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Digital Marketing Review

Too many business owners wing it with digital marketing.  Yet, digital marketing is an ever-expanding, increasingly complex arena that requires a lot of knowledge to master.

An in-depth review of the crucial things you’re not doing and how to do them strategically is just part of the solution you need for 2022/23.

A digital marketing audit is an 8 part review of your marketing situation with insights and recommendations. It’s incomparable value for $995.  Your business is worth it.  You need an outside, objective view of your business with incisive perspectives on key media, branding issues, and SEO challenges.

Getting Laser Clear About Your Digital Marketing

From Linkedin to Facebook to Google search and remarketing, it’s important to have many channels working in harmony. And a clear, quickly comprehensible value proposition backed solidly by persuasive content they’ll love is just one area your current approach may not possess.

This audit is a custom (not computerized) review providing insight into excellent digital marketing strategy so you can do better.  Get your business turned around or taken to the next level of profitability.



Insight is the key to a winning strategy 


As part of your multi-faceted audit, I’ll give you ideas on how to correct problems in your site navigation, content visibility and strategy, visitor engagement, content impact and quality, keyword focus, value proposition, messaging, social communication, conversion funnel, website performance and more.

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What does your Audit Cover?

  • the effectiveness of your website/social content and overall content strategy
  • your site’s search engine optimization and Google visibility
  • technical site problems and web design issues
  • your use of mls listings and special content
  • your unique value proposition
  • your use of FB, Linkedin and Twitter
  • your blog content, it’s relevance and engagement
  • your graphics, visuals and sharable content
  • your website traffic and conversion funnel
  • customer engagement
  • your advertising effectiveness
  • your PPC ads and conversion rates

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