Why Canadians Make a Great Choice for Outsourcing

The world is an expensive place to do business in, and it won’t be getting cheaper. Not that price is the only factor in mind for US marketing managers and CEOs.

Skill and industry experience are at a premium and finding staff in today’s demanding tech sectors is difficult. The SEO and creative content sector is no exception. While the industry is plagued by Generative AI theft and commoditization of content, the trend will be toward authentic, genuine, real human based communications.

Some businesses have a solid base of loyal customers and the brand voice is often very intimate and rich with experiences. Fortunately, that genuine connection and engagement will continue to be valuable. These businesses must protect that brand value and yet build on it.  Because business progresses and those who stand still get left behind.

Appreciating and Respecting Your Amazing Brand and UVP

However, a Canadian digital marketing specialist who is aware of brand value, and can leverage authenticity, protect and strengthen it, while ramping up visibility to new, well targeted customer audiences is vital for any US start up or established SMB company trying to compete in any state, or any other country.

Besides having a viable product, clear target customer, and marketing funds to reach them, you must have talented digital marketers. Hopefully you’re not succumbing to the Generative AI marketing trend and adopting brand eroding mediocre content. And ChatGPT/Gemini are troubled with this, actually having to filter out the massive material they’re producing from Bing and Google search.

A talented, energetic Canadian producer with awareness of the opportunities and threats ahead is a wise choice.  Someone in tune with your culture, voice, values, and style. Nothing lost in translation and a passion for your business.

If US Companies want to continue to grow domestic and International sales, their best partner is Canada.  Gord Collins has genuine expertise and a compelling sense of strategy and determination you won’t find with agencies — at a better price.


Fortunately for US-based businesses, Canadian culture and values and language are very similar. There’s no cultural misfit, no friction, language barriers or emotional disconnect. And there’s no silly tech automation as a solution for a creative problem.  And our economies, news, technology and laws are so similar, we don’t even see a border. We know all that’s happening in your country and we visit your country.  The relations between US companies and their Canadian connections is excellent.

It’s not about saving dollars. It’s about getting someone more talented on your team!

I’ve found working with American clients to be much better. Your business leaders are more open-minded and confident (due to business culture, investment and bigger markets) and that’s what precedes success.

The Unique Value Proposition from Canada

  • The integration of Canadian/US business makes Canadian a natural fit for your team Any aspect of production and marketing can seamlessly incorporate Canadian providers.
  • Canadians are in the same time zone
  • Canadians have a unique perspective that lets them see US business clearly and not possess blindspots that many US providers might have
  • Canadians work hard, are flexible, friendly and actually like Americans
  • Gord Collins is versatile, energetic, ambitious and productive SEO expert and content strategist

As you’re putting together your 5 year plan for digital marketing and advertising, keep in mind that the best provider might not be in San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Jose. It’s up here in the great north. Our market’s not great here, which is why we’re very loyal and optimistic about working with our neighbors south of the border.

Throughout the years I’ve worked with clients of all industries in Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, Napa Valley, La Jolla, Oceanside, Houston, and firms in Boston, New York, Palm Beach, Houston and Chicago.  I’ve worked with London UK clients too, who recognized that quality is a priority, wherever it exists.

26 years of experience, studied expertise, creativity, and cost-effectiveness make me the best choice to be your SEO Company. I’ve worked with major hotels, product manufacturers, IT firms, building products suppliers, insurance companies, software companies, digital marketing agencies, banking, mortgage, real estate, and ecommerce retailers.

Wherever you’re located, I’ll be delighted to travel to your location so we can begin a productive long-term engagement.

Contact Gord at 416 998 6246

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