Stick with me and I’ll give you the most effective results in traffic, leads and sales. Let’s start creating more money and more active leads right now!

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