San Francisco is the hottest real estate market in the nation in 2016.  This means huge opportunity for you to grow you transactions, leads and sales. Working with a digital marketer willing to do the hard work and work with you personally is very rare. You’ve probably already worked with the automated companies.  I know, a waste of time.

Building Your Reputation and Presence – Serving San Fran, Sausalito to Mountainview and San Jose

SEO-superheroWherever you are in the Bay area, an excellent online presence is money in the bank. You need a digital marketing hero, and that’s my goal – to deliver on the things you can’t do on your own.  You’ll be fascinated with all the traffic from Google, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other websites you wouldn’t believe could provide you with exposure.  More is better.

Here’s the key ways I create unique and impressive value:

  • A fast loading, responsive-designed website that loads fast and serves customers beautifully
  • An active social media presence that builds your reputation in your target communities
  • Original content that makes you look interesting, astute and in demand
  • Powerful search engine optimization from an 18 year SEO guru/author!
  • Visual content marketing that gives you viral potential
  • Optimize the MLS listings to help you dominate (Very Important)
  • And more!

Call me today to discuss how I can jumpstart your leads and sales!

Affordable Leads for Realtors

What’s the value of realtor leads for the next 5 years? Immense, and when you create them yourself, they’re not cold leads which is you receive from lead generation companies.  Those leads are tough to begin and just as tough to close. Realtors learn that pre-meeting impressions have a powerful effect on buyer/seller attitudes. Let’s create your visibility and generate higher quality and high volume leads starting now.