$5000 Referral Fee?

I’m searching for a highly intelligent, big minded, and modestly successful real estate agent in Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco. If they buy my elite realtor services package, I will pay you a $5000 referral fee (paid in installments of course with performance bonuses).

This means if you help me connect with a truly excellent realtor who has a possibility of becoming a top realtor in their city, then I certainly would like to reward you. You could be the matchmaker/networker who makes something truly amazing happen. This match up of myself and my system with an excellent quality realtor in Southern California has incredible potential.

They’ll be a dominant realtor for years to come with my system of SEO, Content Development, Social Media Engagement, PPC advertising, and more.  It’ll be even better for you if this is a sustained partnership where I can continue paying you residual income.  How’s that for a passive income strategy?

Think of yourself as a pro networker/entrepreneur/matchmaker because it’s one of those jobs everyone needs done and yet strangely, no one is doing.

If you’re a California realtor yourself, we may be able to bring you into the fold, predicated on your talent, skills and integrity. I fully expect that traffic and leads will not be an issue.

Real estate will be hot again yet funds are needed to be competitive.

Beautiful, Sunny California is Where Everyone is Headed

Picture courtesy of Theinvestorspodcast.com. Sir Richard removes limits and he’s ventured into airlines, space travel, wines, digital music, and more. If one venture should fail, he’s got plenty of others to carry on.  He should consider getting into real estate. Virgin Real Estate sounds cool!

Why California? The San Diego, Los Angeles to San Francisco corridor is one of the most creative places on the planet, the hottest market going anywhere and likely to continue so for some time. This land of opportunity buoys Californian’s spirit and makes them appear awesome to investors/travelers.

People who want to be successful always head to California.  Accordingly, Californians have more optimism, confidence and connections and that makes them better to work with.

Business with Californians could spawn into anything. Since there is serious commitment to desalinization and solar energy, the coastal and desert southwest suddenly look like future paradise to people around the world (Canada, UK, China, Dubai) who will need homes.

California is the source of entrepreneurial startups in Silicon Valley and San Diego combined with the imagination of Hollywood and pleasant laid back and family oriented Napa region. I’ve worked with Californians and it’s this mix that’s impressed me. Much of my own inspiration comes from my visits to clients and friends in this amazing State.

Foreign buyers are trying to buy into California and the potential for housing construction is monumental. It is easily the best bet for continued growth. Americans do want to move to warm, dry climates and California’s home prices are proof that this state’s attraction is endless. Demand will rise. Prices will rise.

The realtor I want to work with is ambitious, smart and confident. This is someone with vision who is confident of the opportunity in the next ten years. They have a firm desire to be a top selling realtor like Nina Hatvany, Greg Lynn, and Barbara Callan. Who are these realtors? They’re a few no name realtors who have $100 Million in sales in one year.

Here’s what to do. Before you recommend this real estate pro, read up on my realtor marketing system and how digital marketing has such extensive reach to real estate buyers and sellers. Read this post on real estate lead generation companies and why they’re such a hot opportunity trend.  You’ll get the picture quickly that Google, Facebook, PPC advertising, and blogger websites are great sources of leads. Advise them to visit REW.ca and Zillow as these are similar successful and ambitious companies evolving from a content site to a real estate listing and lead generation site. No one’s laughing at Zillow anymore.

Contact Gord at 416 998 6246 for more information.  Let’s make this the best year of our lives!